(From 'Search' Vol 1 No 10)

Dear Editor,

I am writing to tell you of my recent experiences with my husband, which may be of interest to your readers. It all began when we returned from an outing late one night. I was feeling very sleepy, and said to my husband, 'You can do the washing up, darling, I'm too tired'. To my astonishment, he went into the kitchen and returned with one of my frilliest aprons, and, blushing pinkly, handed it to me. Somewhat puzzled, I asked him to turn around, and I tied his apron on, while he stood trembling and, it seemed to me, highly excited.

He did the washing up with great care, and in bed that night he made love wonderfully. I began to think about this, and decided, purely as an experiment, to take things a little further. Using a children's clothing pattern book my mother had owned, I made him a lovely pink gingham frock and bloomer outfit, with a ruffled yoke and a prettily gathered hem. The hem was so short that his nice full bloomers just peeped out, as they are meant to do for a little girls' outfit like this. When I showed him his new outfit there were scarlet cheeks and blushing protests, but I could tell it was what he really wanted, and I ordered him to turn around so I could untie his apron and get him into his new clothes.

When he was properly dressed he just stood there looking a picture of abject humiliation, but I told him that there was still plenty of housework to do, and shooed him into the kitchen. While I sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea, he was made him perform all sorts of tasks, especially ones that involved reaching up, so that I had plenty of opportunity to tease him about his pretty bloomers. But despite all his confused protests, when we went to bed that night his love-making was again really special.

I now understood that being treated like this was what he really wanted, even though it was terribly embarrassing for him. It certainly meant less housework for me, as he was only too eager to be dressed in his frock and bloomer set, usually with a frilly apron tied on over them, and do all the housework himself. And now that I realise how much pleasure it gives him, I have certain other plans for him, and will write again when I have more to tell.

Mrs J. H. (Bournemouth)

This letter and the letters which followed it (they will be published in future editions) are amongst the most beautiful I have ever read regarding petticoat discipline in the home. Mrs J.H. was sensitive enough to realise that her husband was ready and eager to accept petticoat control, and so gave him what he wanted, and plenty of it.

If only there were more wives like her! Petticoat discipline is about love and caring, and as I stated in the first edition, marriages would be happier and more enduring if couples could only appreciate that. The great majority of marriages (or relationships) that have a maternal discipline direction are truly happy, healthy and enduring.

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