Dear Auntie Helga,

I thought I should write to firstly that I hope you have had a relaxing and refreshing For the past 2 years I learned about petticoating on the web. I took my time to read from guys and women involved. It just felt like it was for me even though at the time I was a single guy. Slowly I purchased all the women's clothing items from undies to maid uniforms. When my closet and dresser drawers were full I knew the time had come to learn to be a maid. I hired a maid service temporarily to learn how they did the job. The maids didn't mind I watched and asked questions. On the days they were not at my place I put on my own maid uniform and did the same cleaning. I quickly learned it was hard work and hard on my back.

One day I was practicing ironing when my mother came over to see me. I had no idea she was in the house until she caught me ironing in one of my maid uniforms. We were both speechless at that moment. She asked what was I doing when to me it was obvious. My mom brought us lunch so while we ate I had to let her know about how I got started and why I wanted to be a maid. At first she was not happy with me as she always thought I was her son and she liked me as such. Then slowly my mother saw that I was happy dressed as I was and I liked maid work. I got to the point My mother hinted that I should drop by and clean her house or better yet become her maid.

I had dreamed about living as a maid for a woman without thinking of doing it for my mother. I showed my mother your website and read a few letters to her just so she knew there were others living lives as maids. My mother talked to me about living with her again and how she would allow me to work as her maid. She also said if I wanted to dress as a woman the rest of the time she would support me and help me. The fact my house was for sale and I hadn't found another yet sounded like a good idea.

Auntie Helga, in your experience do adult sons make good maids for their mothers or am I better off waiting to get married? What if I decide to stop working as my mother's maid after she invited me back home to live? How will she feel if I decided to stop? What if she decides I keep working as her maid and I want to stop?

If you find time to reply to me it would really help me.


Thank you for your letter Tim. Great questions; of course sons make good maids for their mother, you have had a lifetime to form this trusting and loving relationship and though this adds a different dynamic it also provides the opportunity for her to have more free time as well as a clean home.

I would imagine that should you decide to stop being her maid you would be what you are, her son. How she would feel I couldn't say if you wanted to stop, however if she wishes you to keep being her maid, then my advice would be for you to obey and become her permanent maid.


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