from Sissy Andrea

Dear Auntie Helga,

I was told that you want to further expose and expand on my humiliation and submission as a sissymaid, specifically in respect to Mistress Amber having me serve other women at their homes as their sissymaid. Here is a description of my trials as a sissymaid under other women's control.

Recently I had to do a series of shopping assignments, with my fingernails painted and in feminine skinny jeans and a feminine blouse at a mall for my Mistress Amber. As a result an unlikely friendship was born between Mistress Amber and a lady at one of the stores I was instructed to buy items at. As a result Miss Brenda, the sales lady at one of the stores surprisingly showed up at the house and before I knew it I was scheduled for a day of sissymaid service at her home, dropped off there and subject to her supervision.

I felt very isolated and vulnerable as I had not been out of the house and in anyone presence dressed in my satin maids uniform. Miss Brenda started out by giving me a spanking which she said I could expect for poor performance so I should be very diligent if I did not want another like it. I had no idea what this day would entail. I was first directed to the kitchen which she had apparently been saving dirty dishes for me as the sink was almost overflowing. I started on the huge pile of dishes and amid several calls for me to go to the living room to get Miss Brenda drinks and snacks several times. I knew then I was in for a long day. I then had to scrub and mop the kitchen floor. While I was attending to this task the day got a lot more embarrassing.

The doorbell rang and I was told to answer it. I cautiously went to the door and opened it , there stood another lady I had never seen before. She said her name was Carol and she was there to see Miss Brenda. I was told to take her coat and see her to the living room. Miss Carol commented that Miss Brenda actually had a sissymaid for the day and that she had never seen a sissymaid in person before. I showed her to the living room, got her a snack and a drink and returned to the kitchen floor. I was then instructed to clean the bathrooms next, followed by vacuuming the whole house, dusting every nook and cranny and more that I probably forget as I was overwhelmed with the duties and embarrassment. but the day still held surprises.

Somewhere between the bathroom cleaning and the floors the doorbell rang again. this time it was a lady named Diane and I took her coat and showed her to the living room, once again getting everyone drinks and snacks as requested. feeling thoroughly humiliated as Miss Diane commented how cute of a sissymaid I was and Brenda wasn't kidding when she said she had one today. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and dusting and doing an endless amount of dishes as they used quite a few. All three of the ladies enjoyed humiliating me by anything from wanting to see my panties to having to show them my chastity cage. I returned late that evening totally worn out to Mistresses Amber's home.

As a result of this day of service at Miss Brenda's I have since been sent to both Miss Carol's home and Miss Diane's home to be their sissymaid as well. Of course they had to have friends drop by and I was subjected to even more exposure as a sissymaid to more strangers. They all enjoyed humiliating me by asking questions and having me show my panties and chastity cage.all the women were very glad to have me to order around, commenting that having a sissymaid really frees up a lot of time for them to do as they please. one of the worst things was that every time anyone used the bathroom I had to go clean it afterwards, sometimes multiple times in under an hour. It was an endless series of tasks all day at each and every one of the homes and I felt very tired by time I was returned back To Mistresses Amber's home. with the ladies having others over to see her sissymaid for the day after while I just did not care who saw me as I was totally humiliated and embarrassed and could not be either one anymore than I already was. It seems that this is going to be a regular thing now that I am subjected to other women's dominance as their sissymaid.

sissymaid andrea

I have taken an interest in your training and I must say that Mistress Amber is doing an amazing job, you are coming along splendidly, serving others as their maid is a wonderful thing to do, of course it might be embarrassing to expose your panties and chastity device, but consider those women that have never been in the presence of a sissymaid, you are educating them to possibilities they may have never considered. Thank you for sharing the exciting details of this service, I know the readers will be fascinated and enjoy reading of your shame and humiliation.

Auntie Helga

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