I was so happy over the coming of my birthday party. My mother had told me I would be so surprised and I could hardly wait. Just a few weeks before the party I was caught peeking up my mother's skirt and she got really mad. I tried to tell her I was not looking up her dress. She got even more angry and said that my party was going to be canceled and I would not get any gifts. She went on to tell me that was the same problem my father had and that cost him a divorce. I was named after my father Tom but everyone called me Tommy.

The next day I heard her on the phone with my aunt Connie, she was talking about going on with the party. I did not let her know I had heard her and was really happy again. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of my new life.

I saw mother had a lot of boxes under her bed and knew I would be having lots of toys and maybe some new clothes. On one of the boxes I saw it was from the big shopping store, that mother had always bought mine and her clothes. I did all my chores and was on my best behavior. The day of the party my cousins Sandy and Sue were there early and they brought some big shopping bags filled with things. Other girls came in and I was more surprised that I did not see the guys I hung with. The only boy that showed up was my aunt Connie's son Paul who was very girly. I always teased him about his ways of acting like a sissy.

The party started and we had cake and ice cream. It was so much fun I had not even noticed that the guys were not there. The time came for the opening of the gifts. Mother handed me the first one that was from her. I opened it and thought it was a mistake the gift was a pair of panties with lots of ruffles on the back side. I looked at mother and she oh you must try them on. I said no way was I going to wear those. Mother got real mad and said I was to put them on or be spanked. I stood my ground until she pulled out the cane she used to spank me. I looked at all the girls and they all were smiling.

Mother told me that when she told her sister that I had been peeking up my dress she told me that her girls had told her how that I had also been peeking at my cousins panties and they had all agreed that if I wanted to see panties I should be allowed to. They all began helping to remove my clothes even though I tried to get away I was soon naked and being put in the panties. I stood there with them all looking at me and I don't know why but I started crying and then they teased me about being a baby girl.

I was soon dressed in an outfit that looked very sissy and they all said how pretty I looked and each came and lifted the dress and peeked at my panties. I was so shaken that I could not do anything but stand there crying. Mother told me to stop or I would be put in a diaper and she held up one that was pink and had little teddy bears on it. I stopped. They made me change into different outfits that each had bought for me. Sandy suggested we move the party to the front yard and they could have a game of Red Rover or even hide and seek.

Before I knew it they had dragged me to the front yard and mother said why not jump rope and she said that way we could all see Tammy's oops I mean Tommy's panties. All the girls picked up on that name Tammy and stared calling me Tammy. Mother held the cane in hand and said now Tammy you want to play jump rope don't you? I shook my head yes and was pulled into the middle and told to jump high. Just about that time a bunch of my male friends came by. They all started laughing and saying whose is the cute girl in the pink panties. One guy said I always enjoyed looking at girls panties on a cute girl. Mother said if you don't get going your mother may have you in some. They all ran away fast.

At school the next day all the girls told others my name was Tammy from now on. Well that was twenty years ago and I still have some who call me Tammy. My wife insists on calling me Tammy as I do the house work in my pink panties and short dress. Mother comes by every now and then and has some fun telling how cute I looked at the party. She, on our wedding day, gave Helen the cane but not before showing her how to use it. Since I work for my wife's mother's company I am in pink panties ever day and the other employees know it. My job is to make sure the women who sew the garments have everything they need. I get them coffee and sometimes if I get the wrong coffee they will go get the cane and I am over the desk being swatted until I cry.


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