from Helen

Dear Helga,

My son is a wiry 14 yrs old. About a year back, we were talking and he asked me what it was like being a girl. I told him it can't be described, would you like to try it? Nooooo.

A few days later we were joking around and I asked him if he still wanted to know what it was like being a girl. He smiled and dove into my lap and buried his face. You do don't you. That was when I discovered women have a need to initiate boys into femininity. The feeling was so strong that I backed off but heard him say, yes. Yes what? Yes, Mommy, I want to find out what its like to be a girl. I waited. and waited. Would you please make a girl out of me? I didn't know what to say. I said permanent or just a short time. He asked if we could just sort of try it and if he liked it maybe forever. I do not remember any more of that conversation. I was shaking. This was a social no no, but I knew I wanted to do this. After a couple more days he asked again, and I said I'd get him some things. So I got panties, a dress, a training bra, socks and shoes. All from a salvage store, except the panties.

Then the evening came And I told him his time had come to turn girl. He said he didn't want to anymore. He was scared and wouldn't. He was grinning at me. I knew this was a challenge. He had been getting quite difficult lately and if I backed off on this, now, I'd never get control back. He was too young for this rebellion.

I tried to talk him back into it, but he became more and more insolent. Then I stood and took his (now gone) father's favourite Marine stance and voice of authority. Stand up! He stood quickly. Strip! He began to unbutton his shirt. Everything? Yes to the skin. No more talking. Do it now. He soon was nude and I handed him a pair of panties. I bought these clothes for you at your request and we are going to have you get all the wear out of them that you can. I held the panties open and he did not ask. He stepped into them. He was breathing fast, as if frightened. So was I. When I pulled them up there would be no turning back. So I told him that. I told him over 100's of years these clothes were developed to turn anyone who put them on into girls. I kept up telling him things like that. As I slowly slid the panties up waves of goose bumps went up his legs. I soon had the silky panties up around his waist. I told him to snug them up and smooth them all around and between his legs with his hands. I could see that made a quite a sensation on him. I hugged him and kissed him and called him my pretty girl.

Then came the bra. This worked out perfectly. It fit him to a tee. I had just permanently changed my rebellious little boy into a purely believable shaking little girl. He looked at me and I at him. After a while I said, I'm going to keep you like this. Would you like that? Yes, Mommy, please. I put the other girl clothes on him and the next day we did some serious garage sale shopping. He tells me how he loves his sleek nylon slip sliding over his silky panties.

Love Helen and Irene

Thank you for your letter Helen. Seems one of those 'be careful what you wish for' moments, though in this case it worked much better than hoped for. Our sincere best wishes for you both and we hope you will write again to report on your progress.


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