When Jenny and I were dating she seemed so submissive so I took the role of the leader. One day after we had dated for over a year she came to me and said she was tired of our relationship. I naturally thought she meant we were breaking up. I begged her to not leave me. To my surprise she said that she had no intentions of leaving. I wonder what she meant by that remark. She told me to follow her to her bedroom, we had never had sex and I had only once before been in her bedroom.

As we walked in I saw some really pretty clothes lain out on her bed. She called for me to come close to the bed. She told me to pick up a pair of white panties from the bed. I looked at her as if she had shot me but I picked them up. She told me to rub them on my cheek. I did and she ask how they felt, I answered that they felt very sexy. She then told me that if we were going to continue our lives together she would be the one totally in control. I asked what she meant and she said just as I said I will be the one who make all the decisions and that she would be my Mistress. I had heard of that sort of live style and read some about it. She then took me to the computer and on it was your web site she told me to read the letters that were sent to you. I began to read and she left.

I read for about two hours of the past stories and the new ones. When I finished I looked for her and she was in the guest room of her house. I walked in to see a room that looked like it was a bedroom for a six year old girl. One the wall hung about ten petticoats and they were all so stiff that they stuck out from their hooks. She showed me a sign on the wall that read Sissy's Room. She then told me that I could leave right then or I could move into that room the next day she then told me not to say anything. She told me to go home and think it over and she would call me tomorrow and I was not to call her for any reason except to say that I would not be coming back, if I choose to come back to her I was to wait for her call. I waited for her call it seemed like years before that phone rang.


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