Dear Helga,

Firstly may I congratulate you on your excellent publication I have been an avid follower for many years but have never felt the need to get in touch before. First the background my ex husband Ron who I married young was a wild young man and I confess I stupidly found this exciting and despite warnings and my own instincts I married him within weeks he was having affairs and abusing me both physically and verbally although he always showed remorse and treated me afterwards. Well fifteen  years and three children later things had got worse Ron was a petty criminal and virtually never here except to beat me and hide from the authorities. Luckily for me he was eventually caught and during his arrest he badly injured a police woman this resulted in him getting a long custodial sentence, this was my chance to make a new start.

I moved from our home town to a small country village and divorced Ron, at this stage my children Emma 14, Ronnie 12 and Claire 10 were doing well in their new school however Ronnie has bean getting into trouble at school and the final straw for me was when he attacked his sisters. I sought help from an old school friend who suggested petticoat discipline as it had transformed her brother. I was ready to try anything by now as Ronnie had been expelled from school. Luckily I am strong woman and was able to overcome my son's objections to being dressed in his elder sisters old clothes and frequent spankings and canings had him much improved behaviour wise. So much so that I decided Ronnie would disappear to be replaced by sissy Roni.

As a qualified teacher I and some like minded friends home schooled "her" and "she" soon accepted her new life when Roni turned 18 she became my sissymaid and I also sent her out to work as a maid for other people in the village who pay me for her services. Anyway apologies for taking so long to get to my need for advice as I consider discipline an essential part of Roni's life she is still regularly spanked and caned regardless of her behaviour, as I consider that if she is a bad girl she needs the cane and paddle if she is a good girl. It is because of the spanking and caning, hence she needs it to keep her being good! My daughters Emma and Claire have both punished Roni over the years and their husbands Lee and Adrian have also helped out (they are two wonderful young men) Claires two daughters Jessica 18 and Sammi 16 also often spank their sissy uncle when they babysit her and this is the advice I require Emma's daughter Matilda has just turned 15 and all her life has seen her sissy uncle punished but she is now asking to be allowed to spank her. My question do you feel she is too young at 15? Her cousins did not spank their uncle until they were 16. I am sure being spanked over his 15 year old nieces knee in front of all the family will do Roni good but I am not sure if it is appropriate, I welcome your views and opinion regards


Thank you for your letter Patrica and/or being an avid follower. I am very impressed with how you have turned her into your sissymaid. Of course regular punishment is most important and having that done by the younger females in the family is humiliating and productive for the sissy it is also empowering for the the younger females, while 15 years old is quite young and many people would disagree, I feel it could be permissible in this instance, she is obviously no stranger to observing this activity and wishes to participate, I would also suggest that there be adult supervision when she does.


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