from Sissy Fifi

Dear Auntie Helga,

My girlfriend became my full-time Mistress several months ago. Prior to that we had experimented with various forms of fantasy role play in the bedroom, but the scenario that really excited me was being a submissive sissy. What appealed was the humiliation of being dressed and treated as "Fifi", a sort of baby-girl/slut who deserved to be teased and punished. I wasn't into physical pain but Emma liked to inflict it, so basically I had to accept that as part of the deal; as she said, "you're not meant to enjoy it, it's a punishment!" Exactly why Fifi needed to be punished was never clear, it was just a case of "oh dear, you've been a naughty girl again..."

I wasn't the only one with an alter ego. When I was dressed as Fifi, Emma became Mummy, who dressed in a sort of cat woman outfit, consisting of bodysuit, black holdup stockings, high heeled boots and elbow length gloves. She looked amazing. There was a sort of implied back-story to this set up: I was Mummy's pubescent son, and I had a serious Oedipal fixation. Mummy's ‘solution' to this was turning me into a sissy and dominating me, with her main focus on preventing me from masturbating. Orgasms were off-limits to Fifi; the only kind of sex "she" was allowed was performing cunnilingus.

I confessed to Emma that when I was a boy I really did have fantasies about my mother tying me up and dominating me. That was why the Mummy/Fifi game held such a fascination for me. Emma found this hilarious, and said "if that's the case, far be it from me to usurp your real Mummy" - so the next time she told me to dress up as Fifi she told me to address her as my "big sister Emma", put in charge by Mummy in her absence (I don't have a sister in real life). She also incorporated a new element of actually phoning my mother for a chat when I was in bondage and being punished - taking mischievous pleasure in doing things like pinching my penis or twisting my nipple clamps whilst on the phone, with me unable to cry out in case my mother should hear.

It was not long after this development that Emma suggested taking things to a new level and having me as her full time sissy slave. Emma is a nurse so she continued working throughout the lockdown, but I was furloughed, which meant I could live as Fifi 24/7. Emma also ordered me a steel chastity cage - one that locked in place through a piercing - and told me she saw no good reason ever to let me ejaculate again. My life under lockdown became one of domestic servitude, continual frustration and frequent punishment.

My birthday occurred three weeks into lockdown. The day before, Emma appeared in her "big sister" costume and gave me a surprise present. I unwrapped and opened the large box to find a complete new outfit: an extremely short, frilly party dress in eggshell blue, white lace holdups, and a pair of pink, patent leather ballet boots. Once I'd put them on, Emma accessorised me with bunny ears, a dummy gag and butt plug, bound my arms behind my back and made me parade back and forth in front of the mirror, teetering in the impossibly high boots. I should perhaps mention that I've always been somewhat androgynous looking, so I could actually be mistaken for a girl when I'm dressed as Fifi, if it weren't for my penis jutting out under the hem of my dress. Emma told me I looked wonderful, adding mysteriously that I'd have to wait til my birthday itself for my "main surprise".

Of course, you have probably guessed the nature of that surprise, but I hadn't. On the morning of my birthday I dressed again in the new outfit and prepared a special breakfast: eggs Benedict and Buck's Fizz for Emma, rusks in warm milk for me, with a beaker of "amber nectar"(Emma's pee). Then Emma put me "on tiptoe", which means tethering me by my genitals to a hook in the wall so I'm literally dangling with my heels off the floor and my hands tied behind me. I was then told I could stay like that until my surprise arrived.

My legs were aching terribly by the time the doorbell finally rang. Emma went to answer it and with horror I recognised the voice of my mother. Was this an unexpected birthday visit, in breach of lockdown rules? Had Emma answered the door still in her sexy outfit? How could she explain that? Then the door of the sitting room opened and all became clear: my "birthday surprise" was my mother, dressed in an outfit almost identical to Emma's, and evidently fully in the know about our domestic set up.

"Hello darling... or should I say Fifi?" said my mother. "Happy birthday! Your big sister invited me round to help her give you a surprise punishment party...!"

This letter has gone on too long, so I'll stop there; but if you want to know more about the "punishment party" I can write again. Suffice to say that since then my mother has taken an active role in my new life as Fifi, and it seems clear that I have absolutely no say in when (if ever) my own personal "lockdown" will end.

Yours sincerely

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How delightful to hear from you with such a charming letter. You are so fortunate to have a strong confident woman like Emma to be your loving Mistress. Of course playing the sissy slut is a common fantasy and one shared by many of my readers. Mistress Emma is taking this to the next level adding punishment, your submission to her as a result is what this dynamic is all about. Then on to the Birthday Surprise, your own mother dressed as your dream dominant, how fantastic, of course we would love to hear what happened.

Auntie Helga

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