from Jane

Dear Helga,

Thank you for replying to my email regarding how to take control of my husband Fred. While having breakfast I confronted him about the site that he was looking at and why. How long have you been doing this sort of thing and are you one of those men that go to females and pay to have them make you dress like the stories you read on the laptop? WHY? TELL ME! DON'T SIT THERE! I shouted at him, my husband just looked at my red face. WELL? I was now very angry and I got up and slapped him hard across the face. We will talk more about this when you come home tonight. Are you ready for me to take sissy to the train station I said to him. Fred said to me, I AM NOT A SISSY, I just like reading the story honey. DON'T HONEY ME, get in the car and we set off for the station, when we got there I told him to get out of the car. Fred tried to kiss me, but I pushed him away. I told him I am not in the habit of kissing sissies now get out, you can get the bus home as I have things to do, I am going shopping, do you hear me sissy?

I returned home and had a cup of coffee, I sat down, my hands would not stop shaking, I was still very angry with my husband. To take my mind off of the situation I went to the bedroom and looked for a outfit to wear when Fred comes home. First a short black skirt then a red satin low cut blouse, dark stockings, red panties and red suspenders. Afterwards I went downstairs, picked up the phone and rang Susan. I arranged to go shopping, I drove to town and meet Susan. We went into the shoe shop first and got a pair of 2 inch high heels in black to go with the outfit for tonight, in the same shop we went to the underwear department and got a pair of very frilly full satin panties in pink. Susan said to me why are you buying them? I replied they are not for me they are for someone else. I paid for the items and we had lunch then went back to the car and went home. Fred comes home at 16.15, time to get ready, got undressed had a bath went to the bedroom and got dressed in the outfit, look in the mirror. I took the frilly pink panties out of the shopping bag and lay them on the bed then went down stairs and opened a bottle of red wine. Fred returned home five minutes late as he came into the hall I called him into the living room YOU ARE LATE BOY! I TOLD YOU NOT TO BE LATE! Fred looked at me standing there in my outfit, my push up bra showing my full breasts in the low cut satin blouse, my high heels making me look taller than him. I had another glass of wine. Get undressed Fred and go upstairs, when you get into the bedroom put on the item on the bed then come back to me in the living room. I stood there, hands on my hips and watched as Fred came back to the living room, he was red faced and was holding his hands in front of him.

Jane I am sorry I have hurt you, it was just a bit of fun, I am not a sissy. FUN? YOU DID IT FOR FUN? What are you wearing Fred? Tell me Fred. ...Panties WHAT KIND OF PANTIES? I said to him. Lady's panties. AND WHAT KIND ARE THEY? Frilly pink panties Jane. WHO WOULD WEAR THE KIND OF FRILLY PANTIES YOU ARE IN FRED? Tell me. I got a other glass of wine and walked over to him. TELL ME! I don't know. You don't know? I said to him are they like the ones you see on the website, now tell me, how do they feel on you skin? Jane stop, please stop, I will not go on those sites again. YOU HAVE NOT TOLD ME WHO WEARS THE KIND OF PANTIES YOU ARE WEARING HAVE YOU? WELL TELL ME FRED! ...Sissies. WHAT? I DID NOT HEAR YOU! Sissies wear them. Good, now we are getting somewhere. I need time to myself, go to the spare room and sleep there tonight. Are you going to divorce me Jane? I am not, I have a plan for you, now go to bed and stay there.


Thank you for your letter Jane. Readers, we can pretty much guess what her plans are for Fred, more panties for certain and with her strong attitude, many more items of feminine clothing as well. Perhaps at some point we will hear from Jane again, I know we all would love an update.


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