from David

Dear Auntie Helga,

"Mummy! Does David need a nappy on to go out today?" "Oh I think so, darling. We don't want him having any accidents, do we? Would you mind popping him into one?" "Of course not, Mummy. Does he need his thick terry nappy, or will a disposable be okay for him?" "Well, we'll be out for a while, but we'll have his nappy bag with us, so we can always change him if we need to. So why don't you just put him into a disposable?" "Okay Mummy. And plain baby knickers, or his frilly ones?" "You can choose, darling. Just make sure they're nice and snug over his nappy."

A conversation between a mother and daughter about a baby, you might think. But no. I'm David. And at the time of that conversation I was twelve years old. I'd had my morning bath and was waiting, wrapped in just a bath towel, in my bedroom. I lived with my step mother and her daughter, and I was being subjected to what my step mother called 'nappy punishment'. She inflicted this upon me whenever she considered I deserved it. At first I'd protested vehemently about being put back into nappies, but my step mother had simply spanked me until I accepted my fate. By the time I was twelve I'd resigned myself to her 'nappy punishment'. Nappy punishment meant that I was kept in nappies for a period of her choosing. Usually this was a day or two, but sometimes it was a whole week. It was SO humiliating, but I slowly resigned myself to my fate. What I found really humiliating still was how they'd discuss whether I was to wear nappies, and if so what sort. I knew they would make me wear nappies, but they seemed to discuss it in such a matter of fact way, as if it was quite normal for a boy of my age to be put into nappies and baby knickers. I always knew that I would end up in nappies and baby knickers, even if they pretended that they were still deciding.

Following her conversation with her mother Alice came into my bedroom and removed my towel, leaving me naked on my bed. Alice was only two years older than me, but I now knew better than to protest about what she was about to do with me. She made me lie on my bed while she went to my chest of drawers and took out a disposable nappy. She slipped it under my bottom and then proceeded to powder me, before pulling my nappy up tight between my legs and taping it in place. Then she went to another drawer, where my baby knickers were kept. "Well, David," she said, "which baby knickers shall we put you in today?" She looked at me as if I might respond, but I just lay there in my nappy, feeling wretched. She smiled and took out a pair of frilly white baby panties. "How about these?" she smiled.

I knew it was useless to resist, so I lay there and let her pull them up over my legs and into place over my nappy. She seemed very pleased with herself. When we were staying at home my nappy punishment meant that I would be made to wear just a nappy and baby knickers. My step mother told me that this would emphasise what a baby I'd been. And it was indeed truly a humiliating experience, especially if she, or Alice, had friends round. They would always laugh at me. But when we were going out they would choose an outfit for me to wear over my nappies and baby knickers. Sometimes this would be a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, but the shorts would be a really small pair of toweling shorts, like girls wore, which didn't quite cover my nappies and baby knickers, and in any case showed the bulkiness of the disposable nappy I'd been made to wear. But if they'd put me into a thick terry nappy then they would make me wear a little skirt or dress. Their explanation for this would be that my shorts wouldn't fit over my nappy, and that it was much easier to change my nappy.

But I knew it was really just to inflict further humiliation upon me. It was bad enough being made to wear a big thick nappy, but then having to wear girls' clothes too was almost unbearable. Unfortunately for me, this became an increasingly common option. Sure enough today, when my step mother came upstairs and saw the frilly baby knickers Alice had put me into she decided that I should wear a dress to go out. I protested that I was a boy, and didn't want to wear a dress, but my step mother just grabbed me and hauled me over her lap. She then spanked my bottom. The thickness of my nappy and baby knickers meant that her spanking didn't hurt, but it was SO humiliating. I resigned myself again to my fate. I was stood up and Alice slipped a little dress over my head and smoothed it down over my nappy and baby knickers. I glanced at myself in the mirror. My dress only came half way down across my bottom, meaning my nappy and frillies were completely visible. I started to cry. But so it was that I was taken out shopping.

When we got to the shops I was strapped into the pushchair they used for me. They made sure that the strap between my legs pulled my dress up above my waist, meaning that my nappy and frilly baby knickers were exposed to anyone who cared to look. They poked a dummy into my mouth to stop me talking, but there was nothing that could stop my tears of humiliation running down my cheeks. They took me round the shops, regularly checking my nappies to see if I'd wet myself. After an hour I could feel myself needing to go, and knowing they would never let me use a toilet I had no choice but to use my nappy. The next time Alice checked my nappy she smiled with satisfaction and said to her mother "Mummy, he's wet his nappy! I think we should change him." My step mother admonished me for being naughty baby, wetting my nappy, and then took me into a changing room. When we got there there were three other mothers changing their babies. They smiled at me sympathetically as I was laid on the changing table next to their babies and had my frilly baby knickers pulled down to reveal my wet nappy. Alice then removed my nappy, leaving me naked and exposed from the waist down in front of those other mothers. I was then wiped dry, powdered and put into a clean nappy, before having my baby knickers pulled back up. It was just SO humiliating. When they were done with me they took me shopping again. They bought me another pack of nappies, which they made me queue up to buy, making sure everyone around knew they were for me.

My nappy punishment went on for the rest of that week, and my step mother continued to inflict it upon me after that whenever she decided I'd been naughty. I'm still living with my step mother, because she won't allow me to leave. She still inflicts nappy punishment on me when she sees fit. I'm almost used to it now, but I still find it SO humiliating to be put into nappies and baby knickers.


Thank you for your letter David. No doubt you feel humiliated at being forced to wear nappies but your step mother does this because she loves you and wants you to be an obedient son. I'm sure our readers would love from you again at some point.

Auntie Helga

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