from Dave (Lucy)

Dear Auntie Helga,

I discovered your website a few weeks ago while I was doing some research on how many men are kept totally controlled by their wife like me. I must say I found every letter wonderfully unique in its own way. All though most men are controlled by their wife. I haven't read much about wimps like me being kept by their other half quite the same way as myself. My beautiful wife Samantha and I have been married for 16 years and we have 2 lovely daughters Hannah 16 Kelly 11. Well from the very beginning everyone knows Sam was and still is the dominant one in our relationship. She is my boss at all times and I always obey her even when I believe she is in the wrong.

She is 6 inches taller than me, much physically stronger, a lot more fit as she goes to the gym regularly and teaches other women self defense in her spare time. So she knows how to take care of herself in any situation. But I am not the only man to come under her spell. She is also very dominant figure professionally at her office too. In the last 2 years she has been promoted twice and is now a director. She has fired and destroyed the careers of several males that tried to stand in her way as she climbed her way to the top. Now all men there fear her (what few remain). But the ladies there admire her.

Twelve months ago I was made redundant as a cleaning consultant. Samantha told me not to look for further employment. She said I could stay at home and be a house husband. Well I thought as the girls are getting older it would be an easy life and as Sam is earning a good salary so we could afford it. So I agreed. To start with it was even easier than I thought the neighboring housewife's Janice and Molly who are also our friends helped me with my house work. Even Sam's mother helped me. A couple of weeks later I can remember Sam measuring me all over with a tape measure. I thought she was just doing one of her health checks and I got a warm feeling when she complemented me on how I managed to keep my weight down. But I now know She had a sinister agenda on her mind.

The following morning my wife and her mother Patricia who looks just like Sam and is still attractive took me with them shopping. It is a rule that I have to go shopping with Sam unless she didn't want me to. We finished our usual shopping. On our way home in the car Patricia said to Sam "this store here is the best place for it. "Best place for what" I said. Sam stopped and parked the car. They both looked at me as to say you shouldn't ask. But didn't say anything. Which I thought was a bit odd as they were just going into a cheap ladies clothes store. Patricia gave me a long blank stare as they were leaving the car for the store. They told me to stay in the car. I couldn't work it out but just knew they were up to something.

Half an hour later they returned with 4 shopping bags full of clothes. As this was a shop my wife or her mother would never normally go to as the clothes they wear are more classy and expensive and as they both kept giving me the long silent stares, I became worried that something was wrong. But Sam was happy when we arrived home and said" I have something to tell you tomorrow".

The next morning I took the girls to school as usual. When I arrived back Sam was putting a larger number of refuse sacks into the refuse bin than the normal amount for collection. When I asked what was in the bin liners she said "go and get a shower and I will be with you in a moment". While I was in the shower she took the clothes that I had stripped, just leaving me the towel. As I was making my way to our bedroom I saw Sam holding a bra and looking at me with another strange stare in the hall way.

I went into the bedroom looked into my wardrobe and to my surprise their was only ladies underwear in my drawers and dresses, skirts and blouses in the other hang up area. But I just thought she had decided to move things around. Samantha then came into the room. She sneaked up behind me tickled my chest running her hands towards my shoulders. I hadn't noticed 2 straps go over my arms. She pulled something towards my chest and fastened it from my back. I then discovered I was wearing that bra. She then held out a pair of silky white panties and told me to step into them. As I did so she pulled them up. I turned around expecting her to be looking at me in a exciting and provocative way (As I thought this was the beginning of a nice sex game). But she just adjusted my bra straps and treated me as though I was her sister or one of the girls looking at me quite seriously. Next she reached into my wardrobe and took out a blue floral frock with different colour flowers. She put it on me and zipped it up from the back, still looking at me as if it was normal.

But I still thought Sam was playing with me. (Although she was fully dressed in her skirted suit she wore for work that she only wore when she was actually going to work). Next she took a pair of tights out of my drawer and came towards me. Still convinced it was a game I asked her "why are you wearing your office clothes"?. She replied "because as soon as I have dressed you my lady - that's where I will be going". "As you are now a housewife it's high time you started behaving like one", she added. She explained that as I kept flirting to other neighboring housewife friends when she was at the office. I should dress the same as them to stop me, she also maintained again as you are now a housewife you will now dress as a lady when I'm not here.

She left the room after putting a pair of tights on me. Well all this embarrassed me greatly, I had never worn any female clothes before, I just felt so silly and humiliated. So I foolishly decided to stand up to her and took the dress off. I looked in her wardrobe expecting to see some of my clothes in it, but all I saw was hers in it and I then realized all my clothes were no longer located anywhere in our bedroom. I was so shocked I didn't hear her come back in the room. I suddenly heard this noise of something flying through the air then this very sharp stinging on my bottom. When I turned around I noticed she had just lashed me with one of her belts. "HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME - PUT THAT FROCK BACK ON NOW"!!! she shouted. Needless to say I did so immediately. She then told me that some of my clothes were locked up secure in the spare bedroom and I can only wear them when she is with me.

The garbage truck then arrived and she told me the rest of my clothes were in the rubbish bin now for them to collect. I was desperate to stop them. But as I moved to the window to shout to them I suddenly remembered what I was wearing and they just looked at me and laughed, I just froze. The clothes were then taken away with the garbage.

My wife then left for work. From that Monday morning until Thursday afternoon during the day I was a prisoner in my own home. Well, she made sure I had no male clothes to change into and I knew if I removed anything she would have caught me out as she always made several surprise quick visits through the week. Not giving me enough time to put them back on in time when she kept arriving back. Several friends came to the door the first few days but I couldn't answer it. So I pretended no one was in.

I kept protesting my innocence to Sam by saying to her that I was not flirting to anyone and was only being friends with Janice and Molly. She just said "well now you can be friends with them now properly as you will be the same as them and I will be able to trust you". "When I'm not here now you are a housewife now not a househusband". On Thursday afternoon at about 2 when I was vacuuming the floor to my shock_ the front door suddenly opened in front of me. It was not my wife but her mother Patricia. (Sam had given her a key). I just froze in embarrassment but she smiled and said "don't worry I know all about your new situation". "It was me who picked that dress that you are wearing today and I have come to sort you out". "I am going to help you look more like a lady when your a housewife at home" she added. Although she spoke to me in the same friendly voice she always did she still agreed with Sam that I should be a woman when I'm at home alone.

First she told me to take my tights off then my frock. My legs were then very painfully waxed until they were smooth. She told me she had given me a bikini line. After begging her for no more pain Patricia agreed to shave the rest including my arms, chest, my back and the rear of my neck. Next she applied make up and lipstick then curled my hair to make it feminine. Finally she plucked my eyebrows and painted my nails red. I had sat there and let her do all this as I knew it was all under Samantha's orders.

Just as I put my dress and tights back on, not realizing the time I suddenly heard the family car pull up outside. Sam had brought our daughters home from school. I panicked but Patricia wouldn't let me run upstairs to hide until I put some blue high heals on that she gave me. As she explained its not ladylike. I just made it in time. I hid in our bedroom to wait for Sam so she would check me and then give me back my clothes so I could change back into my male clothes. But my wife's mother shouted "it is pointless running and hiding now, everyone is going to find out you are now a housewife".

The girls came through the front door with Sam. The girls asked their gran why she had brought so much makeup, waxing strips and nail polish. She told Kelly and Hannah to follow her and show them her afternoons work. I heard them all come up stairs and tried to stop Patricia opening the door, but wearing high heels I lost my balance. She said "silly you, you have forgot your earrings". Then clipped them on me. Kelly giggled but Hannah looked at me in disgust and called me a wimp. This was the most embarrassing moment of my life, seeing my girls this way. I tried to explain to them that Sam always gets her way in the end. My wife also told them she will also expect them to control their husband when they get married.

I thought I was in enough trouble, then Sam came to me and said "my mum's just told me you got excited down bellow when she was waxing you, I told you, you cant be trusted"!!! Sam was just about to give me a severe lashing when Patricia came in and said to my wife "no please wait I have a better solution than that I can take him to my home fit him into a corset then bring him back". "perfect" Sam said. They told me the tightness of it will keep me sexually restrained". It would also give me even less time to put everything back on if I tried removing my female clothes when Sam makes a quick visit home from work they added.

They led me to the front door so I panicked as I realized I would have to walk dressed as a woman for half a mile until we arrived at Patricia's house. I made a futile attempt by desperately holding onto the door tight. Patricia told me to let go as it is not lady like. Sam came towards me with a leather belt so I quickly let go. The journey was very embarrassing I received a lot of strange looks and a few giggles. One woman recognized who we were and shook her head in surprise and disgust.

When we arrived at Sam's mother's home she told me to stand in the lounge while she brought some tight corsets and girdles. She came back to me 5 min later with them, some were black and some were white one of them was just a pantie girdle. I felt even more insecure as she wouldn't lock the front door next to me. "Anyone can walk in I said" "Stop worrying" she said "no ones due to come" she added. This gave me a little confidence. But then I could hear footsteps from outside coming closer and closer. I again asked her to secure the door but she ignored me so I desperately tried to run up her stairs and hide some where.

She grabbed me and told me not to be so stupid. "You are paranoid" she remarked. Then the door opened and it was Patricia's sister Vicky. She looked at me in mock horror then in amazement on why I were dressed as a woman. She was very loud and brash and ridiculed me for ages telling me how pathetic all men and myself are. Even when I tried to explain my wife and her mother had enforced the dress code on me. She said to Patricia that I am a pervert for letting them dress me.

Patricia then said "come on its time to put your girdle on" holding a white one up to me. Vicky then shouted to me loud in my ear "come on pervert take your frock off so we can fit you that girdle". Next I was just stood there in bra, knickers, tights and high heels on. Vicky laughed the way the tights fitted around my bottom.

Vicky then noticed her daughter walking past through the window so she shouted her to come in. "No no I pleaded". Serra her daughter looked quite astonished at me then said to us "what are you lot doing". Vicky told her this is what happens to men when their wife's loose confidence in them. (It was at this point I realised Patricia had cruelly invited brash Vicky to ridicule me and also it told me Patricia is just the same as my wife, she had just spoken to me nicer over the years). Serra asked what are you going to do to him next. Patricia said "we are going to fit him with a tight corset to give him a feminine shape and it will suppress him sexually". They came at me with the first corset it felt very tight but Patricia assured me that's how tight it should be. All the rest fitted similar except the last one was smaller and even tighter, they were struggling to put it on me, so Vicky and her daughter lowered me to the floor then pulled as hard as they could until it was on me. I could not move so they slowly lifted me keeping my body straight. I could walk but not bend and I was in some pain, but Vicky told me to stop being a baby girl. Serra and her mum then put the floral frock back on me, half an hour later the 2 lady visitors left. Vicky told my wife's mother to leave me in the too tight girdle and said "that's how you treat pervs".

Soon as they had departed Patricia said "sorry she went a little too far" and let me change into one of the other corsets. That was still tight but no where near as much as the smallest one. She then replaced my dress. After looking in the mirror I noticed how much feminine my body looked wearing a girdle under my dress.

My wife then arrived in our car with our girls but this time Hannah and Kelly just looked at me and spoke to me as though I was one of their Auntie's. Sam had brain washed them into thinking it is the right thing to do. Hannah informed me they had just been shopping with mum and bought several girdles and corsets for me. We arrived back home and Sam allowed me to change back into my male clothes what she keeps locked away, as she did want me to be a man for her when I am with her.

The next day when I was all alone again, dressed as a girl with Sam at work. I decided to do some research into why my wife treats me the way she does. I read a lot about it on the internet and emailed other people who are interested in this sort of thing. I eventually came to the conclusion that my wife dresses my that way because she thinks I love being dominated in that way and neither myself or Sam actually enjoys seeing me with female clothes on. So I bravely took all my clothes off and waited for her to come home naked.

After an hour the door opened and my heart started pounding, she looked at me and shouted as laud as she could" HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME AGAIN"!!!. I said "well I hate dressing up as a woman and I don't like you dominating me in that particular way". She grabbed hold of me held one arm behind my back, frog marched me upstairs. She held me in such a painful way I could only move where she wanted me to. Holding me down with my face to the bed she even managed to put the bra on me while I was immobilised in that way. Next she started lashing me with a belt until I put the panties back on. Then I was placed into a blue floral skirt and a white blouse with flowers on it. Next fitted into some tights and high heels.

"Now my lady I am going to introduce you to our housewife neighbours and best friends, Molly and Janice". She shouted". "No no please no" I begged. Sam again took me by force to Janice's house. She knocked on the door and Janice answered. She told us both to come in leading us both to the lounge where Molly also was. Janice made us all a cup of coffee. What surprised me most was they didn't laugh or even raise an eyebrow. They just acted as normal as though I was one of them. They called me Lucy instead of Dave. That confirmed to me they already knew my situation. As my daughters had started calling me Aunt Lucy when I was in a dress. Well I now felt relieved and embarrassed at the same time.

When it was nearly time to go back home I stood up looked in the mirror and said "I look stupid with no makeup on, I look like a man in drag". Janice gave me some lipstick, mascara eyeliner and some foundation from her makeup bag. As I had been shown several times by Patricia on how to apply it I had no problem putting it on. Janice smiled and said "you look better now Lucy" "Thanks", I replied.

I had sat there for an hour with everyone acting as though they had always known me as Lucy. I felt as if I were in a parallel universe. The tension built up that much for not knowing what our lady friends really thought about me. So with my heart pounding I asked them what they think of me dressed as a woman. They laughed and answered "we have no problem with it at all now" Molly added "we have known since day one about Sam dressing you up like this". "So after having a long discussion with Sam at the time we have fully accepted it". They also told me that I am more than welcome to join them during the day when Sam is at work. Sam added "but this time as a housewife not a pathetic househusband".

I had now got it sorted both with our daughters and our friends. The next difficult thing was how do I sort this situation with my mother and my sisters. I knew this would be tricky as they are protective towards me and hate the way Sam dominates me. As soon as they catch me in a dress they will know its my wife's orders. My mum also was starting to think their were something wrong as I had stopped her from seeing me for several weeks, so the next day I agreed to meet my mother at 11. I took the girls to school and when I got back Sam let me stay in my male clothes when I told her my mother was coming round. She then left for work, but soon as she drove off her mother walked in with a trendy skirt and lacy top and told me to change into them. I said "no my mother is coming round soon so I must stay in my male clothes" she laughed and replied "you are never allowed to be a man when Sam is not here". I phoned Sam to confirm my position to Patricia, but Sam just shouted down the phone at me to "do as your told"!!. Her mum then said "I've brought these clothes so you will look smarter for your family to see you like this the first time". She then stripped me totally, put me in a vintage open white bottom girdle, then she put the skirt on, next was a Lacey blouse followed by some silk stocking that she fastened to the corselette, next came a pair of high heels. She then sprayed me with some very strong perfume and applied plenty of makeup, and put some ladies slippers on me.

I suddenly then noticed my mother arriving early getting out of her car with my Sister Anne. My heart sank when they opened the front door and began walking in. I made an attempt to run and hide upstairs but Patricia grabbed me and whispered "let me handle this". Then she presented me to them, they both looked at me in deep shock and then in disgust, then accused Patricia and Sam of control freaking me. Then Sam walked in and I expected a confrontation between my wife's family and mine, but as usual Sam got out of it. She lied to them and told my mum that I had been a closet transvestite for years and it is time I came out.

To avoid a fight I looked at mum and said "yes its true I have been dressing like this for years and I just cant stop doing so". Patricia told them that it is quite common. She also gave my mother a phone number for a support group for crossdressers. After a week they came round to the idea of me being a transvestite they had to my surprise accepted it. This had now gave Samantha a total victory as usual.

So a few months ago my mother bought me a couple of nighties for Christmas amongst other girlie items. I laughed and said to Sam "I can't wear the nightdresses as you want me to be all man when we are in bed". Samantha replied "I will make you wear them the nights when I have decided we are not having sex and you should always be grateful of your presents from your family and use them no matter what they are". So for many nights since I have been made to wear these satin nighties in bed with her calling me sissy.

Last week Patricia took me to pick up Sam at work as our car was in the garage for a service. When we arrived she made me call in the office and ask for Samantha. When I walked in there were 6 ladies sat at their desks, one asked if she could help. So I asked if Samantha was here. With a large smile on their faces they said "you must be Lucy, take a chair darling", "she is still in a meeting but she wont be long". Five minutes later nearly everyone except my wife's P A, my wife, other directors and senior managers left. So I foolishly started looking around the offices were Sam worked. I came to this door that said, Rest room strictly only Directors and PA's are allowed. It was supposed to be locked but it wasn't quite on the catch, I walked in and to my shock there were over 20 pics of all the husbands to the four directors on the wall. All of which were completely in the nude some were in a more compromising positions including one of me in the nude and one of me wearing frilly knickers and a bra.

I then became nervous and suddenly the door opened it was my wife's PA Sally. She quickly grabbed me and dragged me out of the room. She then sat me down were I was supposed to be. A few minutes later Patricia and Sam with 2 of her director colleagues came up to me smiling. Sam said "we can go home now" with everyone joking and the other women asking me my bra and dress size and laughing about it I hoped I had got away with my intrusion at the office. But as soon as we got in the car Sam stopped laughing and told me she knew what I had done. Her mum Said "what are you going to do to him". "Punish him very severely she replied".

They drove me to a small outlet that sells school uniforms for about 5 different local schools. They dragged me out of the car and into the shop. Sam started shouting at me as if I was a 12 year old girl. The lady manager didn't know whether to smile or treat us seriously. Sam picked the uniform for the white cross school as it is the only local school where girls wear skirts. Sam and the shop lady managed to find a full girls skirted school uniform to fit me. Sam then shouted at me to go and change into it. She also told the uniform lady that I looked a tart dressed as an older woman as I'm only 12 years old. She found that quite funny.

When I came out in the uniform the sales lady laughed and said "that's better, you look your own age now", with a very large smile on her face. I was very embarrassed. I even had to wear some large white socks what girls don't even wear these days. My wife and Patricia then dragged me into the car. They drove me into the white cross school car park and waited until it was time for the children to come out. All the area was full of cars, parents arriving to pick up their own. Suddenly they were students leaving filling up the entire area. Samantha then made me leave the car exposing me to everyone dressed as a school girl. What even made it worse was they wouldn't even allow me to put some makeup on so I just looked more like a perv man than a tranny.

Some girls near me started to scream and shouted look theirs a man here wearing our uniform. Other parents held their daughters protectively and took them away while some women shouted that they were going to phone the police. Some boys shouted at me very abusive while other young people just kept laughing at me, passing sarcastic remarks. The girls' shoes hurt my feet a little but that didn't stop me from running into the nearby fields to hide. It was 3 miles from home but luckily I could make nearly all of that hiding in the field but I did get noticed and laughed at the last few hundred metres to home running through the streets.

When I arrived home Sam took me upstairs pulled out a cane and said "you naughty girl" lashed me then added "what did you see at the office", nothing was my reply. She lashed me again and repeated "I can't hear you" "nothing" I replied desperately. Then she lashed again twice and shouted "louder" "nothing" I responded at the top of my voice. Then she gave me a warning that if I ever disobeyed her again or cross her the penalty next time would be much more severe.

Well Samantha makes me wear ladies clothes almost all the time now apart from our nights of passion in bed and only when she wants us to go out together as man and wife. But the rest of time she takes me out dressed as Lucy. She has even warned me that the next time we go on a summer holiday that I will have wear a all in one ladies swimsuit when were on the beach. (To stop me looking at other females when we are sunbathing). I think I will find this even more embarrassing but what Sam wants she always gets. She has already shown me 2 that I will be wearing.

Well, I still don't know the reason why she does this to me really. She definitely is not insecure about myself flirting to other women she knows I love her too much and that I wouldn't dare do so. Although she flirts with men quite often even in front of me. But I never complain because she would punish me and tell me that I am jealous. Maybe doing all this makes her feel very strong and powerful she even sometimes seems addicted to exposing me to very embarrassing situations. I love her so much that I will take this from her for ever. I just want to spend the rest of my life with her even if that means obeying her no matter how unreasonable her requests are.

I also do believe that anything works when a strong woman is in charge and everyone obeys her no matter how harsh it may be and that's why our marriage works. You only have to look at Germany now - it is the only European economy that is doing fine at the moment. That is because it has a strong woman as their leader. The same in the UK 30 years ago a strong harsh woman called Margaret Thatcher destroyed a lot of men's jobs but she put the country back on its feet. I also think women will rule the world soon and if they are strict with men everything will change for the much better.

Thanks for reading,
Dave (Lucy)

Thank you for your letter Lucy. You may well be right about our rule of the world at large, but in the mean time, one man at a time is our goal. I'm sure our readers would love to hear from your wife at some point. I am also happy to see the mothers involved as well, so comforting for you I'm sure.

Auntie Helga

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