from Carolyn

Dear Helga,

Ethan has Football on a Monday usually after school because of the holidays they moved it to the morning. Last night I agreed to take him and drop him off. I told him I'd be back around 11:30 to pick him up don't be late we are going out for dinner. I thought this would be perfect time to swing operation "Elaine" into effect. Eliza wanted to go out but I told her she had to stay with me. Ethan turned around and said "looser girl ha-ha". she started crying. I said don't worry sweetie you will love what we're doing. Ethan just got out and said "whatever" If only he knew what was coming.

I had already texted my friend Maria she was waiting on the doorstep She was waiting with her husband Ian. Eliza was super excited to see Auntie Maria. We all went inside and I put the kettle on. I showed Ian to Ethan's room and gave him a load of black bags told him to take all Ethan's clothes and put them in the bags and tie them up and tape them and put them up the loft then get the rest of the room sorted. (more later) Eliza was looking confused when she looked round the door and was asking what are you doing are, we moving? I took her back downstairs I sat Eliza down with me and Maria. I was trying to find the words to tell her. Before I had chance, Auntie Maria blurted out" we turning your big brother into your little sister". I have never seen Eliza look so shocked in her life. She just turned to me and said "MUM?"

I explained the dresses sock and underwear we sorted out were for Ethan and from now on he is going to be Elaine with Auntie Maria's help. I never seen her laugh so hard she couldn't stop. In-between laughing she just kept saying seriously? I explained the way he treats girls is unacceptable so if he can't behave as a boy, he going girl for a week or longer.

I showed her the outfit I had picked for him, the pink dress with the ruffles on it some lacy underwear and a bright pink vest. The ankle socks with flowers on them and her old black shoes. The dress it is like a leotard foot in first then zip up the back and then I was going to put a safety pin through the zipper so he can't take it off. Once he settles down, we can move to more sensible dresses. Then she looked worried and said he going to be mad.


I explained to her what going to happen. I get him in the shower from football. when he realizes he has no clothes he'd come looking for me. Me, you, and Auntie Maria will be waiting for him in my room with his new outfit, I explained he may have to be spanked in order to get him to cooperate. She is not to be scared of him if he is nasty and she can teach him how to be a proper girl's girl.

Eliza got a devious look in her eyes she wanted to switch the bath towels for pink ones to get him started. I agreed so she dashed of and swapped them then came back with a pink hair band and 2 slide clips for her new sister and a maxi pad for the underwear. I love that girls' sense of wickedness. I told her she had permission from me to call him "little sister" "baby sister" and Elaine she can make fun of him. With no consequences for her for this week. She asked if he was going to be in nappies like uncle Ian I said only if he marks his new underwear. I had a sense Maria was up to something I didn't ask She kept whispering to Eliza. I get nervous when them to start giggling. They took all the gear upstairs and hid in my room in the walk-in wardrobe. Ian went home for a bit.

Time for action

I have never been so nervous picking up my son from football I tried to remain calm and look like everything is normal. I pulled up put the blanket on the back and him and his friend climbed in they were plastered in mud. Normally I go mental at him for not showering.

I dropped his friend off and started for home. Once home I told Ethan straight upstairs, I don't want that muddy mess everywhere. He went to go to his room to get fresh stuff my heart was in my mouth. I just yelled "you shower you stink your cleans stuff in my room ironed put a towel round you". He just turned around and said "whatever F***K OFF" slammed the bathroom door.

I heard him getting in the shower. I went to my room and sat on the bed with the door partially closed. I gave a thumbs up to Eliza she started giggling. I told her to be quiet. It got to be the longest shower ever it seemed like it. Wasn't long before he yelling "stupid Bi**ch" where's my clothes. I yelled back "in my room I told you come here".

He came across the landing burst into my room mouthy "I ASKED YOU where are my clothes. I calmly replied "on the bed" he looked and said" they're Eliza's" before I had chance to respond. Eliza jumped out and said "not anymore Elaine" I tried to keep a straight face. He just kept looking at me and Eliza. He turned went to make his escaped bumped right into Maria. The look of panic on his face. She grabbed his towel from round him and threw it out the door then pushed him towards me. He starts screaming and yelling you can "f**k off I'm never wearing that" screaming for 2 minutes other obscenities then he went for Eliza screaming "I'll get you b**ch". I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him toward me Maria shoved his legs inside mine and I locked them in place with my knees. That yoga really paid off. Maria held him bend over my lap I turned his butt cheeks red. Once I had finished Maria was next to me I dragged him over Maria's lap and she had a go, she even held him down for Eliza to get a few slaps in. Eliza was saying "naughty girl" I turned my back I was crying with laughing. Wo betide her boyfriend when she is older.

Ethan was sobbing and crying was mumbling something. Typical Ethan sorry afterwards. I was having none of it. I'm sticking to my plan. I told him to stand with hands by his side he refused and I went to issue a second spanking suddenly changed his mind. Eliza started teasing him about his penis saying "he maize well be a girl that a baby penis" he just giver her a dirty look.

I explained thing are going to change and he is going to have respect for girls and women. The only way he is going to understand is to become one whether he liked it or not. He still had a defiant look on his face tears rolling down his cheeks. He knows not to cross Auntie Maria. Under his sniveling he kept saying "I need a wee". I knew what he was thinking lock himself in the bathroom. I was thinking on how best to proceed I did contemplate putting the nappy on him or a supervised toilet visit.

Before I had chance Maria just turned to Eliza and said "go get Elaines new present from me and you." Eliza fetched a big bag with and pulled out a pink potty in it covered in unicorn stickers and stars very girly. I was there with my mouth open Eliza put it behind Ethan. I ordered him to sit. He refused. I stood up and he sat down. Eliza started my "little sister needs her potty AWWW" Maria was in hysterics. Eliza wanted to dress Ethan. I gave Eliza the clothes one by one she put them on him. I gave him strict instructions he touches Eliza he going to Maria in the pink dungarees and nappy for 3 months. He kept begging "please no". Eliza put his pink top on with the lace and told him to lift his feet and she put on his underwear round his ankles. Then his beautiful socks the Eliza got the maxi pad peeled it off and stuck in it inside his underwear. She said "in case baby sister has wee wee accidents" I cried with laughing explained no more standing to use the toilet he must be seated for both and he must wipe like a girl front to back. I explained any dirty undies will be punished with a night diaper.

Me and Maria hauled him to his feet and Eliza pulled up his knickers and adjusted the top. Elaine looks pretty go look in the mirror give us a show like this. Eliza started to parade up and down like she was on the cat walk. I prompted Elaine to copy her. He slowly walks there and back and half a pose. I yelled do it properly or we practice every night until you do. He picked up the pace I stood him in front of the mirror. Standing behind him with tears in his eyes "not so cocky now are we"

I grabbed his hand and I sat him on the bed and put his feet in the dress and pulled it up. He tried to fight me so I smacked him on the legs. Maria held him face down on the bed while I zipped it up and secured the zipper with a safety pin. We put his shoes on and it was complete. I dried his hair and Maria curled it. Eliza went to put his head band on and he flinched like he was scared of her. She secured it and put the clips in his hair with pink fairies on them.

Don't tell Eliza he makes a better girl than she does!

I stood Elaine in front of the mirror. In her full dress he started sobbing. Eliza bolted out the room and brought back one of her dolls and handed it to him. He refused take it I said she is trying to be nice to you don't deserve it after the way you treated her. She showed him how to hold it in his arms.

I explained you are Eliza's little sister. She will show you how to be a good little girl. Misbehave and this can get a whole lot worse. All toilet visit must be accompanied by a female. Strictly no touching himself. Any damage to the dress intentionally will get him 3 months at Marias in the pink dungaree shorts and a nappy on full baby treatment no breaks. Then he will be a proper baby girl. I explained I am the only thing standing between him and that fate. So, he better does as he is told. When called by Elaine you will reply "yes mummy" any bad language will be met with punishments.

I turned him around and explained I'm doing this for his own good. I made him put the doll down on the bed and go empty the potty down the toilet supervised by Maria she made him rinse it and dry it and put it in his room. She put his baby outfit on the end of his bed as a reminder. We have changed his room to completely pink bed sheets with unicorns on them even a canopy over the bed. Pink night light. He looked stunned. He opened his wardrobes to find more dresses and the draws full of girls underwear. Maria escorted him back to my room and handed him his doll. Eliza Gave him a hug and said "it not so bad you just have to do things different"

We went downstairs he never been so quiet. He just sits or stand in the corner looking at himself. I have offered him hugs. With reassurance "good girl". By this time, it was tea time Ian came back and we all sat down for dinner. He kept trying to hide from Ian I made him show Ian his pretty dress and shoes I made him lift the dress so Ian could see his frilly underwear. I sat Elaine on my right side next to me and next to Elaine was Ian. Elaine kept staring at uncle Ian in his dungarees and his nappy poking out. I just tapped her hand and pointed at her dinner. Eliza can't keep a secret to save her life. She said you think you go problems uncle Ian's a big baby with nappy on and he did nothing wrong. I just smiled and shook my head.

Maria Stuck around to supervise Elaine's bedtime in case of trouble I undid the safety pin on the dress and and made him hang it up. And I got a pretty pink nighty with frilly lace round the bottom out of the draw and slipped it on his head over his arms. He just looked stunned. I removed the headband but left the clips in as a reminder. I tucked him and his new dolly into bed. His normal bed time is 9.30 he was washed and brushed his teeth and in bed by 7.30. from downstairs I could hear Elaine crying saying "sorry I didn't mean to" I think he was talking to himself or trying to make sense of what happening.

Me and Eliza went up to bed around 9.00 after some girly time. I wrote this while we were watching tv and updated it I'm heading to bed so tired long day.

Eliza can be so sweet she was worried for him. Asking "is he going to be okay, did we do too much?" I explained he just upset cause it new for him and he getting used to an all-girl house. I got Eliza ready for bed and did and underwear check. No accidents her pad was dry.


Thank you Carolyn for your fascinating letter, a very effective introduction to petticoat punishment for your son. I'm sure that for his sister this will be a real education as well, their Aunt Maria and Uncle Ian will serve as role models for proper behavior for sister and 'little sister' in the months to come.


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