from Felicia

Dear Auntie Helga,

I want to thank you for your wonderful site. My wife reads it religiously for ideas on how to treat me.

My name is Felicia (nee David). Shortly after we were married three years ago, my wife Yvonne thought it would be fun for me to wear a pair of her panties to bed. It turned out to be a wonderful evening. To make a long story short, within 3 months I was fully dressing in women’s clothes. I loved the pretty colors and the way they made me feel. My wife was buying all of them originally but pretty soon I was purchasing my own. Her only rule was that I always had to wear either a dress or skirt with stockings – no pants allowed.

Well, it got to the point were I couldn’t wait to get home at night and don my new wardrobe. And I loved sleeping in either a baby doll or some other frilly nightgown.

I lost my job and after months of no luck, my wife suggested I go en femme 24/7. I was reluctant but agreed having nothing else to do. I agreed to give it a try. It’s been over two years now and I live completely as a woman. I have amassed a wardrobe of 26 dresses, about 30 skirt / blouse combos and 62 pairs of shoes. And every kind of lingerie imaginable. And I always dress en femme when we go out.

I am not a big guy and after a while my wife suggested giving me shots in my butt to make me look more feminine. Again I was reluctant, but I agreed and pretty soon had a very feminine derriere.

Yvonne has always treated me with respect although she is very strict about my deportment. When she has her girlfriends over, she usually let’s me participate as just one of the girls. I love the sisterly comraderie and the discussions about makeup, clothing and other girly stuff. I’ve gained a greater understanding of what it means to be a woman. Occasionally, but not often, I dress as a maid and serve her and her friends. They are all very respectful and I enjoy being their servant.

I can’t even imagine going back to boy mode. One of my wife’s friends who I have become close to has suggested that I get breast implants, which I am seriously considering.

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me. But I so enjoy being a girl!

Thank you for your wonderful site and if there are others like me, I would encourage them to pursue it. Yvonne certainly likes me more as a girl.


Thank you so much for writing and for your kind words about my site. I am so happy to learn that your glorious wife reads it regularly for ideas how to treat the sissy she loves so much. Your transition has been remarkable and I'm sure she is thrilled to have a feminine husband, one committed to becoming even more so, and even considering implants, the next logical addition in my opinion.

Auntie Helga

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