Hi my name was Jamie,

I spent 4 years with the same History teacher in High School. Miss Sebastian, she would come into the room a few minutes after the students were in their desk. Miss Sebastian would write our lesson outline on the blackboard. As she would write her butt would wiggle and all of the boys and some girls would watch her wiggle. Then from my desk I would see her as she sat down. I always got a boner because she would sort of spread her legs and I would get a peek at her white cotton panties. Many night s I would stroke myself to the vision of her wiggle and the peek I got.

Fast forward to a years after I graduated high school. I was looking for a job and to my surprise I walked into a shop to ask for work, only to see Miss Sebastian standing right in front of me, I mean I almost walked into her and I could smell her perfume. I could have kissed her lips they were so close. I backed up and told her I was sorry for almost bumping into her. She said it was no problem and ask how I had been since high school. I told her I had been trying to get a job. She told me that she had not been teaching any more. She told me she was running the store where we stood. I looking around the shop and saw it was a women's store. I got surprised to see all the lacy clothes and underpants. My mind flashed back to seeing her plain cotton panties and now being here in her sexy clothes shop I got a boner and moved my hand to cover it up, she smiled and looked down at my hands. Miss Sebastian smiled and said did you enjoy the peeking up my skirt? I blushed and stuttered out a lie saying I had not peek up her skirt. She said Jamie are you lying to me? I bowed my head and said yes ma'am. She said Jamie you are a very naughty boy, you know in school you would get sent to the principal's office. I said yes again and she said maybe we might have to punish you for being a naughty little girl. My eyes got wide and I was shaking like a leaf, I said I won't lie to you any more Ma'am.

That was the beginning of a life of her sissy maid. The life was not so bad looking at it from my eyes. I soon learned that the shop was a place were women would by their sissy boyfriends or husbands women's clothing. I would see women come in with or without their sissy and I would be dressed in little girl outfits with very short skirts and my ruffled panties would be exposed many times women would smack me on my panties. Miss Sebastian and I were married. At the wedding I was dressed in a brides gown and she in a tux. Twenty five people came to the wedding. All of the men were dressed in different women or baby or childish clothes, all of which was sawn by me or my husband.

I might be a big girl some day. Ma'am says I am growing very well and maybe someday I can a good wife to Ma'am. Ma'am now trains men for those that don't know how to sissify their men. I help her in the training in many ways.

Well I have to go now and I am glad I went to the high school I went to.

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