from Joan

Dear Helga,

Well this day finally arrived. I was going to wait until right before Jason's bedtime, taking your suggestion of giving him his bath first. He seems to enjoy our bath time together, of course it is me who does all the washing for him. Young boys of this age, as your probably aware, don't exactly get themselves clean. He enjoys the soft towel I use to dry him, and the bath powder I use after. Funny, the powder has a feminine scent to it, but he doesn't seem to mind. Since it is a beautiful Spring day, I decided to go ahead and begin.

I left Jason downstairs playing and went up to my bedroom to think and prepare the next step. Helga it was so cool and quiet, I had the windows raised a bit, and my white lace curtains blew gentle in the breeze. I had dressed earlier in preparation to what was to come. I had selected a long sleeved white nylon blouse, tan skirt, beige stockings and heels. I wanted to subject him to what I thought was a motherly feminine appearance... something to help in persuading him to except what I was about to demand from him. I had added a touch of 'White Shoulders' perfume, a light make-up session, plus a nice hair styling. Underneath I selected one of my new panties, a white nylon pair, white half slip, bra, and garter belt. I planned to allow him to observe different aspects of my dress, allowing him to peek, but not letting on I was aware of his naughtiness. It is naughtiness, is that not correct Helga... I don't approve of little boys sneaking peeks or looking up skirts.

I laid all the panties I had bought for Jason, neatly on my bed. Eight pairs in all. They looked so adorable, size 5 looking so much like young girls panties, even without the lace, I think they will be correct for Jason to begin with. I know when I'm wearing the VF nylon briefs, I somehow feel protected, encased in a feeling of soft and smooth nylon. These panties in their more or less plainness will help to show Jason how darling his bottom and front will look. Affording him a chance to find himself, so to speak, for his very first time in panties. A size 5 I think will be perfect, they are large enough to hold him comfortable in front, enough room for his privates to nestle without feeling binding.

I stood in the middle of my bedroom and called him to come up to me. As usual, he took his time responding, but I finally heard his footsteps on the stairs. "Jason, come in here dear, Mommy wants to talk to you, and then we are going to begin, what I hope will be an improvement in your behavior... do you understand me?" By this time I saw his eyes darting to my bed, and the panties that lie there. "I guess so Mommy... what is that on your bed?" "Dear, I think you already know what they are... panties" "Now I want you to say 'panties' to me dear... Mommy wants to hear you say that." Looking confused and shy, head lowered, I heard a very soft... 'panties' come from him. "Jason sweetheart, Mommy couldn't hear that, please say it for me again, but this time louder." This time I could plainly hear, panties, coming from him. "Now that wasn't so hard was it dear!" "Jason, I want you to go over and pick out a pair that you think are the prettiest." I watched as he slowly approached my bed, looked at all the panties, looked back at me, and slowly started to walk away. "No Jason, I want you to do this for Mommy, go on and pick a pair of panties for yourself." Whether he noticed my reference to him, I'm not sure, but he went and took the pale blue pair of panties and came back to me. "Oh, they are so pretty dear. Mommy would like to have panties in that shade also.

"Come sit here beside me on the bed, and we can look at the panties together, and the others here too." "Don't they feel soft and silky to you sweetheart, here, let me have them." I took them from him, and gently rubbed them across his cheeks and arms. "Here dear, you do that, feel how soft." He gentle took them from me, and put them against his face. "Jason, wouldn't you like to wear panties like these, so nice and soft, not like your boy undies, cotton, and not soft and silky like these, what would you think about that?" "Oh Mommy, they're girl's panties, I don't want to wear girl's panties!" "Now you hold that voice of yours down, young man, your not making me happy." "But Mommy, panties are for girls." "Jason, I thought we had an understanding yesterday when I sat here and talked to you about your behavior and what needed to be done... remember?" "Yesss" "Well, allowing Mommy to teach you about the gentleness of little girls, and what helps to make them so, is what this is all about, you need this Jason."

I watched as tears began to roll down his cheeks, head lowered, not looking at me." Jason come here to Mommy, on my lap so I can hug you, that's right dear." As I caressed his body, gentle rustled his hair, I drew his head against my breasts, holding him there, as I felt his sobbing subsiding. "Look up at me dear, now would Mommy tell you something that wasn't right, or that would hurt you?" "Nooo" "Well then, I want you to get down, stand in front of me and Mommy is going to help you undress, then we're going to see how Jason looks and feels in his new pretty panties... remember dear, you did pick them out." Silently he stood before me, while I helped him off with his polio shirt, then his jeans, followed by his cotton boy briefs, and finally his socks and sneakers. As he stood before me, I knew the size 5 was going to fit perfectly. Jason is a bit plump in his bottom, still retaining much of his baby fat. With his blond hair and fair complexion, femininity was going to come easy for him, at least physically. "Jason, hand Mommy your panties dear, thank you sweety. I'm going to hold them out for you dear, just step into them and Mommy will pull them up for you." I slowly pulled the little silky panties up his legs and said, "Ohhh Jason, they look darling on you dear, here, let me adjust them in the back for you." I slipped my fingers under the back elastic band and gently pulled them down over the under slopes of his bottom.

"Turn around now dear, lets see how they look in the front." I could see the slight lump in his panties caused by his boyish parts - if that was not there he would be a girl for sure. "Do you like them dear? Come, lets go over to my vanity and you can see for yourself how precious you look in your new panties, come along dear." Helga, you should have seen the look on his face when he looked in the mirror, a look of pure bashfulness, along with a slight, very slight beginning of a smile!" "Do you like your panties dear? "I don't know, I guess they're all right. "Mommy, can I take them off now?" "Absolutely not Jason, your in panties because you have been misbehaving." Once you begin to get use to your panties dear, Mommy is sure you're going to love wearing them. Now come over and sit on mother's lap, that's my little boy" I ran my hand over his panties patting his leg and hugging him close to me." Jason dear, do you want to know a secret?" "Yes Mommy, what?" Well, stand with me again in front of the mirror and Mommy will show you. I lead him over to the mirror and raised my skirt and slip until my panties became visible. "Look at Mommy's panties dear. The very same as your's except mine are white, and yours are blue, so you and Mommy are wearing the very same panties!" I could see him looking intently at my panties. "Do you like Mommies panties dear?" "Yes, and they are just like mine, aren't they Mommy?" "Yes they are, here, give me your hand and I'll let you feel." He ever so softly reached out and ran his hand down the side of my panties, I took his hand and allowed him to stroke along the elastic leg opening, and around to the back of my bottom while my hand did the same to him.

We continued to entertain ourselves talking about what was to come, sitting down for lunch, and then watching TV. Helga, although he seemed to become accustomed to wearing his panties, I did from time to time notice him sometimes shifting his bottom around on the sofa, opening and closing his legs, starting to place his hand over his boyhood, but looking up and seeing me... blushing and then pulling his hand away. I'm wondering if indeed I bought the right size, but surely a 6 would be much too large for him. I did ask him if something was wrong, he looked down at his lap, and just shook his head no. I called him over to me to see if there was something wrong, it seemed his panties had ridden up on his legs and were tight against his privates. I placed my fingers under both leg bands and gently pulled them down a bit in front. "Is that better now dear." "Yes Mommy, but sometimes my panties make me feel funny down there." I said, nothing to worry about dear, you're just getting use to wearing panties. Sometimes girls have to do what mommy just did, it's just how girls panties get sometimes.


Thank you for your letter Joan. What a wonderful and sensitive time together, the introduction of panties is one of the most important aspects of Petticoating, this letter is a great example. Of course some need a stricter approach, but by staying strong and committed to success a determined mother or wife can achieve the goal.


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