My boyfriend Jake came over one day to help me with my yard work. I must say it was a sunny day and I was getting over a broken marriage and Jake had come into my life by accident. I do mean accident, you see he had hit my car in the shopping mall parking lot. He left a note on my car that he would have it fixed for me. I called his phone and he did come right over. He did have my car fixed and again came to see how the shop had done on my car. As he looked at it he stooped and I saw some pink silk showing under his back waist band. I did not say anything at first but did notice that he had big muscles and I asked if he worked out to get so strong. He said he worked out three days a week. I then asked how he got the pretty pink panties. He grabbed the back of his shirt to pull it down. I smiled and said don't worry it is Okay.

The next few days went by slow and I thought a lot about Jake and his undies. Jake called me some time later and asked if he could come over and talk, of course I said yes. During the time after I first noticed his panties I had gone on line and found your website. When Jake came over I flirted with the ideal of petticoating him. He sat on my couch and told me that he had a hard time since the last time we had been together with what I saw and wanted to explain. I told him it would be alright for him to tell me. I also told him I had a open mind about things. He went on to tell me that his wife had passed away two years ago and since she had used petticoating to keep him in line he had went on to discipline himself when he had done something he knew was wrong. He also said he was sorry for hitting my car and that was the reason he had worn the panties for seven days.

Our relationship grew rather swiftly from there. I told him that Harry had passed also and that I had no real friends in the area and I would like to be his friend. We were married seven months later and he wore a pink chiffon dress with some very pretty pink panties. I wore the black dress and he knelt at the alter and promised to be my servant and sissy forever. The justice of the peace said you are now husband and wife I took Sara's hand and told him/her to rise and follow me. I walked to the car and she opened my door and walked back to the passengers door and got in we drove into our wonderful life.

Jake is all man when I want him to be and all woman when I want him to be. He wears panties 24/7. I introduced Jake to my mother who I had already told about our life as sissy and wife. He was dressed in a pair of tight jeans (women's of course) and a tee top that had a small bow on the front. Mother loved it when he curtseyed and kissed her hand. She told him to come in as we walked in I found my two sisters waiting to meet my sweet sissy. They both fell in love with him right off.

Jenny told us that she was thinking of making her husband Brad her sissy slave and after seeing Jake she was going to do it. Mother took Sara which is the only name she calls him now, to the kitchen to help with lunch. Alice asked me all about how I had found Jake/Sara I told her and she said she wanted a sissy of her own. Alice, two years later, married Sandy. Sue had Brad dressed as a fairy princess in a few months after he met Jake and I at a family reunion. We all live close to each other now and share our sissies on a few occasions.


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