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"Oh yes," said Stella Spitely, feeling the tug on the penis-shaped teat. "Mandy wants more and more cummy-juice, doesn't she?"

Her stepson's eyes gazed up from her lap, a picture of the sexual confusion felt by the adult sissy babies she had been researching for weeks. Loving the feelings of sweetness from being his mommy's little girl, but cringing with anguish at such shame and degradation. Her lips curled into a smile of contempt.

"I'm guessing he's liking being in sweet baby girl lingerie: his white chiffon petticoat and panty with pretty lace frills."

The dummy tugged again as he sucked and sucked – every now and again swallowing another gulp of the hormonal concoction she had ordered in quantity from Baby-Sissy-Girl. He loved it. Couldn't resist sucking it out, even though he knew the link it had with the ever growing need he felt for wearing lovely baby dresses like the one she had him in for his ordeal of shame this morning. Her guesses were confirmed as a hum of deep pleasure welled up from somewhere round his stomach.

"Good girl," she teased, reminding him that he was to be feminine and very girly from now on. "Drinkies and suckies: that's what Mommy wants her little girl to do, and in ten minutes Auntie Stella, Auntie Rachael and Auntie Claire will be here to give Mandy lots more dummy-sucks until she feels ever so pretty and filled with girly sweetness."

Her words always went to work on him. A slurry of movement in his legs made him slide lower in her lap as they wanted to open wider and make his plastic Barbie panty more accessible to her teasing fingers. What confusion: shamefulness looking for even more shamefulness. It was all working out just how it said it would in the Baby-Sissy-Girl manual. With this formula, based on real male cum and deeply laced with female and infant hormones, sissies are guaranteed to want more and more shame and embarrassment. What a perfect recipe for a good laugh with her sisters as they played with their very submissive and very miserable toy.

Moments later the door opened and the girls came in, laughing and giggling as they gathered round the crimson face that was sucking on their sister's knee. Their perfume and their beautiful faces surrounded him and his cock ached with twice the shame as it had been before. All three of his Aunts were so overwhelming in their female attractiveness. Auntie Rachael was a statuesque blonde, Sonja was a short-haired pretty executive, and Claire was a red-head with generous curves in all the right places.

"Mandy darling," cried Rachael, feeling the padded bulge that rose between his widely spread legs, "you're wearing your Barbie panty for us. You must feel LOVELY inside your diaper."

"I think you feel so defenceless, sweetheart," cooed Sonja, "with your hands tied behind you in a cute ribbon bow."

"And you like kicking your lovely satin bootees," said Claire with a giggle, "to show me your smooth baby-girl legs. Yes, that's it darling – ha, ha, ha – more girly kicking for your Aunties."

Stella was loving it: her sisters could only add to his aching pleasures, and that was all she needed to imprison him inside his desire to become an adult baby girl. "I think it's time Mandy started on her next dummy-dum," she said, lifting the shining appliance out of its plastic bag.

"Oh my, Mandy pet," cried Rachael: "the teat of your dummy is shaped like a cock – a boy's cock – or is it a man's cock?"

Like all the dummies Stella used on her stepson, the teat was indeed in the shape of a stiffened cock, with a large pink saucer and ring, and face-folding wings with straps that clipped tightly shut behind his neck. Sonja undid the strap of the previous dummy at the back of the boy's neck and slid the flattened plastic teat out of his mouth. It drooled with saliva and cum which the ladies caught in their hands to save from wetting the front of his baby dress.

"Does Iddums want her next baby dummy suckie-suckies den?" teased Claire, holding his head and kissing him on his lips and cheek.

His lips quivered under the load of shame he was feeling. "P-Please will you dress me as your little baby girl?" he bleated. His voice was barely more than a squeak. "And - please change my diaper."

"Ahhhhh!" chorused his Aunts. "Would you like me to put you into a pair of lovely lacy baby panties too, sweetie?" asked Sonja, taking her turn to hold his face and plant a loud kiss on his lips.

"Yes, oh yes please; I want to wear lacy baby girl panties for Auntie." His face was beetroot red as he spoke.

"And does Baby Mandy want to wear her pretty bonnet for her Aunties?" asked Rachael, adding her kisses to the others.

His voice disappeared as he begged her to put him into his baby bonnet. The ladies duly obliged, and once he had accepted the long, erect teat of his dummy for it to be fastened tightly into place, she wrapped Roddy's face in the white satin lining of his stiffened bonnet. Between them the sisters swapped him onto Rachael's knee and he settled back onto her arm, gazing up with rapturous blushes into her eyes as she smiled down at him and encouraged him to suck and suck.

Which he did, surrounded by women, with hums and moans of blissful pleasure. Until Claire asked: "Oh? What's Baby Mandy doing in her diaper? Shall we just feel what's happening here – and all over here?"

Roddy's bonnet lolled back and forward, and from side to side, losing his awareness of where he was and what was happening to him, so acute was the pleasure he felt inside the fluffy padding of his diaper.

"Oh my goodness," said Sonja, holding onto the pumping front of her nephew's panty with an open hand, "I think Mandy is feeling very, very girly inside her panties."

Her sisters all had to have a feel too, and all agreed as they held and stroked those sweet Barbie panties that Baby Mandy wanted to be a girl more and more as he sucked even harder on his long teat.

"Yes," Stella told them, checking that she had three more dummies ready for use during the rest of the day, "I've got plans for those lips of his. It's not for nothing that I'm teaching my stepson to love sucking on a cock."

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