from Mistress Tricia

Dear Helga,

In writing to you to tell you our story, I felt it was appropriate to make my baby spouse do the typing while dictating the story for you. Knowing this would be some what humiliating for him, but also stimulating. Dressed in a disposal diaper, plastic panties and locked into his CB3000 chastity device, baby doll top, plastic bib and his pacifier, he is sitting at the computer relating our story to you.

We have been married for over 30 years, and after many very sexually active years, it started to wane some and after several discussions, he finally admitted his real desires was to dress as a female and be dominated. His real fantasy at the beginning was to be in the role of a french maid and be dominated by his Mistress. I was not that much into it, but because of our very close relationship and desire to please him, I decided to try to get involved and later decided to use it to my advantage. We started with two types of maids outfits, one very plain cotton, straight type dress, fairly short, and certainly not sexy but it was used for general house work. He was required to wear only plain cotton lingerie underneath, which was not his desire, but he had no choice. It included a very restrictive long leg panty girdle to keep him reminded of his status, and not being allowed to wear any wig or makeup. It had two eyelets at the top of the zipper which I would keep locked until I was ready for him to be released. He was required to request when needed to use the bathroom and had to be most subservient to me, only being released when I was pleased with his work.

To serve me wine or dinner or do the ironing, he was dressed in his favorite very short and full black taffeta maids outfit, again locked on, with sexy lingerie, full white nylon petticoats, 4 inch high heels w/ankle straps that were locked on as well. Most of the time, no panties, only locked in his chastity device which was partially visible as he walked around or bent over, sometimes permitting either very sheer nylon panties or plastic panties which still revealed his chastity device. In any of the variations, this outfit made him extremely excited. Sometimes I would permit a wig and makeup, other times without. He was never permitted any satisfaction during these periods which almost drove him crazy, but kept him in total obedience, hoping for future consideration. He was exposed a couple of times to friends in this costume serving them. Usually at night after one of these sessions, he would be dressed in one of his one piece vinyl jumpers he had purchased from Fetware, and plastic panties and restrained for the night, so he could not get into trouble.

At some time, not sure exactly when, his fantasies and desires turned to being dressed and dominated as a baby. He became obsessed with plastic panties, diapers, the disposal kind with the plastic outer lining because of the feeling, and dressed in some type of baby doll type nighty. It progressed to the point that a spare bedroom we had turned into his room with all his female clothing, maids outfits, petticoats and all the baby attire he has accumulated. He had purchased online from Fetware, plastic rompers, plastic dress/maids costume, several different types/styles of plastic panties. One was modified with a chain through the waistband that could be locked on. Also a supply of pacifiers and bibs. He never wanted to dirty or wet his diapers, but wanted to masturbate while wearing them as they excited him so. At times we will spend a couple of days playing baby, which includes baby food, bottles etc., but always in his diaper and plastic panties. He has taken even to wearing a diaper or attends and plastic panties during the day under his regular clothing at times. Unless he is restrained on his bed, in his high chair or locked in his room, his is permitted to use the "potty" instead of his diaper if he requests permission, and I agree.

His desire was always to be a girl, even though we had a very successful marriage and son and family. The past several years he has lived about 90 percent of the time as a female, is most convincing and spends a lot of time in the community in volunteer work, etc. being accepted as a female. But at home a lot of the time, his real desire is to be dominated by a very strong female, forced into submission, being a maid and servant to a Mistress. I am not that forceful and don't share or understand all his desires to do so or have the imagination of the things he wants to be done through his fantasies.

I think if he had what he thinks he wants, he would not be as happy with it as he thinks, as he is very strong willed and though wants to be under the control of a very strong female, he wants it under his control as well.

His real fantasy is to be forced into a role as an baby, dressed in diapers (prefers disposal because of the plastic covering and feeling on the outside) and plastic panties, which he has somewhere between 15 to 20 pair, white, pink, baby print, with lace edging, etc. He is most turned on with the plastic panties, and really wants to be satisfied, played with and made to cum with them on. When he gets a chance and I am not around I know he puts them on and masturbates, probably every day. He is obsessed with the plastic panties, even has plastic rompers, baby dolls, etc. Loves to be dressed in plastic and especially restrained in bed dressed that way. Of course he wants to be played with and I do not always want to do that. We ordered a CB3000 chastity device, which he thought would be exciting, and has worn it a few times for a day or two at a time under his diaper and plastic panties but gets so excited wants it off and played with. I have not taken the keys away, which he fanticized about, but feel I probably should. He loves to be locked in the panties, restrained on his bed over night, with plastic bib and pacifier, but when needs to go to the potty wants to be let up. I think he has only wet a diaper 1 or 2 times only because he didn't have a choice. He does not want to wet or dirty the diapers, only feel them with the plastic panties and be sexually satisfied.

Since he dresses a lot during the day, he/she always wears very feminine lingerie, lacy nylon panties and also fantisizes about being forced to give them up, wearing only little girl cotton panties when not in his diapers and plastic panties, which he wants to be forced to change into each night for bed. He also fanticizes about me forcing him into baby clothes, restraining him on the bed or in a high chair where he is helpless and then leave for the evening with friends. He has fantacized about me going out with other men and having sex as we have very little, since it is difficult for him to perform, his real turn on is his fantisies, which I cannot do, so we have gotten over that issue.

Occasionally I will require his services to service me orally, that is the only way he is permitted to service me. Sexual intercourse is forbidden, as well as masturbation. The reason for the CB 3000 which he must wear to bed every night to prevent him trying to play with himself. Most of the time he is required to sleep in his room, sometimes restrained on his bed, not always. He is required each night when I tell him time to get ready for bed, if he does not have the CB3000 on, as I don't require it 24/7 as it does get very uncomfortable at times and a lot of times the situation does not lend itself to be able to touch or do anything naughty. After putting the chastity device on, which I required him to do it in front of me, and I will sometimes get him very excited to further frustrate him, before making him put on the cage part and lock himself in it, he is then required to lay on his bed, while I put on his diaper and plastic panties for the night. Many times will require him to wear heavy vinyl mittens, locked on so he can't touch or feel his plastic panties which excites him very much. When in his room, he must always have on a plastic bib, which I have fixed with a lock so he can't remove it, and always his pacifier. He also wears a little baby doll top, which must be short enough that his plastic panties and diaper are always visible Periodically, if he as been very good I have permitted him to masturbate to relieve is intense frustrations and need to come, but he has to do it in front of me, while I am sitting in front of him. Again he must have his bib and pacifier in his mouth, and wearing rubber gloves, I permit him to masturbate, however, when he starts, I time it and give him only 5 minutes to finish, if he hasn't been able to ejaculate by that time, he must stop and gets locked up again. He cries, but it is by my rules. If he is able to in the alloted time, he must tell me when he is ready, and I hand him a baby bottle, which he must use to come in. He is immediately locked back up again, back in diaper and plastic panties and is restrained for the night. I put just enough water in with his semen, so is will go through the nipple and just before nighty night, he gets his special treat of his release for that day, getting to have the taste in his mouth all night.

I have tried enemas and while I kind of like them, I have found a better way of punishing him. He built a spanking stock some time ago, to lock his legs and arms in it, so his but is up in the air and he is totally helpless. When he has been bad, disobeyed, he must first apologize to Mistress, then request that I punish him and he is then locked in to the stock, with a penis gag, so he cannot yell or speak, If he tries to, his spanking is doubled. He always gets a minimum of 20 hard swats with a paddle. If his is going to get the total punishment, he is then put in his diaper and plastic panties (the ones that lock on, so he cannot get them off), sometimes restrained on the bed or restrained in his high chair. feet strapped to the chair, hands handcuffed to the arms, in a plastic romper, locked on, with plastic booties, mittens and bonnet and then I give him a full bottle of water with a good portion of laxative in it, his knowing that sometime in the next hour or so, he is going to be making a mess like a real baby. He is gagged with is pacifier and the door locked to his room, which he is helpless. Sometimes, will go in and give another bottle to make sure his bladder is full and really soak his diaper and even more laxative. He really hates this punishment. If I let him sleep in my bed with me, he must always be locked in his chastity device to keep from trying anything and sometimes I restrain his hands to his legs as well.

Mistress Patricia

Thank you for your letter Mistress Patricia. We all have fantasies we want to live out and so many times we get so much more that we bargained for, you do seem to have a made the very best out of his. Love to hear from you again.


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