Dear Auntie Helga,

I thought I should write to firstly that I hope you have had a relaxing and refreshing break and hope you have avoided the most dangerous areas for the COVID-19 spread which I know is still a huge problem. I wonder if since your return you have managed to have a glance at my last two updates on my planned service to my mistress Anne.

Over here I am getting used to my wife and mistress’s new approach to my request to be her maid and the remarkable changes in her treatment of me whenever I transgress in my (at the moment simple tasks) her attitude to punishment for shoddy work is mind numbing and although very uncomfortable is very satisfying to me as I know she finds it necessary. Until I am well enough to serve as her maid she is making the lifestyle as real as she can for me. As I explained, each day I am fully made up at 0800 in the morning wearing my bathing cap and rubber boots before making her breakfast. I am not allowed to wear my maids uniform until fit to undertake more arduous tasks which seems to be taking forever. She has however started me wearing a long bra, girdle and nylons which she says is helping prepare me for my maids service.

As I mentioned, I spend a long time in punishment and tied up, blindfolded and gagged (safely) for any actual or perceived errors, and I am getting very used to this and confident that I deserve it, and i know it will be the template for the future. My chastity has been changed for the neosteel variety which arrived after my measurements were done about five weeks ago. This model totally restricts any feeling at all down below. It has an attachment for a dildo type plug which is uncomfortable but which hasn’t been attached very often I’m pleased to say. Following my initial correspondence with you and after the frightening experience of my stroke my life and relationship with my wife and mistress has been truly great. She is a changed woman. I am resigned to my future role which has been my wish for many years.

Stay safe.

Respectfully yours
Maid Rose

Thank you for your letter Rose. I been trying to catch up with my emails and have read your updates, I felt this particular one embodied your current progress and success in your endeavor to become your wife's maid. Many husbands fantasize about becoming a maid for their wife however in my opinion with honest conversation and taking small steps it is possible, but if you never try you could live to regret it.


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