from M.

Dear Helga,

Last October I attended an out of town work related conference and that is where my interest was rekindled. A group of us were sitting in the hotel bar on the last night, knowing that we would go our separate ways the next day with fond memories and a few sore heads. Towards the end of the night our small group was almost all female, with the exception of one male in his mid-thirties. The atmosphere became jolly as the night wore on and the conversation became more girly, with the unspoken intention of causing as much embarrassment as possible to our unfortunate male colleague. One quiet member of our group, a young woman of about 27 - 30 years of age did not participate in our male-baiting at all and seemed to be pretty disgusted by the whole thing.

Then, as the night wore on the 'quiet' one dropped a bombshell that left us all stunned. She told us that we would all arrive home exhausted the following day to an untidy mess in the house, would probably go on to cook a meal for whoever was at home and then get on with other chores such as doing the laundry etc. On the other hand, she would arrive home to a house that was spotlessly clean and tidy and if she chooses to do so, she would not lift a finger to do housework. Then, as our interest was greatly aroused our friend got tongue tied and would say no more. However, after much coaxing and more drinking she told us the whole story. She had been married for three years and had put her husband in petticoats from the start, along with the occasional use of corporal punishment in order to keep him under control. Pretty mind boggling stuff for those of us who believed that sort of thing was only internet fantasy.

The following day I returned home to the type of scenario that our young friend had described. The lovable hunk that I had married eighteen years earlier has turned into a disrespectful, lazy and verbally abusive slob. Although I am the stronger one in our relationship without any doubt, I am prepared to put up with a lot of crap just to keep things running smoothly. That said, when I decide that I want something I never let up until I am successful.

Now, this is my dilemma. What that girl said in the hotel that night has been in my head ever since and not a day goes by that I do not think about it. The more I consider it the more convinced I am that something similar would work for my husband and I. There is no doubt in my mind that I could have him in petticoats and a lot more in a short time should I choose to do so. What worries me is that if the whole thing did not work out, there would be no going back to a 'normal' relationship. What do you think? I will be celebrating my 40th birthday soon and I need to make serious changes in my life. The children are both going away to college now and we will have the house to ourselves.

Yours sincerely,

Thank you for your letter M. Of course here at PDQ we promote this discipline and feel that should you implement it, you will not want to 'go back' and even if you did, you have shown your husband that you are a strong confident woman and fully capable of being in control. Please do let us know what you decided.


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