from Sissymaid Andrea

Dear Auntie Helga,

I was told to write you about my recent trip to the store to try on clothes. Mistress Amber has recently been "loaning" out my services to three other women for maid service. This is an unnerving thing as I do not know what to expect from one time to the next. I never know what people will come to their house and see me in my sissymaid outfit and it is very embarrassing as they have never seen a sissymaid before. I am subjected to humiliating comments about being dressed up in a maids outfit with the awful big fake boobs that Mistress Amber makes me wear. They are really large and heavy and make me look like a bit of a bimbo. One of the ladies works at a department store that I had to visit on one of Mistress Ambers emasculating shopping assignment trips.

Mistress Amber made me dress in the outfit in the attached picture and go with her totally made up with makeup, the dress, heel and painted false acrylic nails. The dress is not that short but it felt like my panties were showing with every step and little gust of wind. The large white handbag really called attention to me even more. I was subjected to many second looks from men and heard more than a few suggestive comments which made me feel very uncomfortable.

When we got to the store Miss Brenda ( the lady that works there) made quite the spectacle of me, dressing me in many outfits and forcing me to walk around outside of the dressing room a lot which led to a lot of  not so nice looks from other ladies in shop and even comments about how a man would let himself be dressed like that.

All in all a very embarrassing and humiliating experience here.

Sincerely yours,
Sissymaid Andrea

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Thank you for sharing again Sissymaid Andrea. Being that you are a total sissy its only right that your glorious Mistress share your expertise with her friends, if you are embarrassed and humiliated, oh well, that is what happens when real men give up the pretense they have been carrying around and give into the sissy that is really them. Now this dress is lovely and you should be proud to carry such a delightful purse, some appreciation would be nice.

Auntie Helga

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