from Sally-Ann

Dear Helga,

I have been reading these letters for a while now and I must say, they have been most inspiring.

My husband Hal has always been kind of a weakling. I honestly did not think of it as such a big deal, until one day: We were out taking a stroll when a couple of teenage would-be hooligans approached us. They wanted our wallets. To my surprise, Hal totally froze. I had to chase the scoundrels away myself. Luckily, they were not armed, but you can imagine my disappointment in my husband. He acted like such a… yes, a sissified wimp!

I started reading online about weak husbands and quickly found myself perusing Petticoat Discipline Quarterly; what a great repository for insight into the psyche of the weak male! So, I studied up and weighed different approaches against one another. I was determined to find the best form of discipline for my husband, so that whatever I subjected him to would not hurt him. I finally decided that putting him into diapers and making him my very own sissy baby was the most apt solution.

I sat him down one afternoon and explained what we were going to do, and why. Not surprisingly, he did not put up much of a fight; hardly one at all in fact. So, we bought all the necessary paraphernalia: diapers, frilly dresses, pink pacifiers, baby bottles and so forth. And from then on, I became his de facto Mommy dearest. Of course, I had an adult size crib installed in one of the guest bedrooms and made it into a real nursery within a couple of weeks.

It has been wonderful; I must tell you. He has been so well behaved and docile. It is obvious that this is the way he was meant to be treated. Of course, we do not have sex anymore; that would not be proper, but I possess electronic devices which serve the purpose just as well.

I have read that some women lock their husbands into chastity cages. In my case, that is not even necessary. My husband has so thoroughly adapted to his new lifestyle that he does not even think about sex; I think he has become impotent overnight; he has certainly turned incontinent!

I admit, constantly changing diapers feels like a chore sometimes, although superb hygiene is undoubtedly a must! But I have a lot of girlfriends who come over and they are always happy to lend a hand – incredibly happy, they cannot stop smiling. They even babysit from time to time and have a gay old time feeding him his evening "ba-ba" and singing lullabies before "nighty-nights".

I have to say, I never even realized what our life together was missing for so many years. Now, I could not live without my sweet sissy baby, always dressed in pink frilly dresses, wearing his/her hair in pigtails, and sucking on a cute pacifier.

Thank you, Helga, for everything!

Best wishes,

Thank you so much for your letter Sally-Ann. How delightful to hear from you and I am so pleased to hear that you found my site helpful in your marriage. Your husband's obvious weakness when confronted by those hooligans must have been both frightening and enlightening. I applaud you for taking control and using your willpower to change the nature of of your relationship to a more positive direction. No doubt a sissybaby defines the power structure and not only do your friends enjoy playing with baby but are seeing this dynamic as a possibility in their own lives. Well done!


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