from Angela

Dear Helga,

We live in Australia and have been married for 10 years and for a long time it was quite a "normal" marriage I suppose. Our love life included some role play from time to time and it all started when Shelly was dressed up in a cheap French Maid outfit, and was a lot of fun for us both, I guess you could say it grew organically from there.

I knew she loved the feel of satin dresses, so I bought a little girl pink satin party dress matching ribbons and Mary Jane shoes for a new role play evening, which we both enjoyed immensely and as I said previously it grew organically from there... Satin panty collection followed, chastity, financial control, being called "Mummy" and me calling her "Shelly" in private, dressups for reward and punishment and so on.

Sometimes she will ask to be dressed up - to which I'm readily agreeable and she really enjoys it, but is terrified of being exposed, I once allowed her to put on her little play dress, but only if I could take a picture of her in the backyard. She was nervous about being seen by the Neighbours but reluctantly agreed. Once she was outside I locked the door and told her she could only come inside once she had played "happily" for an hour. LOL... she was so angry, but I told her the more noise she made the more likely the Neighbours would come to see what was going on! Once she put a smile on her face and started playing, the clock would start! So of course there was no choice was there? I've attached a picture for you, she was sooo cute !

Covid lockdown has been a wonderful time for dressup sessions. Last Christmas she had to put on a pretty dress to get her presents, which were all dollies and little girl toys of course! One night I was particularly bored and passed the time with Shelly all dressed up on a drive through the city and a little curtsying practice to the passing traffic.

It's amazing how putting a pretty dress on a sissy modifies their behaviour - especially when they're scared of exposure. If we have an argument over anything, I'll order her into a dress and pigtails before resuming the discussion and it's so hard for her to argue ! All I need to say is something like "how can you argue with me? just look at you! Just look in the mirror!" Sure enough the head goes down and her precious little fingers will start fiddling with the hem on her dress.... Such a wonderful feeling!!

What started out as a little love life enjoyment is now a power dynamic to be explored further. now I'm starting with a little internet exposure to keep her permanently in-line. Any outbursts or bad behaviour and I may escalate further.


What a wonderful and tender story Angela, thank you so much for allowing me to share this with my readers. Including occasional role play into the love life encourages a discovery of mutual benefit. Sharing this exploration has led to control on your part, something I heartily endorse and your success is to be commended. The photos are wonderful and add so much to the story, such delightful outfits, so appropriate for their purpose.

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