from Claire

Dear Helga,

It has been a short while since I wrote so I decided to give an update into how we are all getting on and the fun we are having. I never realised how much I would get to enjoy this, I have started dishing out spankings myself but I leave Amy to dish any more severe punishments, It is amazing the humiliation brings such control over John, I try to keep things a bit on the softer side for him but Amy takes no prisoners in what she has him do for her.

I discovered on friday that John has been on some inappropriate websites on this computer as he hadn't cleared down the history, I was cross when I found out and spoke to Amy over it first, she just laughed and told me not to worry and send him over about 3pm. Amy lives approx half a mile away and come time to send him I was still furious so I told him not to go in the car but to walk round, again he has this thing about going out in daylight but I was sticking to my guns and insisted he walked. I had a job getting him out the door as he kept peeking to see if anyone was around until I eventually pushed him out. I watched him walking up the road trying to take cover behind cars or trees if people were nearby, this just wound me up more so I phoned Amy to say he was on the way and tell him about what he was doing on the way. Once he was out of sight I got my bike and decided to follow him in the distance being careful to not be seen by him, you have never seen such squirming behind things in your hole life, lots of people got to see him and a few mean comments were made.

Eventually he got to Amys about 3.15 and he nervously knocked, Amy answered and handed him some money at the door, she had only sent him the shop for a drink for her and at this time of day the shop gets really busy with the type of people you wouldn't want to see a guy wearing a girls school uniform if you know what I mean. John left and I knocked at Amys putting my bike in the alley, Amy opened the door in peals of laughter barely able to control herself, I asked were he had gone when she informed me and I waited for Johns return. We kept look out for his return and eventually seen him coming down the street clutching the can of coke, Amy was going to send him back for one for me but due to my softer nature I told her I didn't want one although I actually did.

Finally John got inside the house and was surprised to see me, Amy instructed John to strip to his socks, knickers and vest only and to fold his uniform neatly before placing it on a chair. Amy then made him lie on their dining table producing some rope to tie him to it securely, she left him for about 5 mins telling him to think about his actions and give an excuse good enough to escape punishment and we went in another room to talk. I was nervous as I didn't want any members of her family to come home but she said they won't be home till 6.30. Time up and we went back in to see John, he couldn't give an excuse and Amy rolled down his knickers. Well young man she said you have been given enough time and you have no reply, Amy pulled a stick from behind the door that looked like a cane but was actually a stick from those 99p fishing nets (she was obviously well prepared) 40 she said and took to his caning, at 20 she stopped and again did his feet. I can't imagine the pain but he does shed a few tears and I admit Amy is mean but she is keeping control more than I. She untied him and made him stand on a book in the middle of the floor but allowed his knickers to be pulled back up. As he stood before us and Amy taunted she noticed a bit of excitement arousing in his knickers, control yourself she said and stood grabbing him by his ear and dragging him to the back garden. When in the garden she produced a hose pipe and directed the gun down his knickers and soaking him, but it worked he was soon back to normal. John had to then strip waist down before entering the house to dry off and Amy had to lend John some socks and knickers to return home in.

We basically finished there and left for home

Thank you for your letter Claire. Enjoying the benefits of having a submissive male at your beck and call is only right and proper, I do hope you and Amy continue to have fun at his expense. Please do keep us informed of your adventures.


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