Letter To Angela

As a preface to this letter of contrition, I feel a brief explanation is required. As many readers will know, Elizabeth has been undergoing training and a punishment regime instituted by her loving family members simply trying to cope with her rebellious nature. In this letter she describes to her long time friend the regime and her response.

Dear Miss Wilson,

I am writing to you again at my aunt's instruction to provide you with a new description of my ongoing punishment and the misbehaviour which has deservedly earned me these punishments in replacement for the earlier unacceptable first attempt which I produced.  As you are aware I am being punished for my poor and inadequate first attempt and this new essay is a deserved part of those punishments.  My aunt had me undo my four green school cardigans and the front buttons on the lower part of my red gingham school dress which I am dressed in today before taking me across her knee lowering my woollen school knickers and spanking me first by hand and then with a leather paddle.  I am now sitting with my dress and school cardigans pinned up and my grey woollen school knickers around my ankles on a sisal mat on a wooden stool at a desk facing a blank wall in our punishment room to write this piece.  I know I am to remain here until I have completed my essay no matter how many hours it takes.  My aunt has told me that I must include a description of the additional punishments I have been assigned after my disgraceful first effort as well as of my previous and already ongoing punishments.

My aunt had me write this essay originally as I was unable to serve my punishment of being taken by you to a school reunion over the Easter holidays which was not possible due to the Covid 19 restrictions.  I had to write this essay as a replacement punishment for this not having been possible and so that you could have the pleasure of my humiliation in having to write this essay for you and providing the opportunity for you to be assured that the punishments I am suffering are deserved.  I am sure that my feckless essay has confirmed that I am deserving of the punishments I have been given and served over the past almost three years and that I need to continue to be punished until I have served appropriate penance for my misbehaviour, been sufficiently humiliated and punished to deter me from any repetition and been made an example of to any other young women tempted to the immature behaviour I have been responsible for.   

I have been the recipient of punishments for three years due to continuing ill-discipline and misbehaviour. Initially I was allocated restrictions on how I should dress, banned from smoking and drinking and given extra Chapel duties and Bible study.  As a result of my stupidity and immaturity I failed to improve my behaviour and comply with the reasonable restrictions and punishments I had been allocated.  Despite spending weekends in school uniform, having to wear plain charity shop clothing, receiving physical punishment and supervised Chapel attendance my behaviour did not improve.  I had to move to my aunt's house as I could not be trusted to continue to share a flat with one of my friends and my aunt set a long and strict set of punishments as my behaviour was not of the exemplary status she required. Over the next year I failed on numerous occasions to meet the standards expect and which my aunt had made very clear to me.  She was clear that as well as being punished I must learn appropriate behaviour for a young woman if there was to be any hope for me having any future independence.  As a result of my continuing misbehaviour my sanctions were deservedly increased in December 2018 and these are the basis of the sanctions I continue to serve today. 

I was caught pleasuring myself by masturbation whilst serving my punishments which earned me, deservedly, an increased and harsher list of punishments.  They have been adjusted to take account of further misbehaviour whilst serving this punishment and this includes additions I will serve on an ongoing basis as a result of my inadequate essay for you.

I have committed many offences which have led to my need to be punished in this manner and have multiplied my misbehaviour by continuing to not comply with these deserved punishments on many occasions as well as committing further childish and immature acts.  The punishments assigned for further misbehaviour whilst still having not completed serving of my original sanctions have deservedly earned me even more severe penalties than would have been the case.

It is to my complete shame that I must describe some of the many acts of misbehaviour I have committed and continue to be punished for.

a)      Fondling with myself for pleasure whilst dressed in my punishment wool nightgown and serving a severe punishment already. My multiple masturbation, which I tried to cover up by ensuring my underwear and nightwear was rapidly washed, was identified by my aunt.  I have been kept in enforced chastity now for almost eighteen months which has ensured I am unable to carry out such disgraceful behaviour.

b)      I have been dressed in a manner unsuitable for a young woman. I realise that my clothing was too skimpy on occasions in vain attempts to show-off and because of my limited ability to think independently for myself instead of following others.   I was deservedly punished initially by confinement to school uniform at weekends and having to wear what I thought were frumpy dresses and cardigans chosen by grandmother. Stupidly I did not learn from this punishment and as a further punishment I had my own clothing removed and replaced with clothing purchased from a charity shop by my aunt.  She chose clothing which ensured I was not only made to appear plain but frumpy and unstylish.  It was awful, but I recognize now deserved, to be dressed in baggy, second hand and worn long dresses and skirts paired with woollen cardigans and jumpers.  As you are aware from when you visited my aunt's house my behaviour did not improve as necessary and currently I am, except when at work, wearing a school girl uniform chosen for me by my aunt or on Sunday one of my cousins.  My aunt says I must learn how to dress properly as a young lady and until I have been reeducated sufficiently I will have my clothing chosen for me even should I be allowed to wear something other than a schoolgirl uniform.  Being dressed as a schoolgirl, when I am not at work, is a constant reminder to me that I will be treated in a manner appropriate to my childish behaviour until I have been punished sufficiently and demonstrated an ability to be compliant with simple rules.

c)       I would frequently go out in town with my friends and drink excessively leading to me behaving in a loud and sometimes rude manner.  My aunt and mother had both received reports of this which I denied showing me to be a liar. 

d)      I have lied on many other occasions to my mother about my attendance at Chapel (for services, Bible reading and Chapel duties), as well as both drinking and smoking when these had been forbidden.  Whilst I was being punished I have been guilty of lying by not owning up when I have failed to comply with my punishments or I have committed further misbehaviour.  I have learned painfully, as I needed to, that not telling the truth and withholding information is the same as lying for a person being punished for multiple offences such as myself.

e)      I know that I should not smoke and had promised my parents that I would not do so but stupidly continued to do so occasionally particularly when out drinking in the evenings and at weekends.  I should have served as a role model, given my job as a nurse, to others particularly including other young women. 

f)        Not serving punishments including not dressing as I had been told to both at home and in public, failing to perform written punishments adequately, talking without permission, insolence, disrespectfulness, being impolite, poor performance of my household chores and my Chapel cleaning duties.

g)       Failure to understand, accept and learn from the punishments set for me as penance for my many acts of misbehaviour.  This demonstrates my immaturity and childish stupidity and my need to be punished appropriately and learn how to behave correctly as an adult.

As you would expect I continue to serve a long list of punishments as correction for the multiple items of misbehaviour I have described, to deter me from continuing to repeat these unacceptable behaviours and to make an example of me to my sisters and cousins as well as others. My current fully deserved sanctions are:

- I received six strokes of the strap to the palm and back of each of my hands followed by 15 strokes of the strap to my bare bottom in front of family members at the start of my punishment.  I received the strap first to be my hands before being sent crying to the corner with my hands on my head for 30 minutes.  I was then brought back to the centre of the room told to unbutton my school cardigan, touch my toes, had my pinafore dress and cardigan laid over my back and my school knickers lowered to my ankles before receiving 15 strokes with the strap.  I was crying, my nose running and apologizing desperately by the time the last stroke landed.  I was lectured and sent in disgrace, like the naughty girl my immature behaviour had shown me to be, to the corner again with my hands on my head for an hour which it took most of for me to recover.

- I wear a knitted grey woollen vest and knitted grey woollen school knickers with elasticated waist and leg holes at all times including to work and when I am sent to bed.  I had to knit these items for myself as part of my earlier punishments. It was very demeaning and gruelling to sit knitting these items for my own punishment.

- When I am not at work and to walk to and from work I have to wear a school girl uniform, chosen for me, at all times including a minimum of four school cardigans.  Being confined to school girl uniform is the most humiliating sanction I suffer. It is a degrading and humiliating punishment particularly when I am dressed like this in public which is now almost every day.  As I am now 25 years old I am sure you can appreciate what a harsh and effective punishment this is in ensuring that I am dressed in a manner my aunt has decided correctly reflects the immaturity and childishness of my behaviour.  It is awful but I know that at least two of my older cousins accept this punishment as well as my younger sisters and cousins if they misbehave and it is therefore correct that I should be punished in this way, I have to wear four school cardigans due to my continuing misbehaviour, including uniform failures, which make my status clear and I have to ensure they all remain fully buttoned at all times no matter what I am doing.

- I have to wear a minimum of three second hand navy woollen cardigans, bought from charity shops, at work together with a nurse's dress. I am not permitted to wear trousers at any time.  When I go to work (other than in bed) is the only time I am not in school girl uniform.  However I have deservedly had the privilege of wearing trousers at work (which I always did) removed due to further misbehaviour. My aunt decided I should not be wearing anything other than dresses so I may learn how to dress correctly as a well-mannered and responsible young female.  I have to wear three cardigans, due to further ill-discipline, which I had to buy second hand from Charity shops so they are somewhat worn, frumpy and baggy.

- To bed in addition to my woollen underwear I must wear a grey knitted woollen nightgown and a grey knitted woollen bonnet which      fastens with buttons on woollen straps under my chin.  I have been wearing a woollen nightgown for more than two years now and it is an immensely uncomfortable as well as humiliating punishment which ensures I am constantly reminded of my disgraceful and childish behaviour.  My aunt knitted my first nightgown, based on an idea given to her by another lady, and I had the laborious and demeaning task of knitting a second one for my own use.  More recently I had to knit two woollen bonnets and now wear one of these to bed every night due to further misbehaviour.  They button firmly in place with straps under my chin so that the wool remains next to the skin on my head.  As I have my hair cut well above my ears and my forehead left bare the irritation of the wool against my skin is a further deserved discomfort for me.

- When I am sent to bed and when I do not need to use my hands during the day I must wear thumbless knitted grey woollen mittens securely fastened, by ties at the wrists and elastics in the cuffs, in place on my hands.  My aunt knitted the first set of grey woollen thumbless mittens for me to wear and I have since had to knit additional pairs as part of my punishments.  They are knitted from thick grey wool and have ties at the wrists so that once I have my hands enclosed I cannot remove them.  This means I cannot do anything with my hands and reinforce my childish position.  Since I was caught masturbating I must wear these even during the day if I do not need to use my hands to remind me of my heinous behaviour and provide a further barrier to any attempt at repetition of such attempted self-pleasuring behaviour.

- I am locked in a chastity belt at all times except for showering (four times per week) and when it is removed once per week for cleaning and dry shaving of my privates, in front of any of my cousins who may be present, by my aunt.  This restriction was put in place after my masturbation for my own pleasure had been detected by my aunt on more than one occasion.  This is behaviour unbecoming of a well-adjusted and self-disciplined young woman and I have been punished and confined to a chastity belt to ensure I cannot repeat my depravity.  I cannot describe the discomfort or constant humiliation of wearing this at all times and the loss of personal freedom which it enforces.  I have been confined to my chastity belt for more than eighteen months.  You were, to my utter humiliation, present for the weekly cleaning and shaving of my privates so you have seen how punishing this is for a woman.

- My chastity belt is only removed to allow me to take cold showers four times per week under supervision.  As I am being treated like a little girl I have lost the privileges of maintaining my own hygiene and am left, sometimes sweaty and smelly after doing my many household chores, dressed in my woollen underwear and cardigans.  There is no pleasure, like soaking in a scented hot bath, when I am allowed to be washed which is what I deserve.  My aunt orders me to strip, removes my chastity belt and then stands outside the shower whilst I have to stand under the freezing cold water, washing my hair and body with carbolic soap only, for at least five minutes.  She says, and is correct, that this makes me more appreciative of being put back into my woollen underwear and school uniform to warm up.  It ensures that when I am clean I stink of tar and otherwise of my own body odour.

- I am grounded at all times except when going to work and may only leave my Aunt's house under supervision at any other time.  I have behaved like a disobedient child and hence I am not trusted at all so I am deservedly grounded.  It is very humiliating to have to explain to my friends and colleagues at work that I am unable to go out or meet up after work as I am grounded like a naughty schoolgirl.

- For the first four months of my punishment I was kept naked from the waist down except for my chastity belt, with my school pinafore or dress and cardigans pinned up, when in the house.  My aunt refers to this as being “skirted”. This ensured my privates, locked in their chaste state, were on display for everyone to see.  This was obviously humiliating as it drew attention to my self-abuse and also led to many questions to which I was made to respond from visitors to my aunt's house.  In addition it meant that my legs and backside were on display constantly so that the consequences of my regular spankings and weekly caning were obvious.  It also allowed my aunt in particular to easily slap my bare behind and legs to remind me of my misbehaviour and make me compliant with my new punishments.

- I must attend Bible Class twice per week, serve refreshments after Chapel and do additional cleaning duties every week at the Chapel.  This was and in parts remains restricted under the current restrictions.  One of my original failings was poor Chapel attendance which I made worse by lying about to my parents.  I must attend Bible Class twice per week and the Minister has been asked by my aunt to provide feedback on my participation and whether my contribution demonstrates that I have done the additional private Bible study required.  This creates further work for me to occupy my time and is an opportunity to improve my understanding of the scriptures and my religious education to a level which a young woman should have.  The serving of refreshments after Chapel is quite humiliating as it forces me to circulate around all the attendees dressed in schoolgirl uniform.  I had not done any cleaning work at a Chapel before so this is part of my public Chapel penance for my misbehaviour.  I am sure you can appreciate that being down on your knees dressed in dowdy second hand clothing, as I was, or now in school girl uniform and multiple school cardigans scrubbing and polishing wooden and stone floors and the toilets under the supervision of one of the Chapel members is a firm and uncomfortable reminder to me of the consequences of my misbehaviour.

- I do all of the laundry and ironing for the household including changing all of the beds every week, clean all of the bathrooms and toilets and polish all of the shoes for the household.  When I first had to move into my aunt's house I was allocated the task of doing the laundry and ironing for the household as my contribution.  My cousins have to do household chores as well.  I have been allocated cleaning the bathrooms and toilets and polishing everyone's shoes as punishments for further misbehaviour.  My aunt has very high standards so I spend almost all of the time I have available after working, doing my extra Chapel duties, serving regular corner time and doing written punishments as well as performing household chores.  My aunt says it is as well as a punishment an excellent opportunity for me to learn how to do all of these tasks efficiently and well as a young woman should be able to if she is to be a suitable wife in future.

- I have had to knit for myself woollen nightgowns, knickers, vests, thumbless mittens and bonnets.  The exercise of having to sit and produce these items which I must then face the discomfort and humiliation of wearing is a fitting punishment for dressing inappropriately for a young woman.  I must learn to dress more conservatively and being kept in layers of long, dowdy or childish woollens has been a deserved lesson for me.   I was not very good at knitting and my first punishment was extended until I had knitted a wool nightgown which took me many months with the other work I had to do.  I had not knitted for years but my aunt insists that a young woman should be able to knit to make clothes for her family and herself so this is another useful activity for me to practice as well as minimizing the cost of my own punishment clothing.

- I serve regular corner time whenever my aunt or others supervising me deem it to be appropriate.  I find being sent to the corner of the room with my hands on my head a childish humiliation which is of course exactly what it is supposed to be.  Being ordered in front of my younger cousins and sometimes young children of visitors to my aunt's house to go and stand in the corner dressed in my schoolgirl uniform reminds me every time that the consequence of my immature and selfish behaviour is to be treated like a naughty junior or infant schoolgirl.  I am always sent to the corner after a spanking or corporal punishment but sometimes also as a standalone punishment.  This means I am in the corner a minimum of once per day and sometimes on several occasions.  I have to keep my nose firmly to the wall and my hands in the position I have been told, be that on my head with the fingers of my hands touching, with my fingertips on my shoulders, folded behind my back, by my sides or arms folded behind my back.  This makes the position physically uncomfortable as well as demeaning.  I am typically kept in the corner for thirty minutes to an hour and when I have been spanked or received corporal punishment my dress and cardigans are pinned up and my knickers are lowered to my ankles or knees so that my red or striated bare bottom and legs are on show for anyone present.

- I am sent to bed no later than 8 pm on week days and no later than 7 pm on weekends and frequently much earlier.  I have to be ready for bed and in my nightgown, mittens and bonnet at least 30 minutes before these times.  My aunt said correctly that this was an appropriate punishment for a naughty child who had been staying up too late and lying to her parents about when she was out.  She said I needed to get plenty of sleep so I could be up early in the morning and ready to go to work, do my housework or carry out my other punishments and this has been shown to be correct. I am ordered to get ready for bed and have to report to my aunt, usually in front of some of my cousins or even visitors, dressed in my wool nightgown, my bonnet on my head with the straps buttoned under my chin and mittens on.  After inspection my mittens are secured in place with the ties on the wrists so that I have no opportunity to free my hands in case I am tempted to try and masturbate although I know my chastity belt makes this impossible.  I have my mouth soaped thoroughly and then I am sent to bed.  My aunt or one of my cousins takes me to the punishment room where I sleep and supervises me doing my prayers out loud on my knees.  It is horrendously embarrassing to be      sent to bed as early as 4pm on a Saturday dressed like this in front of my younger cousins but I know it is a punishment I deserve for my childish irresponsibility and misbehaviour.

- I sleep in the punishment room in a single bed with a thin mattress and wool blankets.  There is a desk and stool for sitting at when completing my written punishments, such as this, under detention conditions.  The floor is bare wood, there is a set of shelves on which my clothes are stored and a full length mirror on one of the walls so that I can be made to look at myself dressed in my school uniform or in my charity shop cardigans and nurse's dress.  When I am performing written punishments I have to sit straight on the hard wooden stool, eyes forward and the desk is positioned facing a bare wall.  If someone enters the room I have to stand with my hands by my sides until given permission to continue.  During my punishments I have been joined in the room at times by my cousins if they have misbehaved and my aunt has decided punishment needs to be severe enough for them to be sent to the punishment room.  I have to remain silent when I am in the punishment room unless asked a question by woever is supervising me.  When I have been put to bed the door is locked and the light switched off using the only switch which is outside the room.

  - I am sent to bed without supper.  I have been naughty and trying to go to sleep feeling hungry is a daily reminder to me of the consequences of my misbehaviour.  If I am still up when everyone else eats supper I am frequently sent to the corner of the kitchen or made to stand at the table, in silence, with my hands neatly folded in front of me whilst everyone else eats.

- I am subject to frequent and regular inspections of my woollen school knickers, including in public if required, by my Aunt, my Mother, my female cousins and the Matron whom I work for.  This is a punishment for my masturbation and underlines that I am not trusted not to repeat my disgusting self-fondling and hence have to be subject to regular inspections for bodily fluids.  As I am locked in my chastity belt I could not behave in this way but this humiliating process reminds me of what I have done and when done in front of others ensures I have to confess what I did and explain the resulting penances I am serving.  I find having this done at work by the Matron particularly degrading as it undermines my professional position.  It is a deserving punishment for my disgusting behaviour.

- On Sunday, when I am not at work, I am under the supervision of one of my cousins who decide what school uniform I must wear and decide my activities for the day such as corner time, written punishments or other activities appropriate for a naughty little girl which is what I am.  This is a further punishment to enforce my position as the naughty little girl in our household.  It means I am sometimes under the supervision of one of my cousins who is ten years younger than me.  As well as choosing and supervising my dressing first thing in the morning and setting my schedule of chores, corner time and written punishments I am told what to do when we go to Chapel.  It is very humiliating to be publically ordered around by someone much younger than you and still a child themselves.  When I am under the supervision of my cousins who are older than eighteen my aunt has given them permission to spank me if they feel I deserve it and they have, as well as my aunt, lifted my school dress and slapped me across my bare legs in public on several occasions when my behaviour and manner have been below standard.

    xx.            I had to appear before the Chapel committee to make transparent my disgusting masturbation and ask for their view on whether I should be further punished.  I had to stand in front of the attendees, dressed in my school girl uniform, and make a full confession of my disgraceful behaviour and then answer their questions before being sent out of the room whilst they discussed if further sanctions should be applied to me or not.  They decided I deserved Chapel punishment for my sinful behaviour and I had to kneel whilst these sanctions were read out. It was awful but I know that further public punishment was what I deserved as well as making an example of me to deter any other young women from repeating my sins.  Firstly they said I should spend my vacations at an isolated Chapel residential centre where I was to do menial labour and spend time praying not least to give my aunt and her family a rest from the effort they were to be required to spend on overseeing me.  Secondly I was told I was to tell the members of the Chapel Youth club of my misbehaviour so as to help prevent other young women from repeating my mistakes, Finally for four weeks I was to wear a sign around her neck with the words, "I have sinned" written on it whilst doing my Chapel cleaning duties and attending Bible Class.  I was taken to the Chapel Youth Group by my aunt, where dressed in schoolgirl uniform, I had to describe my misbehaviour and how I was being punished in front of the group many of whom were my friends. When I had finished my aunt completed my humiliation by sending me to stand in the corner with my hands on my head whilst she talked with members of the group for well over an hour.

- I have been spending my vacations from work at the Church residential centre where I spend all of my time under close supervision performing menial labour tasks such as scrubbing stone floors and pavements, shifting piles of stones or logs and digging in addition to long periods of prayer.  The long periods I have spent on my knees or prostrate on the stone floor of the Chapel have given me time to reflect on my stupidity which I needed.  I am disciplined by staff at the centre if I misbehave as well as such misbehaviour being reported to my Aunt upon my return for her to punish me further if she feels appropriate. I have attended the residential centre, spending a week on each visit, on five occasions. The Covid situation has prevented my attendance at the residential centre since February. To focus me on learning the lessons of my penance I am dressed simply in a long plain grey wool gown and of course my chastity belt remains firmly locked in place.  When I have misbehaved I have been severely dealt with as I realise I deserve.  I been given corporal punishment (both the cane and strap), been fitted with a bit in my mouth to prevent me speaking and been made to sleep outdoors or in a stable securely shackled.  The degradation of being restrained by a chain around my ankles is awful and a very severe lesson.  My aunt receives a full written account of my work and any transgressions I have made.  She applies severe punishment if I offended when I return from the centre, showing no lenience for the fact that I have been already been punished, in allocating further severe sanctions.  I recognize that if I offend in front of others I will be punished not just for my offences but for shaming my family by my public behaviour.

- I receive a 12 stroke caning to my bare behind every Sunday in front of whoever may be present in my Aunt's house where I stay.  I have to stand in front of whoever is present from my aunt's family and visitors if they are present in my school uniform.  My aunt lectures me on my misbehaviour why I deserve to be caned and how I must improve.  I have to undo my school cardigans (and my gingham school dress if I am wearing one) and bend over, have my cardigans and dress lifted onto my back, before my woollen school knickers are lowered to my ankles.  I receive 12 strokes of the cane, sometimes having to count each stroke and thank my aunt for administering each stroke.  I have received this weekly caning now for more than a year and I am still unable to endure 12 strokes without crying and sobbing so that when told to stand I am the regretful naughty little schoolgirl which my behaviour has shown me to be.  After being caned I am sent to the corner with my cardigans (and dress) pinned up and knickers still around my ankles so that my striated bottom and legs are presented for all to see.

- I receive four strokes of the strap to the palm and back of each of my hands every Wednesday without exception.  This was added to my list of punishments due to my repeated failures to produce written punishments of the correct quality and quantity.  As with my canings I have to appear before whoever may be present in the house dressed in the school uniform selected for me.  After being lectured I am ordered to remove my cardigans and my dress or shirt sleeves are rolled up so that my forearms are bare.  My aunt applies the strapping using a thick leather tawse and it is exceedingly painful.  She straps the back of both my hands in turn before repeating four strokes to the palm of each of my hands.  The strap frequently reaches beyond my hands so that I have the extra discomfort of having my lower arms strapped as well which is deserved.  I have to count the strokes and thank my aunt for administering my strapping.  When my tawsing has been administered I have to put my dress or shirt sleeves down and put back on my cardigans.  I am always sent to the corner with either my hands on my head or fingertips on my shoulders after my strapping which accentuates the pain from the strapping even further.

- I receive regular spankings (at least daily and more recently more frequently) with whatever implement my aunt (hand, hairbrush, paddle or slipper) deems appropriate to my bare behind.  I am spanked to punish me physically every day so that my bottom is always red and sore as a constant reminder of my wrongdoings and the need to behave as I have been told to.  As a 25 year old being spanked like an infant in this way is deeply humiliating particularly when carried out in front of my younger cousins and in public.  I know that it is deserved if I am to learn to behave in a more mature manner. My aunt is severe with her hand or with my hairbrush, a paddle or a slipper and can reduce me to a bawling child very quickly to further my humiliation.  Her spankings leave me in pain every time I move for a long time.  She takes every opportunity to spank me when visitors are present with no warning so I am always in a timid state hoping to avoid such humiliation.  I am always sent to the corner with my cardigans and dress pinned up and knickers around my ankles after being spanked to recover, have my spanked and red legs and bottom on display to humiliate me and make an example of me to my cousins and to reflect on the behaviour which has led me to this point.

- I have my mouth thoroughly soaped at least every day and this has been the case now for many months.  My mouth is soaped, without exception, before I am sent to bed so that I have the horrible taste in my mouth all night.  My aunt has me open my mouth and having lathered the bar of soap thoroughly rubs it around my mouth covering my tongue and grinding soap into my teeth. Sometimes she makes me hold the bar in my mouth whilst she lectures me.  I am left with a soapy drool coming from my mouth dripping down my chin and onto my woollen nightgown. I need this punishment because of my past loud behaviour (including swearing) and my persistent lying to try and avoid punishment when not obeying the directions I have been given.  My aunt insists that I must learn not to use foul language and be less outspoken if I am to be the sort of young woman I should be.  I am sometimes given a mouth soaping during the day for any failure to speak in a respectful manner as well as speaking without permission.  This can include being made to stand holding the bar of soap in my mouth in front of my cousins.

- My hair is cut very short at a length one inch above my ears and at the front it has been shaved back from my natural hairline, at least half an inch, so that I have a bare forehead at all times.  I have it cut and shaved every two weeks, as a minimum, by my aunt to keep it in this childish style.  I used to have long red hair so having my hair cut short in this childish style is a continuous and very public penance for me to serve.  It makes me stand out and I am frequently made to explain to others why I deserve this punishment.  Being made to sit in my school uniform whilst my aunt simply shaves my head, in front of my cousins, reminds me of the personal humiliation which my misbehaviour has earned me.  My aunt has told me that I should keep my hair in a suitably plain style at all times as a respectable young woman and not in the fashionable and showy styles I used to have my hair.

The minimum length of my punishment before any review by my Aunt will take place is now 17 months which means it will be at least May before this can occur.  My Aunt has told me previously that even should I have behaved in an exemplary manner during this period of my punishment I must expect to have to serve my previous allocated punishments in full suitably harshened for my failure to comply with their punishments as required.

My feckless, lazy and feeble effort to write an appropriate essay for you as part of my punishment has been deservedly punished by my Aunt assigning the following punishments to me, in addition to my existing sanctions as described above, which I have begun to serve.

i) I had to appear in front of my Uncle and four of my cousins in my school uniform to receive corporal punishment from my Aunt.  First she had me remove my four grey school cardigans and then rolled up the sleeves of my grey school shirt to the elbows before applying the leather strap to the palm and back of each of my hands.  She made me count each stroke and ensured the strap landed up my arm as well as on my hands.  I was crying after the application to the backs of my hands and I was bawling after each of the final twelve strokes to the palms of my hands.  After this I thanked her for strapping me and put back on my cardigans, she lectured me before putting me in the corner with my fingertips on my shoulders, which was exceedingly painful having just had my hands strapped, and leaving me there for 30 minutes.  After this I had to stand in front of everyone again and was told to undo my four school cardigans before being lectured on my unacceptable behaviour.  My aunt made me bend over and touch my toes before pulling the skirt of my maroon pinafore up and pulling my woollen knickers down to my knees.  I had to count out as I received fifteen strokes of the cane.  I have never received more than twelve strokes previously as a single dose but my aunt has told me to expect even more severe punishment not only for my poor essay for you but for any future misbehaviour as I am so stupid as to carry out.  I was crying after six strokes and I could feel my knees wobbling due to the pain in my bare behind and legs after receiving the allocated fifteen strokes.  I thanked my aunt for caning me in front of my cousins and I was still crying as she put me in the corner with my cardigans and pinafore dress pinned up and knickers still around my ankles with my hands on my head and my striated behind and legs on display.  I stayed there for an hour which I needed to recover any sort of control.  I was spanked across my behind whilst standing in the corner for crying too loudly which was agony.

ii) I am receiving a minimum of two spankings every day across my bare bottom and backs of my legs.  This punishment will continue for six weeks.  Two days ago, when I was not at work, my aunt spanked me three times in front of my cousins.  On each occasion I was sent to get either my hairbrush, a thick plastic rule or the leather paddle before being made to undo my cardigans and green gingham school, my Aunt taking me across her knee and lowering my knickers to my ankles.  She is very strong and on each occasion I was spanked first by hand until I was crying before she continued my punishment with an implement until my behind and legs were on fire and I was slumped across her knee.  On each occasion I was sent to the corner with my cardigans and dress pinned up and knickers down to reflect on my stupidity and immaturity.  Being spanked in this childish manner is very humiliating and suffering this at least twice every day is a real lesson for me.  By the second or third application I am crying just like a naughty little girl would as I deserve.

iii) I had to writing a letter of apology to you for my pathetic essay detailing my punishments.  My aunt took me to the punishment room dressed in woollen vest and knickers, grey shirt, green and blue striped school tie, grey knee socks, green school pinafore dress with a pleated skirt and four maroon school cardigans.  I had to undo my cardigans and she took me over her knee, stripped my knickers down and spanked my bare behind and legs very hard.  I was soon crying as she had already spanked me earlier.  She proceeded to paddle me for at least five minutes with a leather paddle until I was screaming at every smack landing on my skin.  She pinned up my pinafore dress and cardigans having made me button the top four buttons on each of my school cardigans and I was told to sit on a sisal mat which she had placed on the stool at the detention desk facing the wall.  I had to sit for one hour in great pain with the bristles of the mat accentuating the pain from my spanked and paddled behind whilst I wrote my letter of apology. 

iv) I am currently rewriting my failed essay for you so that I can complete my original punishment to the expected standards.  My aunt made me strip to my woollen vest, knickers, grey knee socks and rubber soled shoes before lecturing me for my woeful first attempt and making clear what was required of me in repeating this exercise.  She followed this by taking me over her knee and spanking me first by hand and then with my wooden hairbrush until I was crying like the naughty schoolgirl my poor essay has shown me to be.  I was allowed to put my school uniform back on which in addition to my woollen underwear and socks and shoes consists of a pale blue shirt, green and blue striped school tie, green pinafore dress and four navy school cardigans.   I had to stand to attention at my desk whilst my aunt placed a sisal mat on the wooden stool where I am sitting. She made me undo the bottom five buttons on each of my cardigans, put my hands down on the desk and lean forward whilst she pinned my cardigans and pinafore dress up.  I was still weeping from my earlier spanking but my aunt told me that in order to ensure I paid full attention to the content and tone of my essay I was to receive a paddling.  I had to count out each of the additional strokes she applied to my bare bottom and legs.   As soon as she had completed the application she told me to sit on the bristles of the sisal mat, sit up straight and start writing.  I have been sat in this position for several hours now and I can promise you that I am very sorry for my previous poor work and every movement is still painful as the mat scrapes my deservedly beaten behind and legs. 

v) As a further lesson for my lack of effort in learning to spell correctly and carelessness I will have to write out each of the thirteen words which I spelt incorrectly in my original essay five hundred times.  I will be spanked and paddled prior to carrying out this exercise for each word and will have to sit bare bottomed on the sisal mat whilst I complete this exercise for each word.

vi) I have to keep a dummy in my mouth at all times when in the house including when I am in bed for six weeks.  This includes whilst I am writing this essay.  I have a pink plastic dummy in my mouth which is attached to a yellow ribbon hung around my neck.  I have to hang my dummy on a hook by the front door as I leave the house and then put it back around my neck and insert it into my mouth immediately when I return from work.  It makes leaves anyone seeing me in no doubt of my infantile status and is a constant reminder to me that I will be deservedly treated in a manner which is appropriate to my behaviour.  I wear my dummy tightly fixed in my mouth with a piece of elastic which as well as being uncomfortable means I wake for my morning inspection by my aunt with drool down my chin and frequently on my woollen nightie. This is humiliating and means the nightie must be washed adding to my workload of laundry on ironing.

vii) In each of the last three weeks (and for the next three weeks) I have written to someone outside my household, decided by my aunt, and asked them to observe her spank me in public with my hairbrush.  

In the first week I had to write to my Matron at work and when she had agreed to attend I was taken to the town public park to be spanked.   I was dressed in my woollen underwear, grey knee socks, white shirt, maroon and green striped school tie, green school pinafore with a pleated skirt and four maroon school cardigans.  Before leaving the house I had to write on a piece of card, “I deserve a public bare bottom spanking because I am a rude, lazy and naughty little girl” which was then hung around my neck on a piece of string.  To complete my deserved humiliation I had to continue to wear my dummy on a ribbon around my neck and it was kept in my mouth even we left the house and finally I had my thumbless grey woollen mittens fastened on my hands.  I was walked to the public park with my hands on my head by my aunt with two of my younger cousins and it was deservedly degrading and I was sobbing by the time we arrived.  When my Matron arrived I had to remain standing whilst she talked with my aunt.  Finally my aunt undid my school cardigans, removed my dummy from my mouth and she made me lie over her lap whilst she sat on the park bench with my Matron and cousins stood a short distance away.  My cardigans and pinafore were laid across my back and my woollen knickers lowered to my ankles and I was allowed to stretch out my arms so that my hands, still in mittens, could touch the ground.   I was spanked very hard with my hairbrush until I was crying and yelping with each stroke and I am sure many people walking through the park were aware.  When my Aunt had finished she told me to stand and put my hands on my head before inserting the dummy back in my mouth.  She turned me around so that I was facing away from Matron before pinning up my pinafore and cardigans and they then discussed how sore my bottom and legs looked whilst I tried to control my weeping as the pain continued.  I had to thank Matron for spending her time watching my spanking and my aunt then pulled up my woollen school knickers dragging the rough wool and elastic over my legs which made me begin crying again.  My aunt pulled the elastics holding the wool around my legs up so that my bare spanked legs were on display as well as my wool knickers over my bottom.  In this state I was marched home to my complete and utter humiliation. 

For the second week I had to write to my Minister at Chapel and ask her if she would do me the privilege of observing me being spanked across my bare bottom in public as part of my punishment for the failed essay I had written.   On this occasion I was dressed in a green gingham school dress and four woollen crew neck grey with green trim school cardigans.  I was taken by my older cousin and my aunt to the town park once again with a sign around my neck, dummy in my mouth and my hands, fastened in my grey woollen thumbless mittens, on my head.  The Minister had brought her husband and one of her older children with her so that I had the added humiliation of explaining why I was being punished to all of them before I was again spanked across my bare behind with my wooden hairbrush until I was apologising and begging for forgiveness.  I cried as I was walked home, passing other people on the way and sometimes having to stop whilst my aunt and cousin talked to people they knew and explained my reason for being dressed like an infant school girl and why I had been spanked. I was still crying after walking home with my hands on my head and with my gingham school dress and school cardigans tucked into the back of my woollen knickers as the pain and humiliation were awful and occasionally my older cousin slapped me across my legs so I stood up straight.   

Last Sunday, having written to my mother earlier in the week, I was taken and spanked on Sunday morning in front of my parents, my two younger sisters, my Aunt Gwynn and four of my cousins.  My aunt drove me and my cousins to the local village near my parent's farm.  I was dressed in my woollen underwear, a blue gingham dress, grey knee socks and four grey wool school cardigans.  I had to sit in the car with my hands, fastened in woollen thumbless mittens, on my head and my pink baby pacifier in my mouth.  On arrival my aunt hung the cardboard sign I had prepared saying, “I deserve a public bare bottom spanking because I am a rude, lazy and naughty little girl” around my neck.  I was told to stand in front of everyone in the Chapel car park, with my hands still on my head, and apologise for my misbehaviour.   My aunt removed my dummy and undid my school cardigans and the lower buttons of my school dress before taking me over her knee, lifting my gingham dress and school cardigans over my back and pulling my knickers down to my ankles.  She spanked me first with her hand until I was crying.  My aunt is able to spank very severely and despite my age is able to soon make me cry like a little girl. She made me stand up and lectured me in front of my family before taking me back over her knee and completing my physical chastisement with my hairbrush by which time I was crying and screaming.  I was made to stand and my aunt tucked my dress and cardigans into the back of my woollen school knickers so that my bare legs were left on display so that anyone could see I had been spanked before having to thank my family for observing my public spanking and helping my punishment.  My aunt inserted the baby pacifier back into my mouth and I was walked around the village with my hands on my head with my family following me.  We were stopped and seen by many people who knew me and although I have been made to wear school uniform as punishment before the severity of my clothing and spanking at my age left them in no doubt of my terrible behaviour and ill-discipline.  I was so ashamed of what I have done and particularly of my careless, lazy and disrespectful essay which earned me this public spanking and display.

My aunt has told me that if the existing restrictions on meeting with other people are relaxed further I will have the number of individuals invited to my public spankings increased over the next three weeks. 

viii) Every day when I go to work my school uniform is chosen for me by my Aunt.  Yesterday when I went to work my aunt dressed me in a pink gingham school dress, white ankle socks and four red V-neck wool school cardigans.  Until I wrote my unacceptable essay I had to suffer the humiliation of walking to the hospital dressed like this before changing on arrival into my nurse's dress and navy charity shop cardigans and standing outside Matron's office, where everyone can see me, for her to speak to me before starting my shift.  Now I have to report to Matron's office and stand outside in the corridor dressed in my schoolgirl uniform.  Yesterday I was made to stand for fifteen minutes with members of staff walking past me and viewing my infantile clothing.  This process will remain in place for six weeks by which time I am sure I will be a laughing stock with all of the staff which is what I deserve.

ix) My existing punishments have been extended by a further three months meaning they will last until at least the end of September.  I know that there is now a high likelihood of my punishment being extended and even also made harsher due to my poor behaviour both during your visit to my Aunt's house and my unacceptable first attempt at the punishment essay I wrote for you.

x) I am to be spanked by you when I am taken to the school reunion event dressed in my schoolgirl uniform.  I was already dreading being made to appear in front of members of my school year dressed as a schoolgirl for my previous misbehaviour.  The thought of being made to lay over your knee with my dress raised and my knickers stripped to my ankles and then being spanked is mortifying but I know it is what I deserve for my latest poor work.

xi) My aunt has told me that any further suggestions which you feel are appropriate for my punishment for my shoddy and inadequate work will be added to this list.  This is correct as I have failed to perform adequately in serving an existing punishment in your presence and I deserve to suffer any further indignities you feel would punish and improve me.

I am now punished and treated like a naughty junior schoolgirl who must improve her maturity and self-discipline.  I hate every minute of my punishment but I have realised that it is what I deserve for my long list of offences.  I have been made to recognize that I have no part in judging whether my behaviour is acceptable and that I must learn to obey the rules set by my Aunt without question as punishment for behaving like a spoilt child and until I am able to demonstrate some level of maturity.   

I apologise once more for my feckless and unacceptable first description for you.  I am being punished for my inept attempt as I deserve to be.  I have tried to write this repeat essay as I have been ordered and Miss Wilson that this meets your expectations.   I would like to thank you for pointing out so clearly because of your skill and hard work the many faults of my first essay which has enabled me to receive the deserved correction such that I may improve.   I hope that you are able to spend time to review this piece and provide your feedback to my aunt.  She will ensure I am punished for any further failures which I have made. Finally please recommend any additional punishments, to those applied by my aunt, you feel appropriate for my first unacceptable essay and I am sure my aunt will add these to the deserved punishments I am serving. 

I apologise again for my behaviour when you visited my aunt's house and my failure to complete the punishments I was deservedly given. 

I know that I will benefit from the humiliation of being taken by yourself to explain my situation to my former school colleagues, dressed in my school uniform, and being spanked by yourself in front of them. 

Yours sincerely,
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