from Sissy Jackie

Dear Auntie Helga,

A very long story short. My childhood was unique. My mom died when I was 5yo and my father was a sales executive who traveled and was never home. Even when he was home, he off golfing or dating. It was decided that sister would be my surrogate Mom..My sister Anne was13 years older than I and she raised me. Anne absolutely controlled me and I loved it. We began bathing together at age 5 and 18.Anne was deep into Femdom. I did whatever she told me.She first feminized me at age 5 and was hooked. I began emulating Anne, and when I reached puberty at age11 Anne began feminizing in lingerie, stockings, heels. OMG, I loved the total femininity of bows, lace, sheer attire, and make-up. Female attire is so damn hot, and sexy. Especially lingerie.

We began having sex when I was 12 and she was 25.I became her slave, and loved it. I painted her nails, helped her dress and undress, and performed domestic chores. She taught me all aspects of serving a lady.

She used sex to fully manipulate me. At age 12, I was introduced to her Femdom friends and pretty much had the life of Christeen. I was trained to worship and serve women, and I loved it. Anne would also"loan"me to her friends.

Fast forward to age 25. My sister was 38 and introduced me to my future wife Rhonda at a Femdom party. Rhonda is my age. We married shortly afterward. My wife has a 29yo live-in boytoy. I am sub-sissy cuckold slave, her boytoy Jon is a "cock slave". Our function is serve to Rhonda.We are all very happy.

Women rule! Men are slaves and I truly believe the world would be better if women ruled The photo is me (Jackie),in full fem attire. It is and honor and privilege to serve.


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Thank you so much for sharing this delightful story about your childhood Jackie, what a fascinating dynamic between you and your amazing sister, she seems the ideal partner for a budding sissy or at least that seemed to be her intention; encouraging this behavior. Though the incest is not that unusual and happens quite often in these sister/little brother relationships.

Auntie Helga

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