from Chastity

Dear Auntie Helga,

Well as I knelt there naked aside from my collar my aunt asked if I enjoyed being nursed and blushing I nodded. She said that she'd noticed and I had an erection which had me blushing and she said that it would make her happier if I did not use my hand and she was going to treat me like a child.

I was told to stand in the corner my hands on my head and I did facing the wall for a while, then my aunt said for me to come to her for the next part of my training.

On the sofa next to her was a box and my aunt had me kneel before her and explained that it was a chastity cage. That aside from school when I was in her house I was going to be in the cage. I would be a good sissy maid and unlike other boys dedicate my life to serving her and her daughter.

She unboxed the metal cage and I stood there as she placed the cage over my penis and the ring went around my testicles. I started to harden and found I was unable to get erect in it, and with a click it was fastened the lock on and she sealed it removing the key.

Yes you are absolutely right. A sissy must know their place and that's serving the superior females and even dominant males.

Within a few weeks of arriving I'd adjusted to the role of maid, even serving her daughter who although younger than me was in charge. My aunt had explained to her the facts of life and they both enjoyed my emasculated status as a chaste maid.

One afternoon I had just brought her daughter some snacks and a drink and knelt awaiting her to finish them before being given more orders and realized I was actually enjoying being the sissy maid and gotten erect in my cage. Well as erect as I could.

My aunt seeing me knelt there decides to have some fun and orders me to undress. I did knowing that I'd be spanked if I did not and she noticed the twitching of my cage.

That gave her much amusement and even more so when she uncaged me and I popped up fully erect. I had to kneel and thank her for owning me and I was by this time desperate for release.

No release for sissy maid my aunt said adding that if I did I'd be treated as a baby and she said time for re-caging my tiny thing. My erection shrank, I cried and was re-attached.


Thank you for your letter Chasity. Though a brief story a delightful illustration of the power of penis control and the uses those fortunate sissies can provide their superiors especially when the sissy is a failed male as this poor chap seems to be, the question remains for many, would you wish to be in his place? ... I thought so.

Auntie Helga

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