from Helen

Dear Helga,

This is in response to the letters that David had published on your site (Jan & May 2013) concerning how we first met and how he came to be feminized. I wish to give my take on the early days, as well. After all, a woman should have her say in these matters, as I'm sure you will agree. While we did "bond" in our early teens, we did get to see each other much earlier. I will never forget the first time I saw him dressed as a girl. Fond memories.

I was in 5th Grade and was in the same classes as his brother, Buster. My sister, Eileen, was in 7th Grade and in the same class as his sister, Deb. David was in 4th Grade along with some who would end up as mutual friends. We were a close-knit school, since most of us saw one another quite often. After a few months, Eileen and I went to their house. She had been there a few times before. Upon arriving, we all met up in their living room. Several other girls were there, as were their mothers. David's mother came into the room and made us understand that we were guests and that she hoped we could all become friends. She laid down the ground rules and made it clear that we were to follow them.

"Good morning everyone. For you young ladies and gentlemen, you shall address me as Miss Nancy. You all know one another and I expect you to behave. If you do not, your parents shall be notified and they will deal with you as needed. When my husband and I are away, Deb will be in charge, since she is the oldest. You will listen to her and respect her. She will give us an account of any misdeeds, as well."

Most of us were okay with this, although a few felt uneasy. Maybe because they did not expect anyone to speak like this to them. With that said, the mothers all left to go shopping and the fathers went into town for lunch and other activities. That left Deb and David at the house, as Buster tagged along with the rest of the men and boys. After the final car left, Deb took over. "Now, most of you know my baby, Davey. He will remain with us and we will have some fun." His face got beet red as he was told to stand up. 'My name is David, NOT Davey. And I am your youngest brother - I am NOT your baby!' She walked over and patted his clad bottom and continued her comments.

'As you recall, Davey, I helped our mother when you were a baby. I helped clean you up and pin you into a fresh nappy. You even called me something after awhile. What was is? Don't be shy, baby. What did you call me?' With his head hung in shame, he replied. "Mommy." Most of the girls giggled and laughed. I felt sorry for him. After the laughter subsided, she continued. "Now, I want my baby to take off all but his panties." He calmly removed his shoes, socks and t-shirt, but left on his gym shorts. "Those, as well. We want to see your cute panties."

Slowly, as ordered, he removed his shorts to reveal his undies. He was wearing the normal tighty-whities all boys wore at the time. "Oh, look. Baby Davey has his boy panties on. How cute! Why don't you take them off, as well. Don't be shy. Mommy has seen her baby naked, remember?" 'No! And they are NOT panties!' Deb calmly walked over and turned him away from us. After ordering him to put his hands over his head, she lowered his boy panties to expose his cute bottom. She slapped his bottom once and with that, he stepped out of them, rendering him totally naked. All of us laughed, although I felt sorry for him. She then walked him over and made him face the corner and remain there. With him in place, she showed us a pair of pink panties, causing us to giggle, including me. After awhile, she patted his bare bottom. "Now, Davey, you can either put these on or stay in The Corner. Your choice." He looked at the undies and stayed in The Corner. Deb slapped his cute bottom with her bare hand, making him wince a bit. "Fine. Be a real baby, then."

After a certain amount of time, Deb walked over and removed him from the corner, keeping his backside towards us. She handed him the panties again and told him to put them on or she would take him over her lap and spank him right in front of all of us. Slowly, amid giggles, he did as he was told and then turned around and faced us, as requested. We all laughed and giggled at the sight of him in pink panties. He felt ashamed and hung his head. He looked quite adorable, I must say, "Now, take them off and let them see the rest of you." 'NO!!!!!!' "Okay, hands up! NOW!" With those words said, he put his hands over his head and she turned him with his backside to us. She then slowly removed the panties and made him step out of them. He wanted to cover his privates as Deb calmly turned him to face us. However, she said something that became the norm.

"Oh, come now, baby! Keep those hands up! It's not like there's anything there! You stay right there and don't move. Keep your hands on your head. Don't MAKE me have to use the paddle on you." So, there was David standing in front of us wearing nothing at all, his face beet red in shame since he wasn't allowed to cover himself. The rest of the girls laughed and giggled at his little winkie. All I could do was sit there in shock! Again, for some reason I can't explain, I felt very sorry for him. I knew he was hurting inside from what his sister did to him as if it was expected of him. She then walked back out carrying a laundry hamper and sat it next to a chair. A small ping-pong paddle was also placed on the table next to it. "Now, ladies, you may decide what our baby is to wear. If he gives us any lip, we shall use the paddle on his little bare behind. Now Davey, what must you call the young ladies if they swat you with the paddle and then pat your bare bottom?" 'I must call them Mommy.'

Mild laughter and giggles came from all of us. Eileen whispered to me that she is already a Mommy and winked. Thankfully, our baby behaved himself. The idea of making him call me Mommy actually made me smile. As he stood there, we all walked over and looked in the hamper. She had more panties, long and short nighties and a few dresses, as well as a pack of nappies in his size. Deb made him turn his cute bottom to us and slipped a short nightie through his hands. It covered most, but not all, of his bottom. He looked so cute. Then, she removed it and made him step into another pair of panties - white this time, followed by a longer nightie. He could have passed as a girl. Then, one final time, she slid on a ankle-length dress. He looked very nice in it.

Deb knew our mothers would be home soon, so she made sure to have all of the clothes in the hamper taken to the laundry room and have David back in his normal attire. Everything was taken care of when our mothers came back. As we were all about to leave, the other girls poked fun at him, but I didn't. I thanked Deb for a fun time and told David I would be back to see him again. Everyone else called him Davey, a baby or other things, but I was respectful and called him David. He smiled and thanked me.

This is just a start, as I do have much more to share with you and your loyal readers. As we discussed, David approves of me sending you these letters. I like to call him my baby or just Davey from time to time and he grins a bit and calls me Mommy every now and then, as well. But that's for later.

With great love,

Thank you for your letter Helen. I know how much the readers enjoy hearing from you both, your relationship got off to a wonderful start as this letter attests, the shame he felt then he still feels today as he continues to submit, early education is so very important. I'm sure our readers would love to read more from both of you.


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