from Miss Sally

Greetings Auntie Helga,

Once again please allow me to express my gratitude for your wonderful magazine. It has been a valued friend over many years.

My family knew of my crossdressing while I was growing up in the 1960s. When I was younger, I wore my older sisters' hand me down clothes and shoes and later my mother's. My oldest sister used to adjust their old dresses for me and enjoyed dressing me up. When I got older they even made me padded satin breast forms. When I was 13- 15, my favourite dress was a 1950's black velvet cocktail dress with a flared skirt.

I wore this with a white corselette with suspenders, red rockabilly petticoat, black stockings, and black sling back high heels. I loved that dress and would often wear it around the house with a white apron cleaning and tidying up. My first foray into being a sissy maid and I loved it. My mum also liked having the house cleaned and showing off her obedient son/daughter to her friends when they visited.

At the time one of my sisters was living a bohemian life in the inner city with lots or artist and musician friends. When I visited, I would wear my velvet dress and be the maid at her parties - welcoming guests and serving drinks and refreshments.

Unfortunately, I eventually grew out of my sister's old clothes and shoes and so started to accumulate my own wardrobe. At university I had long hair and would sometimes go to university dressed, but more often I would visit friends and go to parties en femme. All my partners and friends have known about my crossdressing and submissive nature. As I have been upfront about it, only those accepting of it have remained friends.

In the late 1970s I spent about 18 months as the house maid at one of the major dungeons in Sydney. I was introduced to the dungeon when I met a Mistress from there while I was trying on a leather skirt in a fetish shop. Two nights a week after university and every second weekend I served as a maid. Occasionally I was also called on to assist in some scenes with clients, but mainly I just did the tasks allocated - I kept the facility clean, made lunch, served and massaged the Mistresses, cleaned the yard, washed cars, ran errands etc.

From time to time I was also used as a housemaid for some of the Mistresses in their homes and lent to some of their friends. I was once lent out for a full week 24/7 to look after, clean and cook for a Mistresses mother who was recuperating after an operation (that was a very strange experience but seemed very normal to her and was one of the most demanding placements I have had). In return for my service in the dungeon, I was humiliated in front of clients and in public, placed in bondage and disciplined.

For two years I served casually as a maid for an art Gallery owner who had me clean and tidy her house and gallery as well as serving at openings. She was a dressmaker that I met when I contacted her to make a French maid uniform for me. I also served as a maid and provided personal services to a male corsetiere who made my corsets over many years.

All the people I have had relationships with (men and women) have enjoyed me serving them, their friends, and guests. It was while as a maid at a dinner party I met my first wife who basked in my submissive nature, she had a dominant streak and liked to use the cane. In addition to being the household breadwinner, I was also a housemaid and nanny to our children – lots of service but with limited dressing while the children were at home.

My current wife also embraces my submissive nature and regularly has me serve as maid and lends me out to friends for parties, ironing, housework, etc. A combined handyman, maid, and good cook she certainly enjoys my submissive nature. She also enjoys using the paddle, whip, and cane. I am often kept in prolonged chastity for months at a time.

While I love bondage, chastity, whipping and caning; what I most crave is to serve and be treated as a 'maid', just an object in the background. I am a low maintenance submissive.

Your obediently
Miss Sally

Thank you for your letter Miss Sally and for your kind words about my site as well as for sharing your fascinating life. While many men enjoy the occasional fantasy of being a maid for their wives or others, there are some such as yourself that are in fact professional sissymaids that serve the the BDSM scene. This can be a wonderful life for those so inclined.

Auntie Helga

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