from Julia

Hello Helga,

I am the mother of Fifi, who wrote to you (see Birthday Surprise letter) recently to explain his humiliating situation as a captive sissy and how I got involved. I thought you might be interested in hearing my perspective also.

I was most intrigued when his girlfriend Emma told me how she dominates him - I had no prior knowledge of that kind of thing and asked lots of questions. I suppose until then I'd assumed kinky role play was just a consensual game some couples used to spice up an otherwise "normal" sex life - and perhaps in many cases that's true. What Emma described was quite different, and to my mind far more exciting: her in complete control of my son, with him having no say in the matter!

How had she achieved this? Simply by finding out his weaknesses and exploiting them. Apparently clothing was the key: she told me that the first time she dressed up in her black bodysuit, stockings and heels, my son became so aroused that he started to shake - and that's when Emma realised her power. The next step was putting him in bondage; she subjected him to a series of interrogations while she had him stripped, bound and helpless - coaxing him to confess his fantasies by slowly stroking his penis, and pinching it when she suspected he was holding back. Under duress my son revealed an obsession about being dominated, saying these thoughts started during early puberty. He was unwilling to give details at first, but after lots of painful pinching Emma got him to admit it was me he'd imagined as his cruel mistress.

Emma kept recordings of these sessions and has played them back for me since. They were fascinating to hear: Emma's voice is calm and steady throughout, whilst my son gasps, stammers and occasionally yelps in pain as he's forced to describe his fantasies of me tying him up and subjecting him to all kinds of humiliating punishments - apparently for the crime of "masturbating without permission". One of these fantasies involved me dressing him up as a little girl and putting a dummy in his mouth. This is where the idea of "Fifi" originated.

I found it strangely amusing to realise my son had harboured these kinky thoughts about me all that time, without my knowledge, and couldn't help picturing myself doing the things he described - which gave me a naughty tingling feeling. Presumably Emma sensed my excitement, because it was after playing me those recordings that she broached the idea of having me over as a guest "to see Fifi being put through his paces".

My initial reaction was to decline her invitation. Truth be told I was very tempted by the thought of seeing my son feminised and in bondage - too tempted, that was the problem. It seemed wrong. But Emma was very persuasive: it wouldn't be incest, she argued, because no sex was involved. That's when she explained that Fifi now led a life of enforced chastity, with his penis permanently locked in a steel cage. Well Helga, that piece of information overcame my qualms so I told Emma I'd be delighted to co-operate with the "birthday surprise" she'd suggested; and what followed you already know from Fifi's letter.

When I saw Fifi dressed in his party outfit I was astonished by how good he looked: ridiculous of course, but at the same time extremely sexy and genuinely effeminate. The best way I can describe it is he resembled a life-size Barbie doll. Emma spares no expense on Fifi's outfits, which she chooses with care and customises to ensure a tight fit and the shortest possible hemlines, making him look infantile and slutty at the same time. She also makes him do "posture training" to help him move and walk in a way befitting a sissy under female control. If sissy slut pageants existed (which they really should!) I'm sure Fifi would be a contender for first prize.

Emma says my involvement with Fifi's lifestyle has had a powerful and positive impact. She feels that having both his Mistress and his Mummy ganging up on him makes him significantly more regressed and servile. She has also welcomed certain suggestions I've made, such as making Fifi ask permission to "go wee-wee" and rationing his toilet access, which reinforces his sense of childish dependence. My latest innovation is voice training, which requires Fifi to use a high pitched tone and lisp, e.g. "pleath Mithtweth, may I go wee-wee thoon?"

Reflecting back on my son's teenage years, I sometimes wonder how I'd have reacted had I known about his submissive impulses. Having now discovered the pleasures of sissy domination I like to think I might have started his disciplinary training ten years earlier; although I suspect that without the encouragement of an accomplice like Emma I wouldn't have dared do so. It's a question I can't answer - but certainly I'm now making up for lost time and having lots of fun making Fifi's life as uncomfortable and frustrating as possible. His birthday is coming round again this week and his present from me is a white bunny tail butt plug and matching ears. I can't wait to see him wearing them and hopping round the room.


How delightful to hear from you, I read with great interest about how your son became the sissy, Fifi and about her fantasies involving you. Emma is the perfect partner for her, I'm sure she probably about exploded when she saw you dressed as she had fantasized so many times.

I can imagine this revelation about your son must have come as a huge surprise and as you learned more about this lifestyle, you must have wondered about your own role in this. I am very encouraged to hear about your intention to continue with her training and take part in various sessions. I would love to hear about how the birthday presents are received and your further interactions with your sissy son.


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