from Janice

Dear Helga,

A favourite punishment of my boyfriend's mother was to replace his trousers with flower print panties and navy tights. In addition, he had to wear a deliberately short lace blouse and chunky tie shoes. His little sister did anything just to get him punished this way. And if he was under punishment and they had to go to a party or Sunday dinner, he went dressed this way.


Janice, your boyfriend's mother and little sister sound as though they fully appreciated the value of old fashioned petticoat discipline in keeping the boy in line. I bet it has made him much more docile and well mannered toward members of the female sex. Moreover, I do hope that it is something that you keep in mind if you consider that he requires discipline at any time.

If you have any more details concerning his petticoating, I would be happy to publish a letter from you. All such experiences can be of assistance to my readers, and help by spreading the petticoat punishment message as widely as possible.


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