from Lucy

Dear Helga,

I have some updates as to how billie now serves as my babified sissy, not only in the shop, where he is the office boy, seeing to the needs of my current staff of seven female employees, but also in my home, where billie sees to the needs of my guests.

As I told you in my last message, a short time ago, billie went through a period of attempted rebellion. I made no attempt to stop him from leaving my work and home. In fact, I assisted him. Yet, after a very short period out on his own, he realized that he couldn't function without a home, a job, the key to his chastity and his nappies. Thus, he tearfully rejoined my household and continued in his lowly position back at the shop. Ironically, he had once been the supervisor, there but, because he had abused his power, he eventually ended up in the situation he now finds himself.

billie had also once lived with me as a potential partner but, after the abuse he showed to my employees and the subsequent loss of his supervisor's salary, he found that he could not afford to move out on his own. Upon seeing his true nature, I no longer had any romantic interest in him, but he begged me not to throw him out on the street. I agreed to allow him to stay, but only under my conditions. From that day on billie has been subject to nappy discipline all day, every day. Over time, he has become both bladder and bowel incontinent, and must ask either me or one of the women at work when at work to change his nappy. He has learned that, if he does not ask in a high-pitched sissy baby lisping voice, he will not be accommodated. The result of this seems to be that he has forgotten how to use his "regular" voice. He knows that he will not get a response if he does not speak in "baby talk" so that is how he now communicates. billie avoids conversation in public situations, but, it is quite humorous when he attempts to participate in any sort of adult dialogue.

billie is very well taken care of these days. He rides into work and goes back home with me so he has no need to worry about a car or petrol, etc. Rosa, my head seamstress who took over billie's former job as supervisor, converted an old storeroom into a changing room. There is a changing table and a large supply of nappies, wipes, lotion, powder and the like in the room. Because we make clothing for children, she was able to use a lot of leftover scraps to cover the changing pad and fashion curtains to give the room a very juvenile look. I provide all of billie's nappies and plastic pants and billie has no expenses in regards to clothing either. As I told you previously, billie often models our clothing line in specially made outfits that the ladies create in sizes large enough for him to wear. I choose what he will wear for the day, and although he has overalls, shortalls and onesies, I usually put him in a high-waisted toddler style dress, sometimes with tights and always with shiny black, white or pink Mary Janes and frilly anklets. Sometimes, he is allowed to wear sandals which then highlight his pretty pink toenails. I keep his hair short, but once in a while, I will require him to wear a bonnet or just a small barrette in his hair.

A dress is usually his outfit at home on weekends as well, and billie must wear a bib during meals so as not to dirty his dress. I take care of food preparation at home so, if billie is naughty and acting particularly childish, he knows that his only option for meals will be jars of not particularly tasty baby food, so, he has an incentive to behave. Again, billie has no expense in regards to food or drink. All his drinks are now taken from a baby bottle, and when he's not drinking, billie is often made to suck on his ever-present dummy, which dangles on a dummy cord around his neck.

A few years ago, I made the decision to put billie into chastity. As you might recall, I then gave the key to my friend Alex, a real man who I had met when he renovated billie's bed into a child's cot. It became Alex's decision as to when billie would be released from chastity. billie soon figured out that, in order to obtain release, he would have to pleasure Alex, a job which he soon learned to master. After a period of time, Alex and I stopped seeing one another, and, unfortunately, he took the key to billie's chastity with him when he left. It made for some awkward moments in getting the device unlocked but I now keep the key myself. I still have relations with real men and, quite often, billie is incentivized to service my guests in order to obtain his own sexual release. As an alternative to rent, billie must also keep the flat clean and serve food and drinks to me and any guests that come to visit. He is required to curtsy whenever he serves or speaks to one of my guests. Overall, since his failed rebellion, billie seems to be much happier these days and content with his lot in life. After all, he is the one who put himself into this situation. As long as he is respectful and well-behaved, he has every need taken care of and I think he realizes that he has found his true identity.

Thank you Helga for allowing us to promote this lifestyle. I have come to realize that there are real men out there and there are also many males who are truly happier and better off when they assume the life of a sissy baby.

Best regards,

Funny how submissive they can become when left with no choice but to submit to full time sissy nappy discipline. She is obviously well taken care of without want for anything, I'm sure she appreciates your kindness.


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