from Fifi

Dear Auntie Helga,

You kindly said after my last letter that you'd like to hear what happened on my birthday when my mother turned up and revealed she knew about my life as Emma's sissy slave. Well as you will remember I was strung up on tiptoe by my penis and scrotum, so the first humiliation was Mummy inspecting what Emma had done to me and having a good laugh at my predicament. Of course with an oversize dummy in my mouth I couldn't say anything, but that didn't seem to bother Mummy - she just talked to Emma about me, as if I was an object or an animal rather than a human being. "How long do you usually leave him dangling like that?" she asked. "It depends" replied Emma. "Right now I thought he could stay there while you and I have coffee."

They moved to the kitchen where I could hear them talking, but couldn't make out the words - disconcertingly their conversation was punctuated by frequent laughter and I felt sure it was at my expense. Finally they returned and Emma unhooked me from the wall, although she left my arms trussed behind my back. "You stand in the middle of the room, Fifi" she instructed me. "Mummy and I want to carry on chatting." Mummy and Emma sat down in front of me on the sofa and I couldn't take my eyes off their legs. Mummy was so sexy in her black bodysuit, stockings and boots, looking just as she had done in my fantasies when I was a boy. "Don't you just love the way his penis sticks out under his little skirt?" asked Emma. "Yes it's very sweet" smirked my mother, "but it's a little impertinent of him to have an erection in front of me without asking permission, don't you think?"

"I don't see how he could help it though, Julia" replied Emma. "This is his childhood dream come true, after all: you dressed up like that and him in bondage..."

Mummy laughed. "Ah yes, those confessions of his were so interesting" she said. "Was Fifi aware that you recorded them for me?"

In my shock at what I'd just heard I nearly fainted. Yes, I'd known about the recordings. But Emma had told me they were for blackmail purposes: something she'd only share if I failed to comply with her wishes. How stupid I'd been to believe that! Now Mummy knew every detail of my shameful childhood secrets. Emma smiled archly in my direction. "Oh, look at Fifi's face, Julia" she said; "I think he's just realised what a deep hole he's dug for himself..!"

Mummy then asked Emma what sort of punishments she used on me, and Emma suggested it might be easier to demonstrate rather than describe them. When Mummy enquired what naughty things I'd done to deserve being punished on my birthday Emma said it wasn't a question of any recent misbehaviour, but she'd assumed Mummy might wish for me to pay some penalty for having kept "dirty secrets" as a little boy. My mother agreed that was long overdue.

They stood up and walked over to me. Emma asked Mummy to help her ease me down onto my knees, after which she instructed me to bend forward with my head on the floor, face turned to one side, my bottom raised and legs wide apart. This was awful because my mother immediately noticed I was shaved and plugged, which delighted her. Emma then proceeded to cane me while Mummy stood looking down at me with one boot resting on my face, uttering apparently sympathetic phrases as I made muffled sounds of protest.

After my bottom had been thoroughly thrashed the "party" culminated with sandwiches and cake being served, although only the ladies got to sit and eat: I was made to lie under the table, sobbing and curled up in a foetal position, now acting as footrest for both of them.

Finally Emma announced it was "sissy's bedtime" and invited my mother to accompany us upstairs to see me being changed into my nightie and strapped into my cot. The ultimate indignity came when Emma pondered aloud as to whether or not she should let me sleep without my plug, and Mummy said "no, leave it in, I think - the little slut doesn't deserve any mercy". So my birthday ended with me being left strapped down, my poor bottom stuffed and sore, and my erection throbbing as I lay there unable to sleep - overwhelmed as I was with mental images of Mummy and Emma in their sexy costumes, looking down at me with amused contempt. FinalIy, after what seemed like hours on the very edge of orgasm, I felt a tingling sensation followed by a shuddering jolt and spontaneously ejaculated - my last thought before sleep being how severely I'd be punished in the morning when Emma found semen on the bedsheet and would doubtless phone Mummy to report my shameful lack of self control.

Yours sincerely

Your Mistress is a real treasure, I'm sure you must realize just how fortunate you are and now with your mother involved, all those teenage fantasies can come true. I hope you are allowed the time to tell me more and I would also love to hear from Mistress Emma at some point.

Auntie Helga

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