Dear Helga,

My sixteen year old grandson, who I have legal and physical custody of, has been acting out. He has been stealing my underwear and hosiery this past year, wearing it to bed and under his clothes. I have continued spanking him to no avail and sense he enjoys being caught and gets a 'rush' now out of me spanking him? He has recently left a picture of a grey and white maid uniform on my phone that he wants me to buy him. When confronted he said he wants to try being a maid? My head is in a twirl wind!

I'm the only authority figure in the house and really need some direction. Do you have any experience with or heard of this kind of adolescent behavior at such a young age? Completely at a crossroads here on whether I should continue disciplining him for stealing which only seems to arouse him, seek outside help, or purchase the uniform and see where this goes. At 63 years young he is making me feel old with stress.

After further thought, if this is a fantasy it may very well be short lived because I will have him preparing our home as such and exploit his real intentions. Before our correspondence I was starting to lean towards this scenario and the purchase of his own under garments as well. So on Friday the House cleaning uniform arrived that I had ordered and coupled with several pairs of nylon panties and pantyhose I picked up. He was very enthusiastic on Saturday when presented with all of this. Within 15 minutes my grandson was standing before me all dressed, asking if I needed any help.

During the next few hours I assigned him chore after chore. Unbelievably he would complete the task and then approach me for another. His change in demeanor is something I haven't experienced much and was quite welcomed as a calm, helpful, and dare I say respectful manner took over as he was in uniform.

Sunday we were out all day and and he did not get dressed up. However, both nights he did wear underwear and pantyhose to bed. It's important to note that Sunday he was acting out and being very disrespectful at times. A complete 180 degree difference from Saturday.

Not sure which direction this all goes and perhaps he was lashing out so I can act on it. I seem to get results when spanking with the paddle and of course Saturday while in uniform yielded near exemplary behavior. Today he is in virtual school and I'll see what happens after. Can you recommend when I should allow him in uniform? 1 day a week, every day? Also, would you recommend I discontinue the paddling and use non physical restrictive punishments?


Thank you for your letter Sandy. Quite a few questions and I will do what I can to answer, readers should note that this is a thread of emails between she and I but I will provide you an shortened compilation of our conversation as well as my answers and opinions.

Yes, I have heard of this type of fantasy in young boys, fairly common, though not often are they offered the opportunity to live it, I am very encouraged with your acceptance. Interesting how when in uniform he was polite and respectful yet out of it he reverted to typical adolescent behavior, you were right in using your paddle to help him to understand that you expect respect at all times. Feel if you can, then full time would be best, I also feel the paddle can be useful to ensure continued obeidence. Please do keep us informed.


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