from Linda

Dear Helga,

Having my husband wear tight panty girdles as his exclusive underwear made me feel that I had so much control over him. One Saturday morning, I started teasing him after he had gotten out of bed by caressing him through the girdle. He as sighing and becoming aroused, and I could sense a new level of submissiveness in him. I whispered in his ear, "Honey, no clothes for you this morning. I want you to help me with cleaning the downstairs wearing only your girdle."

I gave him the assignment of dusting, vacuuming, and washing the kitchen floor. He was so cute dutifully going about the tasks, and I realized I needed to add housework to his daily routine for me. And he would do all his work wearing only his girdle and nothing else.

The next day, little hubby complained about having to do housework on Sunday morning. I ordered him into our bedroom, pulled out a skein of yarn and warped it around the waist of his girdle and down under the crotch several times. I tied it off at the waist and told him he could not take off the girdle until I said so and that would not happen until his work was completed. He had to clean the kitchen and the three bathrooms to my satisfaction before I would release him.

He said he needed to pee and I told him "too bad, get to work." During the second hour, he again pleaded with me to release him, but I held firm. I could hear him whimpering as he went about cleaning the toilet in the second bathroom, and that made me very aroused. I decided that I would procure a nice length of chain to lock him in his girdle and purchase additional girdles for him to wear during his household assignments.

The following Saturday hubby had to pull on a longline pant liner and a very firm all-in-one over his panty girdle. I locked one chain tightly around his waist and another through the straps of the all-in-one made a chain collar around his neck. He was locked up, and it was impossible for him to remove his girdles.

"There, Dear, I will always dress you this way and keep you locked to insure you do all your tasks diligently and to my satisfaction. Tell me how you feel."

He started to cry and told me he loved me so much.

I said, "Let it all out, honey. I need to know what you are feeling. All your thoughts and desires. All your fantasies. Everything that is inside of you."

As he cried, he told me that he needed me to dominate him, take control of him, even enslave him if I wanted him that way. He loved how I demanded his oral pleasures and how he loved the feeling of his penis being tightly constricted in his girdles. He said it kept his mind on me all the time. He desired bondage, wanted me to restrain him in bed, and smother his face. He wanted me to be very strict with him, even cruel at times, but always to be loving.

I realized how soft and tender he was as I held him and how aroused I was becoming. I loved every word he spoke and how sweetly he surrendered. I cradled him as if he were a child and whispered my love in his ears with my lips and hot breath. I kissed the tears on his face and shared their saltiness with him as I deeply kissed him.

Then I said, "Douglas, you are mine. You are mine forever. I will never release you. Will you always obey me?"

"oh, yes."

Will you always submit to my will?'

"yes, my Love."

"Will you accept my discipline and punishments?'

"yes, Mistress, I will."

"Okay, take off my panties and show me how much you need me and love me."

My mind was spinning with new plans for our life together as he knelt between my legs and tasted my essence. His life and my life and our life would never be the same.

The End

Thank you so much for your very informative letter Linda. How nice to hear from you again and I am so pleased to hear that you and your husband are still together and that you have taken it to the next level in your FLR. The transition from hand jobs in panties, to panties full time and so on led him right down the path to total control and now you have him right where you want him, between your legs to please only you.


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