Dear Helga,

Just another story or an update on chrissie, my sissy-maid husband and what transpired during his sister's 2 week visit.

I was sort of glad that his sister decided to visit a few weeks back. I had once again been neglecting chrissie the past couple of weeks with all the outside activity like the book club and the gardening club. We had some yard sales and cookie sale for the holiday and that was really taking its toll on my sub.

I hadn't completely abandoned him, I did dress him in panties, triple layer ruffle panties and his pink maid outfit and other outfits and left him doing chores a few times, I did dress him and gave him corner-time a few times with his panties pull down over his knees as he stood in the corner sucking on my warm panties. I did make him sleep in diapers a few times, I just did not dedicate any special exclusive time for my sissy and play with him like l should have and at the level required to be held in that submissive mood. Sorry to say. I was falling behind in keeping him submissive, something I am afraid to admit, really hated since I do like having a submissive sissy husband. But I could tell of my neglect, he is getting cranky; a sure sign of falling out of sub state.

And to tell you the truth, it was starting to show, like I found the toilet seat up on a few occasions, no toilet paper in the quest bathroom, for example, and I noticed some hair on chrissie's thighs, not good.

So this visit for two weeks will give me a chance to focus on my little sissy husband and getting him back into his little sissy mind-set. I had plans for him; he will be in overload during her whole visit.

Usually, as you have read in my past articles, he gets treated a day or two a week as a sissy sub to hold his attention and keep him focused that he is my sissy slut. And that doesn't mean he gets to climax each time; sometimes, yes, and sometimes no. Like I have told you before, it's not just about him having a climax in order to keep them submissive; its humiliation and control that keeps them submissive and in the right frame of mind. Without these two elements, you are just having a cumming session that will result in a lazy sissy. Remember that.


His sister came to stay for a two week and since his proclivity for ladies underwear all started with him wearing his sisters underwear and fem-pads (Kotex pads) and his mother's bra, I insisted way back in the beginning when we first started and instituted a rule that he would always be dressed covertly whenever they were around him. I had decided right from the first day that I caught chrissie dressed and pleasuring himself and that week I decided to indulge in his fetish and that any time he was in their presents, he would retreat and change into a tight pair of panties and a Kotex pad belted underneath his male clothes, no exceptions. He is responsible for keeping the "Pad" closet well stocked for these occasions. You can still buy a "spin off" of the Kotex pad online complete with a belt.

If we drop by their house anytime, he will be dressed appropriately under his male clothes or "covertly," as I call it. Like I said, no exceptions! Even if they just surprisingly drop in during the day when he is home, he is to instantly retreat and change. A RULE in place, no exceptions and heavily enforced with dire consequence if disobeyed. Trust me, he once forgot and ended up spending a full day in his recycling panties and gag, strapped very tightly in his "re-cycling chair. " A very strict punitive chair, that another story, maybe I write a story about it some time, hehe.

So during her stay, each morning, he was to change out of his diaper, YES I met him in the bedroom about a hour before we were to go to bed EACH night, he was to just wait for the "wicked wink" from me and he would excuse himself, go to the bedroom and he was then to strip, get on his knees and wait for me in the bedroom, he was then diapered every night of her stay.

I would slip in to the bedroom and diaper and firmly duct tape his diaper, and slip a nightie over his diaper, he would then put on his "sweats" over this and come out and prance around his sister secretly or as I call "covertly" a bit before we retired for the night. My instructions were, he would prance around her as he was covertly dresses. I knew his cock was rock hard as he pranced around her, what a slut these gurls are! If I wanted a little of noise under his sweats as he prance around, I would add pantyhose over his diaper and a tight girdle, that brings noise, diaper noise.

Beside a small room we have in the basement that we use as my dungeon, complete with strategically place hooks, we also have a huge walk-in closet in our master basement. We have hooks in the ceiling hidden under the ceiling lamp shades and a few in the walls hidden behind my shoe racks, that allows me to spread chrissie legs, so chrissie will often find himself just hanging in the closet maybe while I take short naps sometimes, trust me he did a few times during his sister's (Pam) stay.

Or other nights he would pretend to be tired out and going to bed and I would meet him in the bedroom, tied and gag him in some way, maybe just locked in his slut cage, and then go back to his sister before going to bed.

So, Yes, he was also required to be diapered each night before bedtime when around any of his sisters, but he was given strict instruction to changed in the morning back into his panties and pads and I repeated this rule with each nightly diapering.

The only time this diaper ritual did not take place was a few evenings when he would maybe find himself tied in a precarious position in our bedroom and maybe strapped in his chair and sucking from a Mistress "Nectre Bag" or some other humiliating situation, after excusing himself and saying he was tired and was going to bed early, also prompted by a "Wicked wink."

Once I winked, I would then meet him in our bedroom, tie and gag him and return to his sister saying he was tired and just went to bed for the night. So you can see, his sister‘s visits created a lot of work and planning for me as his Mistress, but believe me, I do get a return for my time invested, oral that is and many times I must say... hehe.

The only day chrissie did not wear his panty/pads was one day when I punished him for not preparing toast for our breakfast. That day I made him wear his extremely punishing and uncomfortable "Burlap panties and bra."

These are a pair of punitive panties and a bra that I had made for him using a burlap bag that came with something we purchased for the garage, can't remember what is was. I machined wash the bag and then cut and sewed a nice tight pair of panties for chrissie. Then I also made him a tight fitting top, I'll call it a bra, that went with the panty, no cup, just a tight top/bra with burlap straps and the back bra clips from a normal bra that was sewed on for fastening it. This came out pretty nice.

Then I washed and starched them using plenty of starch, Believe me, you never forget you have them on.

They were well hidden under a pair of large sweat pants and shirt. Thank god for sweat clothes. I don't know if the starch presents a more abrasive texture or not, I sometimes think non-starching is a more abusive finish.

Anyway, this is all unbeknownst to her/them, I don't think any of his sisters were ever aware that he used to play with their underwear, and I am thinking their garter belt and stockings when they were young.

So as chrissie pranced around in his pads and panties and was very attentive to us during the day, come evening, that's when the fun started, behind closed doors. I offered Pam the bedroom right across from our bedroom for Pam to sleep. I had planned to abuse gagged chrissie each night right behind our closed bedroom door, as well as to be satisfied. Each night I pulled the horse stand, a stand that chrissie find himself tied and secured to for his gurly abuse. It is the right height for entering both his mouth and his pussy and at the right height to offer me a sitting stool while he is strapped faced up, for my pleasure of course.

He would be strapped to the bench as I pulled hard back on his bridle gag with each deep thrust of my cock as I rode his pussy. To prevent Pam from hearing, or least I think, chrissie would always have his nose clip on along with his bridle gag. It seemed to silence him very well.

Other nights he might find himself tied spread eagle on the bed well gagged and/or was left hanging in the closet laced in his straight jacket and sucking on my panties or Pam's panties a few hours during the day, all unbeknownst to Pam with his electro shock machine set on a moderate level to produce a moan and semi violent body movements around his cock and balls.

So for the entire 2 weeks, I kept him covertly dressed under his large sweat suit, his cock was always at attention. He was in sub-land and was loving it.

Each day I got up I would select what chrissie was to have on under his sweats. On the days I did not select anything special for him, he knew he was to default back to pantyhose, tight panties, two Kotex pads held up by his pad belt. But I tried to mix it up and some days I selected garter belt and stocking or pantyhose and even a cut-out bra, or maybe a girdle or two, tight ones.

One day I selected his steel cock cage, a small diaper and a tight girdle. His ass cheeks and cock and balls were covered with Icy-Hot prior to me attaching the diaper. I pushed a warm piss soaked panty into his mouth prior to coating his cock and balls with the Icy-Hot and quickly locked the steel cage on his cock and removed the panties from his mouth after his diaper was secured and his girdle was pulled up. I knew his sister was sitting in the room next to us reading a book, so the panties in his mouth were needed.

As the Icy Hot heated his cock and balls I could see him squeezing down on the wet panty releasing that warm nectre into his mouth and holding back his moans knowing his sister was in the room across the hall. This made his cock strain against the steel cage most of the time he was wearing this selection.

I gave his specific instructions that thru-out the week he was to pay attention to us, he was to be our "secrete maid" and also keep the house in order. I would also give him a chore list he will perform while his sister was here so she could see how attentive he is to me and wonder!!! She actually loved watching him and even commented on what he good "guy" he was... hehe.

Pam has always wondered why he was such a help around the house, if she only knew. But I suspected that Pam too was in fact a little domineering and would most likely be a good Mistress if someone were to introduce it to her.

On the day I selected the chores, wasn't much, vacuum a few rooms, straighten a few closets out, not much, just busy work, but I dressed him for discomfort. That afternoon before he started, I gave him my nasty "Wink" and he left for the bathroom, and stripped. It was early afternoon.

Once I met him in the bathroom I went to the hamper and returned with a few unexpected items. I had a special treat for my bitch. I had 4 pair of his sister's worn panties. I had told Pam I was going to do wash later so I gathered her dirty clothes also. I pulled them over to him and made him aware of who owned these panties, I looked at him and said, "well look what I have for you to suck on, sissy!" "Just like old time, wouldn't you say, well isn't it slut!" The look on his face was pure embarrassment, but his cock showed excitement, it was rock hard and if I didn't know any better, it was leaking pre-cum already.

"Yes, they are Pam's, and just for you." He looked at me all pathetically and said "oh no, please Mistress" I told him to open his bitch lips! "OPEN-OPEN THAT MOUTH!, I took my time and slowly pushed 2 pair into his mouth.

His cock grow even harder and it wasn't long before it was actually leaking . "Now Open Wide Bitch," I pushed 2 pair into his mouth and the other went over his head as a panty hood.

I ran several strips of duct tape around his mouth so the crotch was pressed up tightly around his nose. "Suck on them! I want to hear you suck on them! enjoy slut, brings back memories huh, you nasty bitch!" "well you going to pay today!" "come on... I want to hear you suck on them!!" "do they taste as good as they use to?" chrissie was so embarrassed he just sucked harder and didn't say anything, How about I let Pam see you sucking her panties, his cock was massive. Go figure!!

The forth pair, well he will wear them over all his outfit, just like good old days. hehe...

I gagged him since the attire I picked for his house chores was going to produce a lot of moaning as he was being fitted into them and his sister was no doubt sitting in the room reading a book, next to our master bath.

I made him bend over and I inserted his large pussy plug first, one that I was sure that would move in and out of his pussy as he moved about.

Then I greased his cock and balls with "Ben-Gay" then I quickly attached his cut-out diaper with plenty of duct tape around the legs and waist, his cock and balls were hanging out the front of the diaper, nice and tight. Then, over that a cut-out girdle to hold his plug tight in his pussy and make it move as he moved, but left his cock and balls hanging out the front.

This diaper and the girdle just has a hole in front so you can pull his cock and balls out on display but the girdle is still functional. All the time being very verbal about him sucking on those panties and smelling the one over his nose.

Next, came his locking jock strap on him. The inside of the Jock strap is coated with spikes so as his cock got hard, he would pay the consequence. And since I coated his cock and balls with Ben Gay and he was enjoying the taste and smell of his sister panties, well….his cock was enormous and I had to really man-handle it to get it into the jock cup. I had to squeeze his cock and balls into the jock strap, it wasn't pleasant. I then attached the two padlocks on it.

To make matters worse, I was telling him how I was going to tie him to the horse later that night, right behind out bedroom door, when his sister goes to bed and he will be beaten and that I am going to fill his mouth with warm nectre as a reward for the good blowjob HE will give me and finally, I will use his pussy for what it is made for, my cock. He moaned as his cock rubbed the spikes inside the cup of the jockstrap.

I warned him that although I plan to have him well gagged, he better not allow his sister to hear his moans or I might invite her in to see what a bitch her brother really turned out to be. So he was having a difficult time keeping his cock from not getting hard as it was planted against the spikes in the jock cup, my plan.

Next, I also took a chance and put his spiked bra on him. It was going to be difficult for him to wear this around Pam. This is an excruciating device/bra, it digs into his nipples and the whole bra is covered with spikes, even the sides and back, the whole bra is spiked, even all the cup area.

It produces a lot of moans as he moves and since he will not be gagged while doing his chores I felt it was going to be very risky, but... live with it. I usually use this bra when he is in bondage. Every slight move is felt! It is constructed strictly from a spiked carpet runner. It was custom made by chrissie under my orders after reading about it from another Mistress. I save it for nasty punishment. He also has a pair of matching panties to go with it, but wasn't part of his attire today, these are too extreme and ALWAYS produces full moans, loud moans with any movements. Since Chrissie took liberties with his sister underwear when he was young, I felt this was a good payback.

Next came his bright pink pantyhose, and finally I had him step into the last pair of his sister panties. "See, isn't that sexy, you like wearing Pams' panties, don't you slut?" I made him look at himself in the full length mirror and parade around the room as I admired my work. I could see the humiliation on his face and the pain from the selection, WHAT I WANTED!!

I then sat back and admired my work and then handed him his large sweat pant and shirt and handed him the list and told him to get started.

Pam was very observant while chrissie performed his chores. I tried to keep her out of the area that chrissie was cleaning since as he worked he was would be fucking his pussy with each move and all those spikes will be taking their toll on him. I could hear him moan once in a while, some of pain, and sorry to say, some of pleasure (most likely from his pussy plug), what a sissy... he he.

When he was all done, I again whisper in his ear to meet me in the bathroom.

This time I had him lay in front of the bed. I tied his arms behind his back and his thighs and ankles were strapped. I put on his hood with the "D" on the top of his head so I could pull his head back. I had him lay on his stomach and pulled his ankle back to his waist and tied him in a hog-tied position. I then pulled his head back and secured it snug but not extremely tight since I will be leaving him alone for a few moments. But I will check him for sure for safety sake and I will also have him on camera on my phone. I know his limits.

I ran straps from his thighs strap to one of the bottom large bed post and straps from his shoulders to the front post. He could not move and inch. I stuffed the wet panties back in his mouth but I did not secure them in case he needed to expel them quickly, for safety sake. BUT!!, I warned him that if I came in and they were not in his mouth there would be horrible /painful consequences!!

I set the small wifi camera we have up on the dresser and pointed to chrissie and checked my phone to see if it was focused correctly. This is a security cam we bought and I use it when I leave him alone at times. I told him I would be back, but I wanted to see him trying to pleasure himself with the cock I had in his pussy when I look at the live feed on the phone, so get to work and start grinding the pussy.

I told him if I wasn't satisfied with what I was seeing in the picture on the phone, that I would show the phone to Pam and say, "look at your pathetic sissy brother. Isn't she such a sissy gurly?" "You don't want that to happen, do you chrissie?' he moaned and tried to shake his head, but that was going to happen. I also told him that I would come back and switch to a massive cock in his pussy while his sister was watching the phone screen, so he better be convincing that he is pleasuring himself. He moaned to show he understood and started rotating his hips and pussy cheeks and moaning.

He couldn't move much hogtied as he was, but I could see him moving his pussy cheeks, hips and started to moan into Pam's panties. I knew some of the moans were coming from the spiked bra and jock strap also, but oh well... I left closing the door behind me. I returned to Pam and we sat in the kitchen talking and drinking coffee. I position my phone to where I could see it as I looked at chrissie pleasuring himself the best he could in that position. I only wished that I could turn on the sound to hear him but couldn't since Pam was across from me.

She did ask me where her brother was and I told her I think he ran down the road to get something from his friend, he would be back.

We both just sat there and I pretended I was playing a word games on my phone, but I was watching chrissie trying to move around and put on a show for me. I could see he was truly enjoying his position now, I can tell when he is excited. Again, I only wished that I could turn the sound on. From the way he was trying to move his hips, I could tell chrissie was now in "sub-space," Now, my panties were now getting wet, sorry to say.

It was about 20 mins into chrissie hog-tied, that is a long time, really when you are hog-tied, so I decide it was time to release him but first I wanted to tighten up on the straps and give him 5-10 mins of tight bondage.

I excused myself and went into the bedroom.

I did not turn off the security cam picture on my phone, I just laid my phone down on the table, face down. I thought if Pam picked up my phone she would see what I was doing to her brother. I really didn't care since spending a few days with her proved to me that she may have a dominant streak in her.

I would never know if she turned the phone over and seen me adjusting the straps or not. That enigma was going to be mind blowing to both me and when I tell chrissie later.

I have always had a fantasy about Pam, her pulling her brother around on a leash, panty gagged and panty hooded, hands tied, in one of his big waddle outfit, just pulling him around with his thighs spread wide and waddling, as he try to walk. So her finding out about chrissie, to me, would be a big plus. And like I stated, I think she is a dominant women.

So, anyway, I pulled chrissie's head strap back to his ankles and arched his back and shoulders, he was moaning now, "shut up slut, you want Pam to hear you, she is already asking where you are!"

I grabbed the ball gag and attached it and that pushed the panties into his mouth and silenced him. I adjusted all the straps tight and he couldn't move. "I'll be back, enjoy yourself!" he was moaning loudly now so I grabbed his nose clip and attached it over his nose. He was perfectly silenced now.

This is a swimmer‘s nose clip that you just attach it to his nose and it will almost 100% silence any sub since most of the grunting produced by a sub comes from his nose, and chrissie is a true mouth breather so closing the "Grunt Hole" has no effect on his breathing and you do not have to pay attention to it when it is clipped on.

I returned to the table watching chrissies every move as I talked with Pam. She seems the same so chances are she hadn't look at my phone.

As I watched on my phone I was getting more and more excited. One of the positives of this lifestyle is that I truly enjoy having a sissy maid and I truly get turned on abusing my sissy. I couldn't take it any longer. I excused myself telling Pam the the coffee was just running through me and left to use the bathroom.

I quickly untied chrissie from the hog-tied position and pulled him to his knees in front of the bed. I sat up on the bed and pull my panties down and chrissie knew what I wanted. He is so skilled at servicing his Mistress. It didn't take long before I climaxed and pushed him to the floor. When I recovered I untied him and told him to get undressed and switch back to his pads and panties and find a way to sort of sneak back into the house since Pam thought he was out and visiting his friend.

About 10 minutes later chrissie came in the front door like nothing had happen and joined in on our conversation and pick back up on catering to us.

About 8 p.m. I again "Winked" at him and he excused himself for the night telling Pam he was tired and wanted to go to bed early. She fell for it again. I met him in our bedroom, he was nude on his knees with his hands behind his back. He was holding the leash from his collar in his mouth, the position he MUST allows assume after being winked at, at any time, day or night... retreat to the bedroom.

I told him what I wanted and left telling him he has 15 minutes. When I returned, he was sitting in his arm chair in the middle of our master bedroom closet. All the straps were neatly laid on the floor beside him and he was wearing pink stockings, garter belt, cutout bra and his cock was standing out at attention. Once I had him securely strapped into the chair to where he couldn't move an inch, I went into the bath and return with a cup of warm mistress nectre. I pushed another pair of Pam's panties into the cup and then I wrapped the mouth piece of the funnel gag with the nectre soaked worn panties from the cup, "oh, this is going to taste sooo good my slut, Your sister panties soaked in Mistress nectre!" "open that mouth slut!" I push the funnel gag into his mouth as I fed the panty cover spout into his mouth and secured it tightly" "My what a nice gag Pam's panties make, don't you think?" chrissie tried to speak but could only moan.

I then attached a strap and pulled his head tight up towards the ceiling using the hook that is hidden under the ceiling lamp shade. I set the camera up and checked my phone and he was all set for an evening of feeding. Before leaving and closing the closet doors and telling him I would be back, I emptied the cup full of nectre into the funnel. He moaned as the nectre started to enter his mouth and his cock grow an inch or so.

"I'll be back with some more treats a little later, slut, do you want Pam to bring them in and feed your funnel bitch?" chrissie tried to shake his head no, but really could move his head. I again set the camera so I could see him. I watched my phone screen as I was talking to Pam and then I decided it was time for some more refreshment. I went downstairs and got 2 of the many ice cube trays from the freezer. One was sissy cum cubes and the other was sissy nectre cube. I went into our bath room and gathered a hand full of each and dropped them into the funnel gag. I could tell the taste didn't sit well with chrissie as he grunted when the first drop of sissy cum hit his tongue as they melted down into the funnel. I took another hand full of the sissy cum and sissy nectre cubes and put them into the cup and added some warm water. Once they were dissolved I slowly poured that into the funnel. "Look what I have for you my sissy slut, enjoy my slut, I will be back!" You could almost make out the disgusting look on his face, I have seen it before as he slurped the cum, piss cubes.

His cock was enormous, so I thought I would cool things off, I rubbed a palm full of Ben-Gay over his cock and balls. He was moaning so load once the ointment took effect that I had to remind him that Pam was in the other room and again closed the door and went back to Pam.

At around 9 P.M. I came back into the closet and dropped a few new cubes into his funnel, this time they were Mistress nectre cubes. I rolled a condom on to and down his cock, which was still massive. I then pushed the vibrating cock sleeve down his cock and attached the vibrator and duct taped it in place. I attached the electric cord to the remote box and then plugged that into the wall. This allows me to remotely turn the vibrator on and off regardless to which room I am in by using a remote control. "Now, when you cum, if you cum, you will get your final treat. So I want to see a good size load in that condom or you will spend the night tied to that chair, do you understand slut?" chrissie moaned a yes.

As Pam and I talked and watched TV, I monitored him on my phone secretly turning on and off the remote, vibrating his huge cock sticking out of the cock sleeve. I could see by his movement when he was about to fill the condom and then I would turn the vibrator off. This went on for about an hour, him straining at his straps at times, before I actually allowed him to load the condom full of his gurly cum. Still, after he had cum I would torture him and continue to turn the remote on and off. I really think he may have had two orgasms. His cock was hard again, I could see on my phone.

It was late now and both Pam and I decided to call it the night. I walked into the closet and turned off the vibrator and removed the condom very carefully to capture every ounce of that girly cum. I set the condom into the cup for now. I rolled another condom down his cock and reattached the vibrator and sleeve. Again his cock was hard. I turned the vibrator on low and hit the remote, sounds where coming out of the funnel gag. I went into the bathroom taking the cup and full condom and open the the condom and under the sink I filled the condom with warm water being careful not to burst the condom like a small water balloon . I mixed it all up and then poured it back into the cup and back to the closet I went. Meantime chrissie was making sounds like he was about to cum again so I turned off the vibrator. I also shut the door behind me since I could hear Pam in the room across from us.

"Now chrissie, I have a nice treat for you being so good to us ladies today, so when you cum I want you to open wide!"

I turned the vibrator to high and I removed my now soaked panties and folded them and laid the wet spot over his nose. I ran a loose strip of tape over the panties to hold them in place. Chrissie was moaning loudly again and straining against the straps I could see he was about to cum. "come on sissy, I need that cum to make more delicious cube, come on!!" Just as he let the first load into the condom I dumped the Cum juice from the cup into the funnel. His funnel was about half full of juice. His cock exploded again and again into the condom as he slowly swallowed the girly cum juice. This was truly one act that chrissie disliked, truly truly dislikes…the taste of his cum. But, looking at his cock you wouldn't be able to prove it.

I thought he was never going to stop coming. It seemed with each mouth full of cum juice he swallowed came another explosion. Finally he relaxed and I turned off the vibrator. I allowed him to cool off, I removed his funnel gag and stuffed my panties into his mouth and attached the ball gag.

I slowly rolled the full condom of his cock and left him there closing the closet door. I mixed the cum with some water together and poured them into the one of the three ice cube trays. I filled another tray with fresh Mistress Nectre. The last tray chrissie will fill when I release him, of his sissy nectre. All three tray's will be taken down to the freeze once chrissie is released, by chrissie I took a nice long shower before releasing him. Upon releasing him. I instructed him to fill the last tray with his sissy nectre and take all three trays t the freezer for future use, then take a shower and get ready to be padded for bed.

When he came from the shower, I informed him that instead of diapering him, tonight I was going to pad him. I used two big folded towels in the shape of large pads and held them tight by two tight girdle for him to sleep in, and of course a short pink nightie. These always prove difficult to sleep in since he can't close is legs. In the morning he will be back to panty hose, pads and panties.

The next morning chrissie made breakfast and as Pam and I talked and we decided to go shopping for the day. Before leaving I instructed chrissie to set up his large slut cage in the closet. This is a very large modified dog cage that he spends time in when I would nap or he needs some mellow, focus times or what I call, "time-out." For our trip, I had selected pink pantyhose, pink cut-out bra, since it was cold outside and he would be wearing a coat, his long coat, so I can pad him a little with a folded towel under his girdle. I noticed chrissie's cock was already getting hard so I locked it in his steel cock cage and a small towel pad under a tight girdle, that should take care of that for now. This will keep his attention as he carried our bags while we shopped.

It was a long day and we really were worn out when we returned and Pam and I decided we would take a short nap before dinner, but I had other plans for chrissie as Pam and I napped. Chrissie will spend his nap time in his cage, oh yes, bound and gagged, but gag with his Mistress nectre bag gag. I instructed him to set up the slut cage along with the hanging Mistress bag and stand.

My plan is that he will be on all fours held in this caged, position by his "poles" in the cage. His head will be outside the cage wearing his Hanging nectre gag. I will double diaper him and fill the bag ‘FULL" with warm mistress nectre and he will just sit there until after my nap. I set the "drip valve" on a slow but steady drip. Mistress nectre was just constantly dripping into his mouth. I want him to sit there, enjoy the treat, and full his diaper as many times as he can while I take a long nap.

What a treat for being so attentive to us while shopping, you think?….hehe

To be continued...

Mistress Rose

Thank you for your letter Rose. Once again you have shown our readers how you control and enjoy you sissy husband, his sister being able to play along adds so much to the intensity of the session.


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