from Paul

Dear Auntie Helga,

Here is my story as a failed man and now a happy celibate sissy. It all started some 7 years ago when my marriage was falling apart, my fault as I had failed as both a husband and provider. I had already taken over the housework as I was not working and had been barred from the marital bed for some time reduced to using my hand alone in the bathroom. I had been informed that I was a failure in bed and moved into a spare room.

My wife had always been the dominant partner and had announced that there were to be some changes and one evening I found myself in our front room with her and my mother in law. A stern woman who had never liked me and had often said my wife should divorce me and find a real man who could provide in and out of the bedroom. My wife explained that as I was not working other than housework I could either be divorced or agree to be a full-time housemaid for both of them. That I would be in dresses I was shocked and my mother in law produced a traditional style maids outfit and I was then ordered to strip naked and I would be dressed as a woman from now on whilst at home.

Well I was embarrassed especially at the thought of undressing before her but my wife was saying that this was long overdue and as I hesitated they got up and the pair of them soon had me naked before them. It was then they announced that there was one more thing for me and a box was produced that held a Cb chastity device. Bright pink and I was laid down on the floor and soon felt the ring encircle by penis and balls. Well I started to beg to be let out and that was silenced as my mother in law put a pink pacifier in my mouth saying that sissymaids are quiet and as I wasn't a man this would remind me of my new status. I was to wear the pacifier as well as a maid is not to talk but there just to serve superior women.

Soon I felt the tube cover my penis and despite the embarrassment tried to get erect but I was locked and told was only going to be allowed out when I was bathed. I felt like crying with shame my wife had for some time been in charge and now I was being reduced to a slave for her and her mother unable even to use my hand. I watched as the lock was clicked shut and I knew I was now a sissy.

The effect on me was startling, I bowed and was ordered to kneel and my wife took the pacifier out as I bowed and scraped before them as they ordered. Answered every command with yes Mistress and promised to be an obedient maid slave for them. My wife said that although technically her husband I would only be a maid from now on and under the complete control of her and her mother.

Well her mother said that the lesson needed to be brought home to me and they soon had me lent over the dining room table and my bare bottom spanked by her mother. My wife had previously done this now I knew her mother was also going to correct my behavior. Most shocking was my body trying to get erect the whole time I was spanked.

I then had to kneel there and found myself thanking them and later was put into a night dress after a long humiliating evening of housework as a maid. Well later I found that I was to wear a nightdress and had to get out of my maids outfit and hang that up. As I did I was shocked to see that there were several other maids outfits of varying styles, I knew then they had been planning this a while. Then I was led to the bathroom and told to run myself a bath and get in, aside from my device I was naked and embarrassed, even more so as they bathed me and explained I'd be bathed from now on and they would unlock me once a week for cleaning and my days of masturbation were over.

I cried a lot that night and in the morning was awoken by my wife and after a bath by her was soon in a bright pink maid outfit, this time with stockings and panties. Then my day of housework started and my wife explained that she saw no need for me to ever release and chastity was going to be full time. I couldn't even beg as had a pacifier in to keep me quiet an could feel my penis straining at the cage holding it captive, I used to use my hand a lot and thought of never doing that was horrifying to me, then my wife laughing said she was out later and her mother would be over later to babysit me.

Sure enough her mother arrived as my wife got ready for an evening out and her mother said for me to get my maids uniform off an put away and then go to the front room. This I did and stood there embarrassed as they chatted and my wife headed out. Then my mother in law produced a large bag and explained that she was going to treat me like the baby I am and put down a changing mat and said for me to lay down. She then began to wash me and produced a key saying it was time I was cleaned. She unlocked me and took the device off, I immediately got an erection.

She washed me all over and I was dried and even powdered. Then she took a hold of the chastity device saying it was time I was relocked. I was erect and she explained that if I stayed erect she would put me in a diaper for the next few days and change me like a baby. I was horrified at the thought and soon lost my erection and had it refitted back on. She reminded me that the days of my using my hand were over, I was a celibate maid for them now. She also explained that if I tried to escape the device or came when being cleaned it would be a full week in diapers and a romper suit crawling around on hands and knees.

Well I was then put into a nightdress that was pink and had white flowers on it. Told that as I had been a good girl I could sit beside her and have a bottle! She made a bottle of warm milk and even put a bib on me and then with me laid across her lap bottle fed. I was embarrassed and felt confused, feeling safe yet blushing and could feel myself trying to get erect.

Well the next few weeks went by quickly as I adapted to my new life as a celibate housemaid for them both and all my male clothes were thrown own aside from one suit I was only to wear when out shopping for them. On a few nights both my wife and her mother who I both had to address as Mistress brought female friends over and I had to wait on them and it was explained to their friends and much to my embarrassment that I was now celibate.

The first time was my mother in law who I'll refer to as mummy as that was how she has me call her. I was dressed in a short pink flowery maid outfit that was short and allowed my chastity device to be seen. A large pacifier was put in my mouth and I had to stand in the middle of the room whilst her friends laughed and remarked on the remarkable change. They had known me for years and I cried like the sissy I was as I was paraded about for them and my role explained much to their amusement.

I had to lift by dress for them to look at my device and they all agreed how it had improved me and it was nice to see me finally working and my mummy let them know my being locked was permanent. None of her friends had really liked me and I'd often been rude to them and they regarded this as deserved and liked me as a submissive. It was about this time my wife announced that she was dating again I was told that I would also be a polite quiet maid when her boyfriend stayed over, serve him drinks and speak only when spoken to. That I did and felt jealous seeing them together but had to be the sub maid.

This was even more embarrassing as he was the first man I had to serve and mummy had me looking very pink and girly, even doing my nails and with stockings on. Of course the short pink uniform I wore for guests hid nothing and again it was explained that as I'd failed as a man I was to be a maid. He thought that very funny and I even had to polish his shoes for him and later mummy took me off for my bath whilst I knew they would be making out and I was embarrassed as he knew I was going to be bathed and put to bed.

Mummy unlocked me and as I got an erection she asked if I liked the thought of listening to my wife making love to a real man later as I was laid in bed? Blushing I found myself nodding and she teased me mercilessly about being a sissy cuckold. I have admit that as I had never been good at sex and liked the idea of being a cuckold, it was all to much for me and I had a very intense orgasm right there. Mummy laughed saying that she knew that would happen. I was bathed, relocked and then as promised put into a diaper at which point I started to cry. Mummy comforted me and I was led to my room given a bottle and told to go to sleep.

Well later I heard my wife come upstairs and knew her boyfriend was with her. I lay there silent and after a while could hear the rhythmic sound of the headboard in her room bumping the wall. Blushing I knew I was now a true cuckold and my wife was being satisfied by him in a way I'd never be allowed to do. I laid there listening to the sound of my wife being pleasured and knew I was unable to even use my hand.

In the morning I was woken by mummy who got me bathed and in a diaper and romper suit. However there was worse to come. After I had been given my bottle and was sat beside mummy on the sofa my wife came downstairs saying that she wanted her slave. She was only wearing a skimpy nightdress and led me up to her bedroom. She opened the door and her boyfriend was laid back naked on the bed, she then instructed me to kneel down and thank him for pleasuring her in a way I was unable to do!

I then was sent out of the room and told to be about my duties. My wife and him went out later and I was left with mummy doing housework in my romper suit. I was dressed like that all week, at night it was girly nightdresses and even had to use a potty rather than a toilet as part of my punishment.

Well although I was subservient there were instances of rebellion, one was shortly after my weekly punishment when I was being bathed and had an erection. I begged mummy to let me please cum by hand just one more time. She said no, I'd agreed to submit and submit I would and if I attempted to use my hand she would take a belt to my bottom. I kept on whining and finally she said for me to stay put and left the bathroom.

Shortly after she came back in with my wife's boyfriend and I was ordered to stand up, by now my erection had wilted and mummy then locked me and said it was time a disobedient slave learned her place. He took my arm and she followed as dripping wet I was led to mummy's room. Once there a pacifier shut my begging up and my hands were tied to her headboard. Mummy passed him a cane and said that as he was the man of the house he could discipline me.

He did and after ten strokes had warmed my backside I was a crying mess, mummy also gave me a few and I was made to promise not to ask for release again as that wasn't the place of submissive locked sissymaids. That evening I was very quiet and my wife who had been informed about my pleading had me stand in her room whilst her boyfriend made love to her in a way I could never match in either his size or stamina. She said my being there dressed as a maid and locked was all I was suitable for and only real men had the privilege of orgasm. After I had to thank her for the privilege of being allowed to watch and sent back downstairs to mummy.

Most nights I would be in bed an listen to the headboard hit the wall as they made love an I would lay there desperately wanting release.

I found I liked being babied by mummy a lot and her deciding on my uniform for the day, her giving me a bottle and being bathed by her. Then one afternoon she had me lay across her lap and I rested my head on her ample bosom, she undid her top and put the nipple in my mouth holding me close as I rested there.

Well since then my wife has dated a few men and her mother has moved in and I live as their maid, mothered by mummy and treated as a slave by my wife, a role that I am suited for. Any rebellion has long since been removed by a good spanking and full time chastity. Mummy as I call her mother likes me as a baby and I love the frilly baby clothes and being mothered by her, whilst my wife prefers me in traditional black maids outfit and I find much pleasure in serving her needs.


Thank you for your letter Paul. As you said at the beginning of your story, you are happy being their sissymaid and slave now. Of course like all that join this fraternity there were some difficulties at the outset, fortunately for you, having a fantastic wife and strict mummy to help you, your transition has been relatively painless.

Auntie Helga

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