from Cassie

Greetings Helga,

You will never know what your website has done for me and my family. I would like to share the story of my 24 year old now daughter. I was always a strong independent feminist. I ran a very successful law firm and accumulated a great deal of wealth in my young adult life. Shortly after my husband and I found out I was pregnant for the third time he passed away in a car crash. We both were successful attorneys and I decided to sell off the firm and focus on my family. My first 2 were both girls Hallie(7) and Leah(5) and I could tell they would grow up strong like there mother. It was a surprise that my 3rd child was a boy, I hesitated but decided to name him Matthew. As the years passed my daughters blossomed into the strong women I knew that would turn out to be. One become a successful attorney like her mother and the other runs a very successful wedding planning business and she also does beauty consulting. My son Matthew however I could tell was dealing with some issues.

By the time my daughters were both grown and living their successful lives (now 25 and 23 years of age) Matthew was entering college and I could tell he was having trouble finding his identity. I had found playgirl magazines under his bed but never brought it up to him. I forgot to mention until now that we are from the south and forgive me for bringing politics into this story but we have always been very liberal. When Matthew came home one day with a MAGA hat on and I noticed he was running around with bigoted males his age I almost threw up. That was the last straw for me, Matthew had never been nearly as strong as his sisters so I didn’t want to be too hard on him or push too hard but something had to be done, not only was he trying to find his identity with bigoted southern ways of thinking but I could obviously see that he was not at all happy deep down.

I happen to stumble upon your website a few days beforehand and KNEW that this was the answer. I sat Matthew down after he was gone for the weekend and explained to him that I was his mother and knew what was best for him, I brought up the magazines (dozens and dozens he thought he hid well) and he was shocked, I told him that even tho he wasn’t a bad kid he needed a revolution in his life which is exactly what he was going to get. I told him that all he needed to do was to do exactly what we told him over the next few weeks and he would be happier than ever. It was at that time the doorbell rang.

I went to answer the door and as planned was my assistant Mindy. Mindy was my oldest daughters age and I hired her right out of high school to assist me with assets managing and other miscellaneous duties, she was smart strong and a very devout feminist like my daughters. I brought here into the living room and told Matthew that Mindy knows about everything and will be a huge part of his life from now on, it was at that point where we led Matthew to the bathroom door and told him to strip. Though he was scared he did as he was told and Mindy assisted him with his boxers because he hesitated to pull them down. We both bathed him then began to shave him, Mindy was very thorough and I could tell that she was the perfect person for this lifelong job Matthew had no knowledge of yet, she made him bed over to make sure all the hair was shaved off his butt and very thoroughly shaved his privates(which had always been very small btw).

We rinsed him off and wrapped him in a pink robe and led him to my room. He was shocked and horrified when he saw a a pink dress laying on the bed along with a bra, breast forms, panties and pink flip flops. We began to take off his robe and dressed him in these clothes, afterwords he was led over to my vanity and Mindy started painting his toes with a light pink and I did his hands, we then applied foundation, mascara, lashes, blush and a very think coat of lipstick. His hair was just shaggy enough for us to style it a little and put pink bows throughout it. Afterwords we led him to his room which he had not seen in a few days and he almost fainted, the whole room was now pink and white and he new white dresser was full of girls clothes, dresses, skirts, blouses, girly nightgowns, even costumes like maid outfits. All of his “boy” things had been replaced with girl things, there was even a place where we put all of his magazines in and organized manner and even added a few. There were posters of shirtless men on the wall and he now had his own vanity. At that time we led him to the dinner table telling him we needed to talk and as we got there to his surprise his sisters were already waiting.

Though Matthew was shocked and embarrassed his sisters met him with praises and hugs saying “you are now a girl” and “We already picked your new name” We all sat down and I explained how things were going to bed. I told “her” that I know this is all a shock but frankly it is overdue and this was how things were going to be from now on. Your new name is Mattie and you will do as I, Mindy and your sisters say from now on. Over the next several months you will be going through training and I know you will turn out happier than you could imagine. If your sisters are ever here you will do as they ask but it will usually be either me or Mindy. Mindy will be with you from now on from 4pm till Midnight and she is now your babysitter. She and I will going over your lessons, how to talk, eat, walk, how to have feminine body language, even lessons on orally pleasuring men.

Over the next several months I watched my son blossom into a beautiful, obedient, and happy woman. She would wake up everyday at 8 and I would remove her chastity cage (very small cage I might add) for her to use the restroom and take a shower, then the cage was placed back on and she would do her chores usually in her maids outfit and then afterwords we would have lunch, she would freshen up and then put on a different outfit such as a dress or skirt ( which I always made sure to hem them up so they would be too short, much cuter that way) she would then be given her lessons such as oral pleasure, how to speak, how to walk and curtesy. When Mindy arrived at 4 she would then strip Mindy down and see how many love swats Mattie needed depending on how I graded her for her chores and lessons that day, there were always a few love swats (spanking) and then she would take her cage off and see if she needed to use the restroom. Afterwords she would then give Mattie a Very thorough bath, shave her from face to toe, put the cage back on as well as her afternoon butt plug and then it was time to put on her girly pajamas and some light makeup, they would then have a few lessons on why women should rule the world and after dinner they would watch a chick flick on the couch while cuddling and then it was bed time, Mindy would then lift Matties night up, remove her cage and plug and give her a milking while Mattie would look at hot men on her iPad, afterwords Mindy would spoon feed Mattie her milk, and then put her back in chastity, I was so happy that my assistant who was basically a daughter to me and my Mattie were so close, Mattie is now 24 and happier than ever. Mindy and I still do our routines with her and through the advice of my daughter have have a male escort over every Saturday for Mattie to practice her oral skills on. It wasn’t until recently I found out that when Mattie was 17 and 18 she was considering taking “her” life and the only regret I have is not doing this sooner.

Thank you for everything Helga, you are my hero, the one question I had was do you think I should allow Mattie to be milked every night?? I see that many sissies are not allowed but my Mattie is very well behaved and I can tell it makes her happy, also what would you Recommend with hormones? I have considered these thing and am not sure what to do thank you!!


Thank you for your letter Cassie. I am thrilled that you found my website so helpful in changing Mattie's life. I'm sure she will be much happier living a feminine life. Of course oral training is very important and having her service for practice is helpful. I feel that milking should be a reward and if you and Mindy feel that she did well that day, then fine, otherwise, 'none' sends the message to her to do better the next day. I am not a medical professional and feel that the use of hormones should be a decision you make with her doctor.


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