from Daphne

Dear Helga,

I wrote to you a few years ago complimenting you on your excellent website, but saying that it was unlikely to suit me and my naughty husband, as he loved ladies knickers, so petticoating would be unlikely to be successful in keeping him in order.

Instead I instituted a regime of spanking, based on a one sided version of the Spencer Spanking plan. This has worked very well, but recently owing to arthritis in my shoulder spanking is now more painful to me than it is to him. Even having him lying across the bed, with a pillow under his tummy, and a whippy cane to hand proved painful to me.

I did try the nurse who wrote an article on corseting's method, pinning back his penis and testicles so that they remained folded back while I put him into a very firm panty girdle. However, I did not find this as successful as the nurse had with her 'patient'. It just was no punishment, nor did it improve his behaviour.

I therefore needed to reassess our regime. Recently I have been in conversation with my husband, discussing his penchant for ladies underwear, why and to what is the appeal, and it transpires that he really only likes very plain cotton or nylon knickers, probably correctly termed 'bloomers'. He especially likes schoolgirl/regulation knickers, so I have agreed to allow him to wear these instead of any male style. Even when they first appeared on the market he disliked 'boxers', needing he tells me, underwear with elasticised legs. He tried men's bikinis, but these too were not to his liking, as were others he tried over the years. Hence his preference for the old fashioned schoolgirl knickers having two or three inch legs with tunnel elastic. In his small collection are some similar full knickers in nylon, which he bought for himself from lingerie shops, but these are plain with no lace or fancy elastic. Quite frankly he doesn't look too bad in any of these, certainly not truly feminine.

However, finding that he actually disliked any sort of lacy or fancy ladies panties, as he admitted to having tried them, I have now come round to following your ideas. As a consequence I purchased, as a trial, two pairs of very scratchy lacy panties and one long leg pantie girdle with suspenders.

Instead of his usual monthly maintenance spanking, I insisted he wear one of the pink lacy panties for a whole week-end. He hated them, found them uncomfortable, which pleased me enormously. After two days I put him into the panty girdle and stockings, insisting he wear them for another two days. He found these equally uncomfortable, and with the threat of my telling his mates, he has come to heel very nicely. The pantie girdle would certainly show above the waistband of his trousers, so he has to be careful to keep his jacket closed, even in hot weather!

Thank you Helga, I am so glad I found your site


Thank you for your letter Daphne and for your kind words about our site. I am delighted that it has been informative and hopefully inspirational in your ongoing discipline regime.


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