Chris and Missy Part 2 of 5
by Leslie

It was registration day and Chris was befuddled. He had attended a rural high school with five hundred students and here he was on a campus with twenty five thousand students, every one of whom had to register for the term. He looked up and to his delight he saw Missy's smiling face.

"Hi missy, what are you doing here?"

"I go to school here. Did you think being a maid was my highest aspiration in life? I'm a senior this year in the Theater Arts Department. This is my last semester. What are you taking? Let's see your schedule. Oh no! You can't do that. This gives you only ten minutes to get clear across campus. You'd have to be an Olympic runner to get from this class to that one in time and you'd never be able to stay after class and talk with the instructor or other students. The computer doesn't take distance into account so you have to look out for that. It also doesn't care how far you have to travel or if you are an early bird or a night owl when it gives you an eight o'clock class like that one. But this is good; we both have Wednesday afternoons off."

"What do you do in Theater Arts?"

"I've done some acting, but my real goal is to be a professional makeup artist and do special effects makeup in the movie and TV industry. So, most of my classes are in other departments in arts and humanities and in science departments for classes like human anatomy and zoology."

"So when Bob called your makeover "working her magic on you" he meant you really are a professional. Wow!"

"Yes, I was talking about a real professional makeover. You will be able to go out in public and gain some small amount of understanding of how the other half of humanity experiences life. As I said, you won't regret it."

"Well Missy, I really enjoyed spending Saturday morning with you and I look forward to doing it again. Right now I guess I have two classes to change and I'll make sure to keep Wednesday afternoon open. Thanks for warning me about this scheduling problems. I will call you when registration is over. I was so lucky to see you today."

Chris had no idea what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, but he had over time seen various jobs that he was certain he did not want to do. So, his method for picking a major would be a process of elimination starting with everything and culling the list down as he learned more about the various subjects. Hopefully he would quickly stumble upon something he loves.

There were subjects that offered no job prospects whatsoever so unless it was of particular interest to him, they were off the table. Others were stepping stones like political science as a step to a career in law, or statistics as a prerequisite to any science or business major.

The first subject to bite the dust was philosophy. When the instructor said, "Imagine that you are the only thing in the universe, alone just spinning in space", Chris, with a predilection for details, pointed out that the only thing in the universe can't spin because motion is relative to other things. His statement of an intuitively obvious fact had the unintended consequences of starting an argument with other students. Chris liked philosophy but concluded that philosophy undergrads were dumb as rocks, would not be among the great thinkers of his generation, and he didn't want them as cohorts. Philosophy was out as a major.

Political Science was next. It was an easy course and he liked it, but some self described social justice warriors (SJW's) would tolerate no descent in class discussions and were supported by the instructor. Can it be called "a discussion" when alternate opinions are not permitted? It really hit home when a discussion of "blackface", the use of makeup to present oneself as a member of another race, came up. The SJW's were adamant that it is strictly taboo, but Chris saw it as a matter individual liberty with implications for cross-dressing and he made a terrible mistake. He asked a question.

"If you admire Michael Jackson and put on a sparkle glove and makeup for the costume party, why is that wrong?" They told him blacks were oppressed a hundred years ago, so he couldn't do it. His then pointed out that using oppression from the past to oppress other people today who had nothing to do with the oppression is wrong and does nothing for the injured parties who are now long dead, saying "Two wrongs don't make a right." And, he added "If presenting yourself as a member of another race is wrong, is presenting oneself as a member of the other gender also wrong? After all, women have been oppressed too." Consistency, adherence to underlying principles, would require only one answer to that question, but formulating a consistent world view was not high on the SJW priority list, so a question, intended as a defense of cross dressing, was viewed as the opposite. It turns out, while cultural and racial appropriation are out of favor, the SJW's get to pick and choose which ones are and are not OK and gender appropriation was highly, if selectively, prized in SJW circles.

Apparently asking a question that exposes a flaw in their logic was also taboo. And it turned out, in that particular class, two wrongs do make a right. His question, which had nothing what so ever to do with sex, was branded as homophobic and he was now called a "hater" and no longer welcome in the Political Science Department. It was then that he realized their brand of social justice could only be achieved by inflicting individual injustice and was antithetical to his view that a truly just society is one comprised of just individuals living moral lives. He now realized that anything imposed by mob force was in fact "social injustice". Another potential major had bitten the dust!

He had no clue why he had to take freshman English, but he did. He also took a class in Art History and even if it offered no job prospects, it would no doubt enrich his appreciation of art and architecture for the rest of his life. He was glad he took it. He took it on faith that statistics class would be useful someday.

Actually, most of the material for these subjects could be gleaned right off the Internet for free if one were willing to commit the time and effort, so he was spending a lot of money going to a university, not for the education, but for a piece of paper that other people value. And, he was there to experience a sort of tribal rite of passage of the slightly upper middle class.

His freshman year would not go well in environments where a predilection for details and a willingness to question orthodoxy were discouraged. Happily that was not the whole university. He loved intro economics. And, physics offered the opposite of his social science experiences because attention to detail and questions were valued in that and all other sciences.

As soon as he had his schedule, he called Missy and invited her over to his apartment for pizza. He ate and she watched and talked about school, her aspirations, and her project with him. "Would you be willing to come into one of my classes as a guinea pig and let me do a makeover as a class project? I will do it for you either way but I really would like to do it in class."

Realizing that he was the only one eating Chris said, "I forgot that you live in a house with a professional gourmet chef doing the cooking. I guess this isn't very appealing."

She admitted that it wasn't "health food" and suggested better nutrition, "You need to think of your girlish figure", she said with a grin. "What kind of women's clothing do you own and what kind of budget do you have for them? I brought a tape measure with me and I wanted to ask you about your feminine underwear." she said in a matter of fact manner.

Holly shit! Are there no limits for this girl? If you're in for a penny, you're in for a pound, so having said "yes" to Bob's question, his big secret was exposed. With Missy, there could be no secrets. He showed her his modest wardrobe and her response was, "I'll give you a list of what you need and sizes. Let me measure you. Shirt off, and pants down!" Putting aside any embarrassment he did as he was told.

She looked at his current inventory and wrote down exactly what she wanted him to buy and told him, "Go to Brenda's and tell her Missy sent you. She'll be expecting you and she'll take care of you. Wear panty hose and those white panties when you go. And, she has no interest in seeing your boy parts. There is one more thing, and I don't want to embarrass you, but boys sometimes get excited. You know what I mean. You need to control that. I don't care how but I don't want any messes. I'm sorry to be so direct.

I'll make some silicone breast forms for you at the art studio. You will also need black patent pumps with maybe two inch heels. And, shave your legs, or better yet, get a depilatory at a drug store. She continued her visit and they agreed to meet at her home about 1:30 Wednesday afternoon."

The next Wednesday he showed up and she answered the door. She has obviously been doing her house keeping duties because she was in her cute little uniform. He went in with a small bag in hand and he met Mr. Greenwood once again.

"Here for your fitting Chris?"

"Yes sir."

"Behave yourself!"

"Yes sir."

She brought him into her bedroom leaving the door open. "Bob is the only one here besides us, so there's no reason to be modest. Are you wearing what I suggested?"

"Yes, and here is the bra with "C" cups as requested and the camisole."

"Good. Strip and put the bra on and here are the forms I made for you. These are a gift! Put the forms in and put on the cami, then I have a surprise for you. - This is not a gift, but I'll loan it to you. Isn't it beautiful?" And she pulled a carefully folded white satin corset out of a drawer.

"Yes it is. Thank you letting me wear it."

"You're welcome. It's fun to share my knowledge with someone who appreciates it. Have you practiced walking in your new shoes? Go ahead and put them on. Three inch heels! You're brave! Walk ten blocks in those and you might wish for flats, but you chose them and they look good on you. Nice legs by the way. Arms out and I'll lace you up. How does that look?"

"Unbelievable! And it's comfortable too. Not like they always imply on TV." He said.

"Here I have a surprise for you. Put this one first."

"Wow, I know what this means. You wouldn't have me put this petticoat on unless you were going to let me try on one of your French maid uniforms."

"Wrong! You are going to try on your French maid uniform. When I saw how turned on you were at the site of mine, I decided you would enjoy having one of your own. It isn't something you will be tempted to wear in public, but you can clean your apartment in it. It wasn't that hard to make and I already had fabric and your measurements so I guestimated how the corset would change your measurements, and I figured why not? Let me zip it up and then we will try some makeup and a wig. Oh, don't forget your apron. Now you'll have to learn to sit and walk."

"Thank you so much Missy. I love it. You have made me so happy."

"It's fun for me too and I don't have a lot of friends, so thank you too. Let me finish this makeup. This is not the final product. We will refine the look next time. Now the wig and this cap I made for you and we are ready. Let me see how you walk? Good. Let's show Bob."

Mr. Greenwood was in the library and Missy proudly presented her creation. "Oh my! Don't you look pretty in that outfit? That's not what you are going to wear for Missy's special effects class demonstration, is it?"

"No Bob", Missy said, "He liked my uniform so much I thought he would enjoy having one of his own, so I made that for him. May I show Chris around the rest of the house?"

Sure, except for Rachael's room. Show him, auh, her the Court yard. The gardener just finished up out there this morning so it is at its best. Have fun! Oh, and Chris, if you are still around at 6 o'clock, you are both welcome to join me for supper."

"Thank you sir", Chris replied. Chris's honesty and good manners really impressed Bob.

The house was magnificent. Only a few blocks from the state capitol building, and on the same street, it was a prime location and had been in his family for generations. The Greenwoods were of the social class that inherits furniture rather than buy it, so when they do buy it; they take a longer view of its expected service life measured in generations, not years. "I guess some of this furniture has been in this house for a hundred and fifty years, in the same spot." Chris said.

"I think you're right. Isn't this dinning room beautiful? I never would have been exposed to this, or the antique Spode China, or the gourmet food if I didn't work here. By helping the chef in the kitchen I have learned an incredible amount about cooking. A chef wastes nothing. Old bread becomes bread pudding and leftover wine becomes lobster bisque. It has been a good experience for me. I'm a very good cook now. Plus it gave me a place to live and paid my way through school. You are lucky to have your parents footing the bill for your education."

"Actually Missy, they aren't footing the bill. They were willing to finance me for one year, and then it's an open question. I hate the idea of student loans, so I'll have to work a summer job and hope they can make up the difference. I know I told you when we first met that I didn't need a job, and that is true, but it won't be true forever. I might not make it through four years."

They entered the courtyard and it was a wonder to behold. "Wow, what a wonderful place. We are right in the center of the city yet it is quiet. I only hear the birds."

"That's because the walls are so thick on these old houses. The sound has to come from above, like from an airplane and they avoid going right over the capitol building." The two of them in their matching uniforms crossed the courtyard heading for the back of the property. Bob was looking out from his study and happened to see them. He thought to himself, "What a sight to behold. The two of them look so darn cute. Too bad moments like this are fleeting."

They passed a small building that used to be a laundry and well house in the nineteenth century and is now a pool house, and they passed another small building that used to be the privy and is now a modern bathroom. Then they headed for the six car garage that extended across the entire back of the property. It used to be stables and a carriage house. It had storage, workshops and an empty apartment above, which had been a chauffeur's quarters back when driving and maintaining a car was so complex that it required a specialist. The property goes through the entire block with three of the garages opening on the backstreet, and a sally port wide enough for a car connecting the courtyard to the street in front. It is an urban estate.

As they headed back to the house Missy pointed out the hot tub, sauna and swimming pool.

"I have the use of them if Bob or Rachael, his little sister, aren't using them, although they don't mind sharing if it's just us."

"Where is Rachael?"

"Miss Rachael is away at school right now, she's about two years older than you. You've seen the library, kitchen and dining room, so here's the back parlor which opens onto the courtyard and connects to the front parlor over here with these giant pocket doors. They would open it up and use it as a ball room back in 1920's. There's the billiard room and a greenhouse that catches the winter sun. Let's go up the main staircase and we'll go down the back stairs to the butler's pantry, just off of the kitchen and I'll introduce you to the new chef."

At the top of the stairs Missy pointed out a door that continues the front stairway up to the third floor servants quarters, saying "They're not used now, but we go up to check on them for maintenance every once in a while. The back stairs go all the way up to the third floor from the butler's pantry." Then she stopped and asked, "Chris, the other day you offered to help me a bit. We have about an hour and a half before supper and I still have two beds to change, a wash to start and the library to dust and vacuum, before I set the dinner table. I would accept your offer to help if it's still open."

"It would be a pleasure Missy, besides that, look I'm properly dressed for it now."

"Here's the linen closet. Take these sheets and these pillow cases. We'll change the guest room bed first and then Bob's bed and I'll start a laundry. Then we'll go down stairs and you can dust and vacuum the library while I set the table for three. Don't let the pretty uniform fool you, it's hard work keeping this place running. Besides that I have a regular maid's uniform for events when there are lots of guests, so I don't get to wear the cute one all the time."

A few minutes later, "Gee, it sure was easier with the two of us doing it. I usually have to wrangle the sheets and blankets walking around the bed several times before I've got it made up. Here this is called a hospital corner and then you pull it like this. It has to be tight and perfectly flat - like your girlie tummy!" She said smiling broadly."

Chris smiled back thinking to himself what a pretty smile she has.
With the laundry in and having introduced Chris to the chef who was already preparing supper, she set him up to clean the library, and she headed to the butler's pantry to get the china and silverware for setting the table. The table was set and Bob, and Chris were seated at the table while Missy served the hors d'œuvre and soup courses, and then sat down to join them. When she removed the soup bowls and brought the main course. The conversation resumed. Chris volunteered to help clear the table for desert but she, perhaps fearing for the safety of Bob's China, refused his offer.

Over dessert the conversation turned to Missy's class project and weather Chris would take part. He was reluctant to be cross-dressing in such a public setting, and Bob "sweetened the pot" saying that if he did it, he would take them both out to the best restaurant in town for supper after the demonstration and for a fun Saturday the next day. Missy said that Chris would need to be confident in his alternate attire to be dressed like that for two days. Chris eagerly agreed much to Missy's delight and she mentioned how much help Chris had been that afternoon.

Bob said, "Well, I guess that uniform suits you. I saw you in the library being so contentious. Too bad you don't have time for a part time job, because Missy could use the help."

"Actually sir, I do need a part time job. This year is paid for, but the other three years here are up in the air, and I need to save up because I am determined to avoid student loan debt."

That comment was music to Bob's ears. Bob loves economics and student debt was one of his pet peeves. "You're right to avoid debt. The Student Loan Program has done more harm than good, inflating costs in the education sector, creating a glut of graduates that reduces salaries, and hobbling graduates with massive debt. It also allowed for creation of non-marketable degree programs that equip graduates for jobs flipping burgers and little else. We have graduates now who are highly, but not well educated. When I went to school one could work his way through because tuitions and other costs were not inflated. The influx of government money distorts any sector of the economy and always has. When the Spanish took gold from Latin America in the sixteenth century, there was no corresponding increase in production of goods and services within Europe, so all it did was create inflation. For the Spanish king, all that gold and silver was just peachy, but everyone else was screwed as their money lost value. If you were a professor or college administrator, this influx of federal dollars means you have had nice fat pay increases, but students and their parents have suffered with much higher prices. That added money in education greatly increased capacity to far beyond what the market needs, diminishing the value of a degree and insuring an eventual shake out. Avoid debt.

I can give you a job if you need one. You will have a contract delineating your duties as houseboy; you will have insurance, workman's compensation and a code of conduct that you must agree to. But, you had better talk to Missy about it because she would be your boss.

With only me here now, I don't need a staff large enough to justify having a butler, so Missy performs those duties too, so she's actually a combination of maid and housekeeper and she needs a part time helper. I have reservations about that uniform for a boy though. Right now I'll leave that up to Missy. You will need a driver's license and references that will be checked out and we will run a background check. I'll hire you for two days a week on a probationary basis to start with and we'll see how it goes. Oh, one more thing; academics come first, your job second and any extracurricular activities come third. Missy will tell you all of that.

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