from Kelly

Dear Helga,

I just love PDQ which I discovered just a few months ago. I am currently feminizing my husband (with the help of two of my girlfriends) and have had him serving us by being our maid. He is required to clean our houses and serve us in any capacity we like. We enjoy ordering him about, and when his chores are done and he is not in service, we have trained him to "put himself away" in the corner, on his knees, with his nose pressed to the wall. Sometimes we leave him like that for hours as we freely go about our business completely ignoring him. This requirement shows that he is never free, that he is always under our control, yet he is readily available whenever we snap our fingers and issue him an order. Of course, it is a wonderful way to humiliate him since we often giggle and laugh at the poor sissy with his nose pressed to the wall.

Well I must say that since his feminization, things are going quite well, and I am proud of myself in training him so completely, being that I am rather new at this. I guess my enthusiasm has carried over where I lack experience. However, I would like your advice on two things. The first is the question of chastity. I LOVE the idea of controlling my husband completely, this means I do not want any unauthorized erections at all. But the devices I have researched all seem to be ugly and bulky. Since he is just a little sissy, I want to have his male parts put away in a feminine manner. This means I would like them pulled back so that he is quite flat in his panties. I also would like to have his little thingie punished whenever it has the temerity to even attempt to be disobedient. This means I would like the device to ensure that my little wimp receive some pain down there whenever he isn't controlling his little prissy. Lastly, I would like the device to be tight and foolproof. Only I would be able to release him from it. With these requirements, do you have any suggestions as to which device I should invest in?

Now regarding the second point which is related to the first, I have noticed, as I am sure you and other dominant women would acknowledge, that a frustrated sissy is an obedient sissy. Moreover, being a bit of a tease, I enjoy frustrating him all the more with my "tendencies". I would feel so powerful knowing he can't even get erect and in fact will suffer when I tease him all I want. (I do this now even without a chastity device!) But he is a just a wimpy sissy, quite tiny down there, and easily manipulated, and although I love this, I don't see why I should not enjoy sexual freedom when he can't. It seems that a woman SHOULD have it both ways: a soft, obedient, servile and frustrated sissy at home who is at her beck and call and who has been trained to live only for her pleasure, and the ability to date real men on occasion when the mood strikes. What do you think? I am sure my little sissy will easily adjust to being cuckolded on a regular basis. And this practice only goes to demonstrate how powerful and privileged women are as it emphasizes admirably what his place in this world is. I am most eager to hear your thinking on these subjects.

Again, thank you very much for PDQ. My girlfriends and I are quite the fans and never miss an issue.


Thank you for your letter Kelly. I am delighted that you enjoy the site and find it helpful. There are too many types of chastity to list here so I refer you to our homepage for links to pages on the subject though I will say she did decide to have her sissy pierced. As for cuckolding, regular readers may have noticed my attitude is changing over this subject, I believe under certain conditions, one should not deny themselves the pleasures.


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