from Lucy

Greetings Helga,

It has been awhile so I thought I would update you on what has been happening with my former employee turned sissy baby billie.

As you know, billie had once been a manager at my my shop where we make children's clothing. He was put in charge while I was away and he profoundly abused my trust in him. The final straw had been that he had presented one of my workers with a bag of disposable nappies after she had complained that he wasn't allowing the seamstresses the proper amount of toilet breaks. When I returned and found out what he had been up to, I made some big changes in billie's life and eventually, not only was he demoted to office boy, but he was soon wearing nappies himself and eventually, serving as my housemaid, willing to do just about anything to service me and my guests in order to get some relief from being in chastity.

About three years ago, billie started rebelling a bit against my rules and practices around the flat and at the business. At first, it was little things, like pushing against bed times or refusing to eat all of his mashed bananas. By then however, he had developed such infantile habits, like speaking in a high pitch with a lisp, wetting and messing uncontrollably, curtsying to all adults, constantly sucking on his dummy (or, when his dummy wasn't available, his thumb), that I knew he just wasn't capable of functioning alone in an adult world anymore. He would do these things naturally anymore, without even knowing that he was doing them. Yet, after a year or two of this, billie decided that he wasn't "going to stand for.." my rules and, one morning, in a state of defiance, he flatly told me so. Only, he was unaware that what came out was " I awm not gawing to thtand faw yaw wuleth anymaw."

Trying to hide my amusement, I said nothing as I grabbed him, turned him over my knee and pulled off his soaked nighttime nappy and plastic pants and smacked his bottom until it was blistery red. Then, I put him in a pair of shorts (sans nappy) and told him to wait as I went into the laundry and, finding a Rugrats T-shirt, I wrote a small note and carefully pinned it in the middle of the back. I then brought it into his bedroom and put the shirt on him being careful not to let him see the note. I put some lacy anklets and red Keds on his feet. Finally, again without speaking, I dragged him out to the car, where, as usual, he climbed into the adult car seat I had bought for him. After buckling him in, I gave him a full bottle of milk and told him, "This is your breakfast. You will drink all of it before we get to work or I will smack your botty again, this time in front of all the employees at the shop." He sniffled as he meekly complied.

I could see in the rear view mirror that he was trying desperately to finish as we turned on to the road near the shop. I sweetly commented, "Uh Oh! Do you need a little more time to finish before we arrive?" He shook his head "Yes" as he sucked furiously so I kept driving past the shop. I'm sure that he thought that I was just going to drive around the block, but I noticed his looks of surprise as I kept driving. After a few more blocks, he started making the slight hissing sound of sucking air so I knew that he had finished. He pulled the bottle out of his mouth to show it to me, but I just kept driving. He muttered, "I'm finithed.", but I didn't acknowledge him and I kept going. Other than the occasional trip to the doctor or to a restaurant, billie had only been to work and the flat in the last few years so, when he looked out the window, the terrain was all unfamiliar to him and I noticed his look of surprise as we started to get into an area that was full of passers by. We stopped in the middle of High Street. We were only in the neighboring village, but billie didn't know that as it had been so long since he had travelled anywhere on his own. Pulling up in front of the train station, I parked the car, got out, opened the back door, unbuckled billie and said, "Okay, out you go."

billie looked at me in shock. He said, "Whew awm I gawing?" I said, "I don't know, but you think that you don't need me or my rules anymore, so you are free to go. I have to go to work now. I will come back here at 6:00 p.m. this evening. If you are here, you will be allowed to get into my car and I will bring you back home but, you will agree to follow all of my directions at any time. If you do not want to follow my rules, you can figure out how to survive on your own. Bye bye." With that, I got back into my car and drove away. In my rear view mirror, I could see billie, clutching his bottle, looking totally lost. What he didn't know was the contents of the note I had pinned to the back of his Rugrats T-shirt. It read," MY NAME IS billie, I PROBABLY NEED A NAPPY. IF FOUND, PLEASE PHONE billie's MOMMY ON 028 5000 6000.

Instead of driving back to work, I drove a short distance to get a cup of coffee at a little cafe. It was less than 10 minutes after I sat down that I received a telephone call. The caller asked for "billie's Mommy." It turned out to be a very sweet, matronly woman named Marian. She agreed to wait with billie until I got back to the front of the station where billie was sitting on the kerb, red faced, crying with his hands on his bare knees. One look downward and I could see that the full bottle had made it through his system. There was a very large stain on his shorts. Marian had my note in her hands and she pulled me aside. "Is he going to be okay?" I explained that he was my partner and that he was being disciplined for bad behavior. She just shook her head knowingly and said, "Well, he wasn't any trouble. I just saw him standing there, with a puddle under his feet and then I noticed the note. When I spoke to him, I think he actually dropped into a curtsy as he addressed me. I took the note off his back and asked him his name. He told me, "biwwie". You're lucky I found him and not someone who would have taken advantage of him." I gave Marian a few notes for her trouble and, as she walked away, I stood over the now very defeated billie.

"Still think you'd be okay on your own?, I asked him. billie just shook his head "No." I spread some plastic bags on the car seat and had him hop in. I buckled him in the seat and set off for the shop, knowing that there were plenty of nappies and shortalls there for him to wear.

That was over a year ago and I haven't had any trouble from billie since. If you'd like to hear more about how billie has served me and my guests at home, that is a completely different story that I would be happy to share.

Best regards,

Thank you for your letter Lucy, I and my readers are always delighted to read of your training of sissy billie, this time he certainly learned his lesson and has no business trying to live in the real world, he is meant to serve and amuse. We would love to hear about billie serving your guests.


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