from Leslie

Dear Auntie Helga,

As a 48 year-old male sissy, I would like to express my appreciation at your wonderful website. It is always enjoyable to read about reluctant males being turned into big babies and sissy girls.

Although I have previously sent a letter to the Petticoat website a few years ago (Nov. 2001), a lot has happened since then. My previous letter detailed my experiences of a mature, dominant lady who became my 'Auntie', but neglected to say what happened during my first visit to her. So I would like to correct this.

For my first visit, Auntie dressed me in a rough approximation of a Fauntleroy suit. It consisted of a black velvet jacket, and a frilly white blouse with lace collar. A pair of black cycling shorts was a substitute for knickerbockers, and I wore knee-length socks instead of tights. After donning the humiliating outfit, Auntie called me a "Milksop" and a "Pansy". She then put on a pair of blue rubber disposable gloves and gave me an 'examination', much to my discomfort and shame. I felt totally 'conquered'.

Another little sissy boy outfit I was made to wear, was a sailor suit. It consisted of a short-sleeved top with sailor collar and a matching pair of blue shorts. During one of my visits, it was a very hot Summer's day - too hot to do much. So, while Auntie rested, I found myself dressed in the sailor suit, but with the shorts replaced with toddler training-pants. I wore nothing on my feet and sat at an old school desk, contentedly sucking a dummy whilst filling in a colouring book. Auntie had reduced to me to a little boy.

There was also another sailor suit, but this one was more adult in style. It was white and consisted of a jacket and bell-bottomed trousers. On a later visit, Auntie made me don this outfit, and the desk was used again, but for a much more painful purpose. With pants and trousers pulled down, she made me bend over the desk and gave a good, hard caning. Unlike my regular over-the-knee nursery spankings, this really hurt. Thankfully, she relented , but made me stand in the corner with reddened buttocks on display.

But Auntie had a much more effective way of keeping me in order. It used humiliation rather than physical pain, and became known as 'Goo Goo, Gaa Gaa' for reasons which will become apparent. For this, I was usually naked. Auntie would stick a dummy in my mouth and attach a collar and lead. I would be then forced to get down on all fours. With a tug of the lead, Auntie would lead me around the house like a puppy. As I went along, and despite the dummy in my mouth, I had to say 'Goo Goo, Gaa Gaa' out loud. It became Aunties' favourite way of making me compliant.

It would be wrong to say that my visits were all about physical punishment - Auntie had a tender side. She would often give me a bath, washing me with a flannel and getting into the 'nooks and crannies'. She would also cook lunch and when it was my Birthday, always give me a Birthday Card. I was kept at level where she did not regard me as an adult, but rather a child. I had to refer to my manhood as my 'Tinky-Wink' and if I wanted to go to the toilet, I had to say if I wanted either a 'wee-wee' or 'poo-poo'.

During one of my later visits, there was a fundamental change. So far, I had been dressed and treated like a sissy boy. But then Auntie started to dress and treat me like a sissy girl. I soon found myself wearing knickers and being put into dresses. For a typical visit, Auntie would make me strip naked and fold my everyday clothes up neatly. I would then put on a pair of frilly knickers and then a pair of socks. (These were pink with a cute floral design). Then on went the dress, usually one that Auntie had purchased from a Charity Shop. I wore a pair of deck shoes. Auntie would then put a wig on me. (She had several styles and colours). Lastly came her favourite bit, which used to make me tremble with excitement and shame. Auntie would take a length of pink satin ribbon and tie it into the wig in a bow. Once dressed, I felt like a complete and utter sissy and would then start to suck my thumb. I would then be made to sit on the sofa with my dolls before Auntie returned from the kitchen and thrust a dummy in my mouth. I had been regressed back to childhood, only a feminine one.

I had to wear a plastic Nursery-Print bib when eating, and had to drink fruit juice out a baby's feeding-bottle. I was not allowed to watch anything too adult or violent on television, mostly very young children's programmes. Auntie would sometimes make me change into Nightwear during a visit, and this consisted of either a baby-doll nightdress, or a pair of pink brushed-cotton pyjamas with a cute teddy bear and hearts pattern. Once, Auntie even hog-tied me whilst I was dressed in the pyjamas so that she could keep an eye on me whilst she rested. (Once, of a laugh, she dressed me as a tart in a fake fur coat and put lipstick on me. Fortunately she did remember to remove the lipstick afterwards!)

Sadly Auntie's health was never that good. During my visits, she had to keep taking medication and eventually her health became so bad that an ambulance had to be sent for. I am sorry to say that although she ended up in a residential care home, I lost touch but still still often think about her. (I think that the reason why we developed such a close relationship was because my mother took her own life when I was twelve years old and I missed a mothering influence).

My visits to Auntie have had an effect on me, as I try to incorporate babyish and feminine aspects to my everyday life. I have two teddy bears, a large brown one called Bruno, and a smaller, white one called Snowy. I love my teddy bears very much, and I am at my happiest when I am snuggled up in my bed, cuddling my teddy bears and sucking my thumb. I also have dolls that I enjoy playing with ( I have a doll's pushchair) and I like reading old children's annuals, especially girls annuals.

I also enjoy dressing up and in particular enjoy wearing schoolgirl uniforms, especially gymslips. Up until recently, I used to hire out costumes from a Fancy Dress shop in a nearby town. I got on very well with the female proprietor,and one day decided to hire out a schoolgirl uniform. There was a bit of a problem getting the right size, but the lady proprietor helped me. As she helped with the wig, I felt like a little girl being fussed over by her mummy! I have also hired out other costumes such as an Alice dress from 'Alice In Wonderland' and also a Dorothy dress (as in 'The Wizard Of Oz'). I have even romped around in an Andy Pandy suit. Sadly, the shop is now closed.

I also enjoy wearing spandex leotards and catsuits, and recently had a long-sleeved royal blue catsuit made for me. One of my ambitions is to be forced to dress as a Bunny-Girl, (leotard, fishnet stockings ,high heels, the works) and made to serve drinks at an all-female party where I would be the subject of ridicule and derision.

I have to confess that I used to have a slight sexist attitude towards females. Not as bad as some men, but still unacceptable. However, I have changed and regard females as being totally superior to males. (I would be quite happy to have a woman attach a collar and lead on me and be totally under her thumb).

Once again, congratulations on a fabulous website, and hope that more men will find themselves under female control and turned into docile little sissies.

Best Wishes,

Thank you for your letter Leslie and your kind words. If I might say how delighted I am that so many people continue to support our site after all these years and the passing of our dear Susan. I feel a much neglected aspect of proper petticoating is the use of sissy boy type outfits such as you described, then the eventual wearing of actual girl's clothes can be experienced for what it is, a privilege.

Auntie Helga

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