I don't know where to start I was humiliated by my sisters and their friends for years. I guess I will tell you all what happened to cause my fall from boyhood. I was home alone and thought I would go into my sisters room and have a look around. One thing I was looking was some baseball cards that had disappear from my room a few days before. I started searching the drawers and suddenly I was looking at all these pink and red and all the colors of the rainbow silky panties in Judy's dresser. I picked up a pair and they felt so soft and I rub them on my cheek, I almost messed my shorts, I peeked out to see if anyone had come home knowing they all went to the strip mall in town, yet being on guard.

I removed my pants and shorts and put the panties on, it was so wonderful feeling that silk on my legs going on and over my butt cheeks. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was so shocked at how they looked. Well I removed them and for some reason I did not put them back in the drawer. I took them to my room and thought I would tell Judy if she gave me back my baseball cards I would give back her panties. (My mistake). When Judy and Barb came back with their new bought stuff they went to their room and in a few minutes they came to my room holding my shorts in their hand. Judy ask how they got in her room. I was surprised that I had forgot to put them back on but I guess in my hurry to get even with her I just forgot. I turned forty shades of red and stammered a excuse of how I toss them in there as a joke. Judy smiled and said yeah and she throw them at me. Well I thought all was forgotten and I was not going to let her know about her pink panties in my drawer or the baseball cares.

I about two weeks she came to me at school and told me that if her pink panties did not get back on her bed by the time she got home she would tell mom. I laughed and said why would I have your stinking panties. Well as soon as the bell rang I ran home and put them on her bed.

When Jody got home about ten minutes behind me I heard her in her room and soon she was knocking on my door. She handed me the pink panties and told me to put them on and come to her room or Mom would be told and I would be paddled. I swallowed hard and wondered if wearing he panties would be worse than getting a spanking. I put them on and wore them for a very long trip down the hallway I knocked on her door and she said wait a second, standing there in her pink panties it seemed like a hour before the door opened and she looked at me in her panties and smiled. She told me to come in and I noticed my sister Barb there also. I began to beg her to let me go and this be it I would not touch her stinking panties again. She ask how I knew her panties stink. I said I did not mean it that way. She walked to her hamper and took out a pair of her worn undies. I was told to smell them. Well to shorten what could be a long story I did that and other things.

I was put in panties the next morning and told to wear them to school and if she asked to see them I was to pull the side of them from my pants and show her. In the lunch room she walked up to me and I almost cried, she saw the look on my face a walked away laughing as did her three friends. That might she told me she had a show for me to watch. I thought she was going to make me watch a girly show. When the tape began I saw me in her room in the pink panties, she had filmed it on Mom's video camera.

I was told to come with her after the film was done and that she had copies. I walked to my doom as entered her room there stood her friends she told them that they were going to meet her and Barb's new sister Lori that day. I was made to dress in the pink panties and a white training bra of Barb's from a year ago. They put me in a very short skirt and a white blouse, ankle socks and they did make up on me. All the girls laughed as I was trained to walk like a girl. Soon they told me that they were going to the mall I was relived until I found out I was also going. I cried and begged them they only laughed at the "big sissy". Judy told me that I would get used to going up and down the escalator and the boys following me so they could look up my skirt and see my pink panties which they started calling pinkies. I was humiliated in so many ways that day it would take a week to tell you all of it.

I will write more if you think you want me to.

Sissy Lori

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