We had been married about a month and one saturday my wife and her mother had went on a shopping trip to pick out some things for our new home. They had been gone a hour or so when I went to our bedroom to find a pocket knife I had left on my dresser. I went to pick it up and my hand touched a pair of her soft satin panties. I stopped with my hand on them, and before I knew what I was doing I picked them up and rubbed them on my chin they felt so soft and warm. I began to wonder how they must feel on her butt. I rubbed them on my chest and down my belly. They felt so wonderfully sexy. I began to take off my pants and in a second the panties were going up my legs. I felt the material on my butt and covering my manhood. My penis was so hard and I began to rub it through the panties. I soon was shooting cum in the panties and my mind screamed "Oh No". I took the off and ran to the sink and washed them out and put them in the dryer and went back and got my knife and did what ever it was I got the knife for.

A couple of days later my wife mentioned that the strangest thing had happened. I ask what it was and she went on to tell me that she had washed the laundry and found a pair of her panties in the dryer and she knew she had washed them a few days before. She also said that they were kind of stiff and not like the softener had been used on them. My mind flashed back to that day and I knew I had screwed up. I just said that is really strange. and walked away. As I went to watch television I was blushing and did not want her to see my face I knew it must be red as a beet.

A few days later I was in about the same as before with my wife out shopping and I was home alone. When she left kissed and her Mom hugged me before they left. No sooner than they had gone I went to the bedroom and to her drawer that she kept her panties in and took out a pair that was pink and lacy. I rubbed them for a while and thought that I would love to just feel them on. I removed my pants and pulled the silky panties on. I was looking at my butt in the mirror when suddenly, a flash followed. I looked to see my wife and new mother-in-law staring at me. For some reason my reaction was to cry. My wife came to me and hugged me telling me it was okay then my mother-in-law hugged me and said don't cry.

I started to the bathroom when Ann pulled me to her again and said no baby you must still wear them and more. I looked her with trembling lips she took a petticoat out of her drawer and pulled it over my head and down my body. Her mother took a sundress from the closet and she put it ion me. It was as if I were in a trance and could not say no. I had long hair and they put it in a pony tail and as both of my ears were already pierced they put gold hoop ear rings in and a neckless around my neck and then I sat quietly as they polished my finger and toes nails. I kind of came to my senses and started to say no this is not going to happen. My wife put her finger over my lips and said it will be OK. They then had me in some heels and a hand bag in my hand and told me to look in the mirror.

I looked in and it did not look like me looking back but there stood a pretty young girl. I looked at Ann and told her I was sorry for what i had done and she told me it was fine and that we should be going. I said where? She said it is girls day out remember. I said no way and then they scooted me out the door before I could say a word. I sat in the back seat like a little child as they talked about what a wonderful day it was going to be for just us girls to be shopping for new clothes for me.

I am now dressing in women's clothes almost every weekend and me and Ann or her Mother shopping. I do most of the house work. Ann says it is only right with both of us working that we share the house work. We live in a Condo and there is no yard work to do so it leaves only house work and shopping. Last week we went on vacation as the three girls. My wife and her mother got pissed because more guys hit on me than them so they made me wash out there panties and hang them to dry and Ann's mother had me give her a bath and manicure. We spend a lot of time doing girl stuff. I now have an at home job with a new company and we moved to a new Condo in the same ones her Mother lives in. I am always doing her house work too, she is sort of a slob when it comes to keeping house. On days when I clean her Condo i have to dress as a maid and hand wash her under things.

Connie Jean

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