from Jenny

Dear Helga,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to keep PDQ alive. Petticoat discipline has actually managed to keep my marriage intact over the years since I've found its use has changed completely the behavior of David, my "husband".

Previously he had always behaved rather arrogantly and believed that the mere fact he was a male gave him the right to do whatever he wanted, such as being rather rude and bossy, unpleasant to my mother, never helping around the house and going out for a drink with his friends whenever he felt like it. One night while he was out with his friends I came across a box in the spare room with a strange assortment of ladies underwear, stockings and a dress. I confronted him with this on his return and he reluctantly admitted he liked to dress up in ladies sometimes, even occasionally "borrowing" some of my things, but tried to excuse himself by claiming it was only once in a while.

Needless to say, I was utterly shocked and rather disgusted and banished him and his box to the spare room for the night. However after thinking about this development I decided overnight to use the situation to my advantage. Next morning David was told to dress in his special things in front of me, which he of course refused. My ultimatum was for him to dress up for me or leave our home, and if he wouldn't leave then I would. He of course refused at first but when he eventually realized I was serious he had no choice and extremely reluctantly did as asked. He was just as embarrassed as I was incredulous at the sight of him in a dress and stockings but it suddenly gave me the inspiration which would change our lives together. I took a quick photo of him before he could do anything and told him that from now on he wouldn't secretly dress when I was out but would do so when I was home and when I requested it, and also he would need to look a lot more convincing than he did that first time I saw him. This wasn't agreed to readily but to cut a long story short he now does this on command.

When dressed he is now treated as a genuine female and is called Susan. Under my supervision and courtesy of some purchases on eBay and the local charity shops, Susan now has quite a reasonable wardrobe. They include some very feminine frilly numbers with petticoats to match, but also include some smart skirt suits, nice blouses and a decent selection of lingerie. Most evenings and all day on week-ends she is dressed appropriately and now does the bulk of the housework including washing, ironing and dusting etc. Nightwear now is always a frilly nightie.

The old arrogance has gone - rather difficult to be so bossy now when she's wearing stockings, lingerie, heels and a skirt and blouse or dress. We're building up quite a collection now and my mother, who's almost the same size as Susan, has given her lots of her old dresses and foundation wear. Susan was mortified when she realized my mother knew - in fact I made Susan answer the door to her when she called round one evening. Susan was mortified, but my mother soon saw the possibilities in this new arrangement and is making up for Susan's past behavior with a vengeance. She wants to take Susan to her local salon and show her off to her friends, even have her grow her hair and be permed together, but I'm not sure we should go that far.

By far the biggest impact of all this has been the change in Susan's behavior and her improved politeness and courtesy to myself and my mother. Susan will have an option to take early retirement in a year or two and since we're reasonably well off now, I'm toying with the idea of making her go 24/7. Do you think this is too extreme and unfair? I hope you find this note of some interest and that it might encourage some other ladies to be a bit bolder - there's just no need to put up with male arrogance!

All my very best wishes to you and your readers, I hope you may find this tale of some interest. It's changed my life for the better!


Thank you for your letter Jenny and I hope your experience will provide further proof that Petticoat Discipline actually does work to help change an arrogant male into a helpful obedient husband. If 'Susan' can still help provide a family income while in femme, then I would have her dressed 24/7. I am also encouraged that your mother not only approves but assists in 'Susan's' training.


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