from Jane

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have been asked to relate my experiences of my journey into what was previously unknown to me but I now know to be 'Petticoating'. I am and was just a normal guy, straight with no real sexual links, looking for a girlfriend when I met Jennifer. At first, it was just the usual boy/girl relationship, doing standard things both inside and outside of the bedroom.

After a month or so, our sexual relationship moved to her being more assertive in bed. Nothing too hardcore, but she just started to take charge and i found that I enjoyed being the more submissive partner, doing things that she wanted and suggested. One of these involved me wearing panties in bed. They didn't seem to be her own, rather ones that she appeared to have bought for me as they were frilly 'sissy' kind of panties. She would masturbate me into them and I admit that I loved the silky feeling as they were rubbed against my manhood. This became a regular occurrence and over time, it seemed that I only was allowed sexual pleasure if I was wearing these panties.

When i suggested not wearing them, Jennifer became instantly more cold towards me and sex was all of a sudden off the menu. Obviously, realising this, I relented and wore them as a matter of course which then rewarded me sexually. I was only masturbated and only allowed any form of sex while wearing these frilly panties. After a while, I found that I didn't get as hard without them. Jennifer then moved things on and gave me a long satin nightie to wear to bed. I just accepted it as I knew that she would be annoyed if I didn't and sex would be off the agenda once more.

She then introduced me to this website, saying that we should read the letters so i understood that what we were doing was perfectly normal and common practice. As I said, I was totally unaware of Petticoating and we read through the content as she gently stroked me through the satin nightie and panties. I admit I got very aroused and she commented that it seemed as thought I liked the idea. I remember having mixed thoughts as it felt so wrong yet felt so right. She brought me to a climax and I spent the night still wearing my wet panties and damp nightie.

Things escalated quite quickly from that point and soon I was wearing a long line girdle and stockings. Jennifer insisted I wear these under my male clothes whenever we were apart, even to work. I didn't even question it, I just complied. It seemed like the norm and I realised that I actually enjoyed the feeling of wearing these items and the fact that I knew I was pleasing Jennifer at the same time.

She told me that she was in contact with Auntie Helga on here and they had been discussing my progress, which made me feel a bit strange. Knowing someone else was aware of my private life brought it home more that I was now under control and unable to stop the rollercoaster. I was asked to write my experiences and this is it.

I am currently sat here in my lingerie and also wearing a chastity device which has been recently added to stop me from straying or playing with myself. My name is Jon but I am referred to now as Jane. I really don't know where this will lead or end but all I can say is that I am happy and contented with my situation.

Thanks to you both Jennifer and Helga.

It is always helpful to write down the new things happening in your life and in this case, becoming more submissive to Jennifer, the woman you love. Her desire seems fairly obvious, she wishes you to be obedient to her and to enjoy the silky clothes. The new chastity device is there to help you control your penis and to remind you that she is now the one in charge. A good thing.

Auntie Helga

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