from Val

Hello Helga,

As I think my husband Tom has told you, yesterday a few days ago he showed me the emails that he has sent to you telling you about the way I've petticoated and feminized our son Jaime. In a way, I think it was very typical of Tom that he would seek out advice about what he (as a man whose wife was putting their son into panties and skirts and blouses and who obviously was intent on feminizing the boy and making him live as a girl) should do. What a sadly unmanly weakling Tom is. Instead of taking a stand and really trying to stop me from putting Jaime into panties, he simply accepted that whatever I decided was how things would be. Pathetic. And as a result, Jaime is now living as a girl. But that's just who Tom is.

As Tom eventually realized, it was my goal all along to completely feminize Jaime. I was simply tired of dealing with his boyish behaviors and so it seemed to me that the sooner I started making him live as a girl, the better. This way, he will not just look like a girl, but will feel like a girl and will think of himself as a girl, before he reaches the age when he'll have to start taking female hormones so that he can pass through puberty more as a girl than as a boy.

Even though that was my goal from the start, I started slowly by just putting Jaime into panties because I was not one hundred percent sure how Tom would react to me petticoating our son to that extent. I shouldn't have worried, given that I have always dominated Tom, but still I thought there was some small chance he would be more manly and would really try to stop me from petticoating Jaime. But as you've learned, he didn't. Once Tom was so easily convinced to go along with my putting Jaime into panties, I knew that the rest would be easy. And it was. Tom barely kicked up anything more than the tiniest of fusses when I put Jaime into dresses, and even that was obviously just for show, as he knew that my decision to petticoat and feminize Jaime was final.

In addition to how feminine Jaime has become, and how submissive Tom has been, what has really pleased me is seeing our daughter Jenny bloom as a strong and commanding girl, as she started to really take on the role of an authoritative figure in Jaime's, and now Tom's, lives. It's wonderful the way she commands the two of them now, without any hesitation, knowing that whatever she tells them to do they will do. Again, I wasn't sure how she would react to seeing her brother petticoated, but from the beginning it was obvious that she thought that what I was doing to Jaime was great, and she's really enjoyed helping me turn her brother into her submissive and obedient younger sissy "sister".

I suppose that experience was what prepared Jenny to adapt so quickly to Tom being petticoated too. A few days ago, when Jenny and Jaime first saw Tom in panties, bra, and a dress, I made it clear that Jenny now held a position of authority over Tom. Jenny immediately began treating Tom as her inferior, as someone she could boss around and dominate, while Tom began to be submissive to Jenny's authority. It really pleased me, for example, to observe the two of them this afternoon when Jenny told her father to straighten up her room. When he reported back that he was done, Jenny went in to inspect his work, and when she saw that he had not put her shoes in exactly the order she wanted them in her closet, she gave him a stern verbal reprimand. Tom apologized profusely, fixing his work, and promising to make that mistake again. Jenny told him "you'd better not" ! She also then told him that from then on, she expected him to curtsey for her whenever he entered or exited a room that she was in, and must call her "Miss Jenny". Tom did as he was told, curtseying as he said that he understood and thanking her for the lesson.

So now my household consists of two females, and two submissive petticoated sissies! I'm not sure when exactly it will be, but I suspect that Tom already knows that the day when I will put him on female hormones is not that far in the future. But he was never much of a man anyway, so this does seem like a rather appropriate fate for him, don't you think? And I must say that there has not been a moment when I regretted my decision to petticoat Jaime, and the fact that it has led to Tom being petticoated as well has worked out wonderfully (at least for Jenny and me).

Thank you for giving Tom such perfect advice!

Best wishes

Thank you for your letter Val. What an authoritative approach to petticoating your submissive husband and son, and what a wonderful example for Jenny. As readers have been following along Tom's emails to me I felt like this was the time to share of the other side of the coin. I know we would all appreciate and update occasionally. For Tom's letter, click here.

Auntie Helga

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