Zinnia's Ultimatum

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have been a big fan of your petticoat discipline site since it's earliest days. Ever since I learned of petticoat discipline, I have kept my eyes open for any such activities in "the real world". And yes, it is very real. My young neighbor, and very good friend has two daughters. Zinnia is 15 and her sister Daisy is 12. They are as different as night and day.

Zinnia is a very assertive young girl. She is self-confident and active in sports. Daisy, on the other hand, is a girly girl. She loves to wear pretty dresses, ribbons, and bows while Zinnia is usually in jeans and T-shirt.

Where we live is a circle of homes surrounding a big playground. In the center is a big swing set with a slide and three long-chain swings. One day there were about a dozen children playing on and around the swing set. There were eight or nine girls playing and three boys. One of the boys was named Paul.

Paul is 14 years old with short blonde hair and big blue eyes. He is a pretty boy that could easily pass as a girl had he long hair. He constantly tried to hide this fact by acting out the male macho role. On this particular day, Paul was sliding on the long sliding board.

"Why don't you slide down the sliding board, Daisy", laughed Paul. "Is the pretty little flower too scared?" And the Paul laughed out loud and teased the younger girl. This infuriated Zinnia. The older of the two sisters grabbed the smaller weaker boy by the arm and pulled him over to a big mud puddle. Then she roughly pushed him into the sticky brown mud.

"My Mom is going to kill me!", the boy screamed. "These are my good clothes".

"You should have thought of that before you teased my sister", spoke Zinnia. Then and there, Zinnia devised a new plan of discipline for the arrogant boy. "Come over to my house. We have a washer and drier in the basement. We can have you looking good as new by the time your Mommy gets home from work". The muddy boy reluctantly agreed.

Once in the basement, the poor lad was told to stand behind an old bookshelf ( about 3 feet high ) and to strip off all of his clothes. He did so with a beet-red face. The bookshelf stood in front of one wall which was otherwise very bare. This made Paul feel very alone and vulnerable. "How long must I stand here stark naked?", the boy asked nervously.

Zinnia smiled as she started up the washing machine. About a half hour for the washer and about 70 minutes for the drier. The she prepared a bucket of soapy water and put a rag in it. She placed this on top of the bookshelf. "Wash yourself off. You cannot be dressed up while all muddy". As Paul washed himself, he asked, "what do you mean by dressed up?" About that time, Daisy walked in with a pretty dress that she had outgrown. Also pretty pink panties and lacey anklets. The dress was a short peach party dress. "I'll not wear that!", exclaimed the boy in anger.

"Either you put on these clothes, or Daisy will bring over all of the kids from the playground", insisted Zinnia. Paul's face returned to beet-red as he slipped into the pink panties and peach-colored party dress. He then put on the frilly anklets and his own running shoes. Then Zinnia applied some red lipstick to the boy's pouting lips. "Now go back outside and play until your own clothes are ready for you. And do NOT ever again tease my sister, Daisy".

As soon as Zinnia had Paul and Daisy outside, she locked the door to the basement. As they walked out towards the big swing set, Zinnia said, "While in your new girly things, your name shall be Pansy. You will tell all of the kids that you are Pansy, the prettiest flower on the playground".

Needless to say, Pansy was teased and tormented unmercifully by all of the kids. Zinnia took lots of pictures to insure that Pansy would be forever her sweet submissive dress-up boy dolly. He/she is now ( several months later ) Daisy's best friend. Even Pansy's own mother accepts that her sissified son is a much sweeter and better behaved child. "I now have the sweet little girl that I have so longed for", she once said.

Sissy Toby

Thank you for your letter Sissy Toby. Even the youngest of girls can appreciate the power they possess through the use of Petticoat Discipline.

Auntie Helga

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