from Linda

Dear Helga,

Diaper discipline is a method I use to correct a sissy’s bad behavior. Just the threat of putting a sissy back in diapers and plastic baby pants brings immediate changes in their behavior. I have diaper disciplined and helped diaper discipline several sissies throughout the years. Diaper discipline has worked every time.

I want to make a point that diaper discipline doesn’t necessarily require that a sissy use his diapers. That is a choice for his disciplinarian. It is not the choice of the sissy however. I personally prefer that a sissy use his diapers, but that is just my preference. Changing wet diapers is not an issue for me but I understand it is for some. As far as soiled diapers are concerned, I handle them somewhat differently (no pun intended). Much of the unpleasantness in dealing with soiled diapers can be reduced if not eliminated. If your sissy soils his diaper, make him take it off, rinse it out, and put it in his diaper pail along with his plastic panties. Only after he cleans himself up and showers, should he present himself to you for a fresh diaper and baby panties.

Make your sissy be responsible for laundering all his diapers and plastic baby panties also. My sissy babypants usually does the laundry at home but if he is being punished, I make him do it at the laundromat. Since the plastic panties can't be put in the dryer, I have him hang them on the trolly cart bars so they can dry while he waits for his diapers to dry in the dryer. If one of the large floor fans is available, I have him position it so it blows on the baby panties hanging on the trolly cart bars. It's similar to having them flapping in the breeze when I have him hang his plastic panties on the clothesline to dry. Sometimes babypants gets asked why the plastic baby pants are so big? Or who wears those? It's always fun to hear his answers. I always have babypants double diapered wearing snap-on plastic baby pants under his shorts when I take him to the laundromat. The snap-on baby pants make it easier to change him in the back room or in the car.

There are things you can do if you want to achieve the results of diaper discipline but don’t want to deal with wet and messy diapers. Have your sissy wear double cloth diapers and plastic panties under his clothes. If he needs to use the potty, make him ask permission first (to embarrass him), but always give him permission. Believe me he will find a way to use his potty or find a toilet before he wets or soils himself. By dressing him this way in public he will always wonder if people will notice if he is wearing diapers because of the bulk of his double diapers. He will hear the crinkling sound of his plastic baby pants and will wonder if others hear it also. Whenever possible, discretely check his diapers to see if he has wet or soiled himself. Do not allow him to wear anything over his plastic baby pants when at home. By doing these things, his behavior will improve quicker than you might think. If it doesn’t, just keep him in diapers. Eventually his behavior will improve.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to those wanting to use diaper discipline on their sissies but don’t want to deal with wet or soiled diapers.

Ms Linda

Thank you so much for your very informative letter Linda, while as you note not all disciplinarians use this technique it certainly is one to be considered in an effective and strict petticoating. The shame and humiliation that comes with such regressive garments along with the possibility of using them for their intended purposes surely makes for a more submissive attitude in any sissy.


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